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TO: Cabinet Secretaries, Division Directors, Agency Heads, Human Resources Directors and Chief Information Officers

FROM: Ruth N. Bramson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Peter Quinn, Chief Information Officer, ITD

DATE: July 25, 2005

RE: Guidelines for FY 06 Salary Increases for Technical Pay Law Employees

In response to both changes in labor market rates for information technology titles and the Commonwealth’s continuing need for fiscal controls, the following guidelines have been established for TPL salary increases awarded during Fiscal Year 2006. These changes have been approved by the Executive Office of Administration and Finance:
Cap on Technical Pay Law Increases:

  • The combined total of increases to base pay (“salary increases”) and one-time payments (“bonuses”) to be awarded during FY 2006 may not exceed a pool of 3% of an agency’s total TPL salaries, or a maximum of 6% of the employee’s salary, without approval by both HRD and ITD (see Procedure for Requesting Exceptions below).

Example: If an employee had an annual salary of $65,000, he/she can be awarded up to $68,900 in FY 2005, a 6% increase to his/her base pay, as long as this does not exceed an agency-wide pool of 3% of total TPL salaries. If the increase is more than 6%, or if the increase causes the pool to exceed 3%, the request for approval must be submitted to HRD/ITD first before implementation.
Change to TPL Salary Ranges:
Based on the 2005 survey of TPL titles, ANF has approved a change to the TPL ranges as of July 1, 2005:
Current TPL Ranges Increase to:
TPL A $46,000 to $63,000 $46,000 to $71,200

TPL B $51,000 to $88,000 $53,000 to $93,000

Agencies who wish to give increases to those employees who are at or beyond the new maximums, must give the amount that exceeds the new maximum in the form of a one-time bonus only. For example, if an agency wishes to give a 6% increase to an employee whose current salary is $88,000, they must give it as a base pay increase of 5.68% and a one-time bonus for the remainder, so that the person’s base pay does not exceed $93,000.

Effective Date of Increases

  • Agencies that wish to pay TPL salary increases effective July 1, 2005 must enter these increases in the payroll system, or submit their request for exceptions to the guidelines to HRD, no later than August 15, 2005, in keeping the policy which began in 2004 of no retroactivity for salary increases.

  • Those TPL increases that are entered by agencies or submitted to HRD as exceptions after the August date will be effective no earlier than the date entered on HR/CMS, or the date the exception request is received at HRD.

Procedure for Requesting Exceptions:
1. Prepare the following documentation for submission to the Human Resources Division:

  • Completed form “Request for Exception to Technical Pay Law Salary Increase Cap

  • Current position description (Form 30)*

  • Current organization chart

  • Employee’s resume*

* For the employees whose salaries are exceptions only
Note: Although the increase must be supported by achievement of performance objectives that were documented in the EPRS process, do not send copies of the EPRS form.
2. Determine amount of increase to be requested.
3. Complete the form including the amounts and percentage of base pay or one-time bonuses calculated based on the above guidelines for all TPL employees within your agency, so that the exception requests can be reviewed in the context of all the other TPL increases in your agency.
4. Submit the form, position descriptions, organization chart, and resumes to the Human Resources Division to Swee Wong-Wagner, Policy Developer.
5. The form will require the approval of the Information Technology Division (ITD) as well as the Human Resources Division.
If you have any questions related to the above please contact Swee Wong-Wagner, Policy Developer at 617-878-9708, or by email at You may also contact Ellen Wright, Director of IT Staffing (ITD) at (617) 626-4446 or by e-mail at I thank you for your continued cooperation and involvement in this important program.

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