From impossible to possible

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“ From impossible to possible” – Signmark, August 2009

Signmark was born deaf into a world where music is for the hearing. He pursued his childhood dream and became the first deaf in the world to sign a record deal with an international major label.
Signmark (a.k.a. Marko Vuoriheimo) started spreading his message over strong beats where hard, low frequencies and bass are playing a crucial part in his performance. These elements help him adapt to the rhythm as he proves; music is more than what you can hear!
With the help from his friends and a large group of volunteers, Signmark released the world’s first sign language hip-hop DVD in 2006. The album “Signmark” takes a stand for equality and aims to bring people together. The debut broke prejudices and awakened people.

Signmark was introduced to the mainstream audience in Finland and media when he was asked to join the national Eurovision Song Contest. The Finnish people gave their massive support to Signmark who came second in the contest. Due to his success, a record deal with Warner Music Finland followed. He is the world’s first deaf recording artist.

Signmark has gained international interest by touring in several countries, including Japan, U.S.A., Iceland, China, Spain, Ethiopia and Namibia. Signmark’s unique and original work has not been unnoticed; several contemporary cultural organizations have praised him and e.g. last year he won The Outstanding Young Person of the World 2009 prize.

With his music and positive approach Signmark wants to change attitudes towards the Deaf. Signmark feels that the society should not treat the Deaf as handicapped people, but as a linguistic minority with their own culture, community, history and heritage.

In September 2009, Signmark released his first single and video "Smells Like Victory" which was voted to the top 10 for over twelve weeks on the Finnish radio chart. “Against The Wall” followed and was released in a flash mob event in the centre of Helsinki where hundreds of people were signing the chorus line of Signmark’s song and taking a stand for human rights. The album “Breaking The Rules” was released in Finland April 2010. It includes ten signed music videos for each song.
Hip-hop artist Brandon who is his voice for the hearing audience supports Signmark’s albums, videos and performances. The live shows are always bilingual and inclusive for a varied crowd. The songs are performed with American Sign Language and spoken English.
Signmark’s career as an artist started with translating Christmas carols to sign language so the whole family could sing together. He wanted to bring his hearing grand parents and deaf parents together through music. Signmark says about the new album: ” There’s still a lot of people that need to come together like my family did.”

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