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Frederic Lierman


+49(0)160 61 38 702


My main objective in life is to live as a unique and inspiring individual. I want to learn and grow every day without restrictions and share my experience and knowledge with the people I live and work with. I strive to treat people with respect, and try learn from them.

I would love to work in an environment that supports this.

Work Experience:

01/15 – Current: Senior Character Artist at Crytek

I am currently working on the project HUNT as a senior character artist. My responsibilities currently include character prototyping and preparing pipelines for production.
02/14 – 12/14: Project Manager at Crytek

During this period I was managing a team of about 40 people on a new IP together with other talented managers . My responsibilities included; implementing an agile scrum process using jira in combination with excel to generate concise reports on the team and project health; planning and maintaining the project roadmap; working closely together with the department leads to keep the schedule on track and realistic; managing the team’s aggressive hiring process working with HR to track candidates, write detailed job descriptions and interviewing the candidates; planning and preparing our outsourcing roadmap across multiple departments. As well as generally managing the developers on the team.

03/12 – 01/14: Character & Concept art Manager at Crytek

During the production of Ryse I started managing the character and concept art team additional to creating character art. Ultimately the management work became my full time job.

I was responsible for recruiting and building a strong character art team. After personally driving the hiring and interviewing process for character and concept art we hired four senior character artists and two senior concept artists. Besides planning the character production roadmap and maintaining the departments schedule on a daily basis I worked closely with the art director, creative director and tech art director to establish reviewing processes and drive the art quality. I planned, scheduled and wrote feedback to all concept and character art outsourcing and insourcing which included about 10 freelancers and 2 studios. I maintained relations with our 3rd party vendors which included a scanning facility as well as a facial rigging vendor. During production I also contributed to character and concept art by asset creation, polish, and bug fixing.
03/09 – 03/12: Senior Character Artist at Crytek

During my time at Crytek as a senior character artist I worked on Crysis 2 where I made high end characters and took on large sections of character production such as the entire civilian variation system. After Crysis 2 I worked on several unannounced titles before joining Ryse. On Ryse I was part of the pre-production team as a senior character artist where I prototyped new technology such as our new skin shading system as well as 3d concepting different visual styles for Ryse.
06/08 – 09/08: Senior Character Artist at Larian Studios

I joined the team quite late in the production of Divinity 2 as a senior character artist. My job was mainly to polish existing assets and creating faces.
02/08 – 06/08: 3D and 2D Consultant at Boulevart NV

Creating 3d and 2d assets for web design purposes and working as 3d and 2d consultant for advertisement, animation and web studios.
06/06 – 12/07: Character Artist at Crytek

I worked on an unannounced (cancelled) project as a character artist in a small team. Together with another talented artist I worked on the main and secondary characters for this game. During this time I also assisted the Crysis 1 team from time to time, especially near the end of that production. I created the body of one of the female story characters and did polishing work on a lot of secondary characters.

07/05 – 12/05: 3D Artist at Creative Conspiracy

At Creative conspiracy I worked on a number of tv commercials as a general 3d artist.
07/03 – 04/05: During this period I worked as a 3D and 2D artist for numerous animation and advertisement studios in Belgium.
Studios: Vibes&Visions, RL Productions, 3dtutorial, Format Factory, Measurand Inc and Waterman Inc.


I have a secondary education.

I went to school at Koninklijk Atheneum Knokke where I studied a Computer and Sales. Additionally I studied for 2 year at Maricolen Brugge where I got an introduction to art history, drawing, painting and traditional sculpting.

I am generally self thought. I am constantly growing my skillsets by lots of practice, reading and online courses.

Personal info and interests:

I am originally from Belgium and speak native Flemish (or Dutch), a little French some German. My language of choice is English. I’ve always had a love for visual art and have been drawing, doodling and painting as far as I can remember (for better or worse). I enjoy learning new stuff and have always found a way to do so. I really like traditional arts and frequently visit museums. My favorite art movement is that of the Orientalists painters of 19th century. I have a love for Photography and greatly appreciate the work of photographers like Bresson and Ansel Adams. Aside from photography and character art I’m also studying 2d concept design and cinematography in my spare time.

And I have a “secret” passion for DIY and lifehacks.


Strong points:

  • Character art

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

Software knowledge:

  • Zbrush

  • Maya

  • 3DS Max

  • Photoshop

  • Excel

  • Hansoft

  • Perforce

  • Lightwave

  • Softimage XSI

  • Mudbox

  • Modo

  • Cinema 4D

  • Modo

  • After Effects

Engine Experience:

  • CryEngine

  • Gamebryo

Platform Experience:

  • PC

  • PS3

  • Xbox 360

  • Xbox ONE

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