Fragments and Run-On Sentence Rules

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Fragments and Run-On Sentence Rules

*Check to make sure that you have a subject & a verb/predicate in your sentences*
The shutters on that house are painted green.
- Locate the verb first. The verb in this sentence is “________________.”

- Then ask yourself: Who or what does the verb refer to?

“Who or what are ________________?”

- The answer is ____________, so ______________ is the subject.

- Since we have a ___________ and a ________________, this is a fine sentence.

  1. A sentence fragment may lack a subject, a verb, or both.

Ex: Jumped across the room. The entire sixth grade class. Across the town on the subway.

  1. A fragment may sometimes be corrected by correct punctuation.

Ex: I enjoy swimming. Especially in the summer. (incorrect)

I enjoy swimming, especially in the summer. (correct))

  1. Fragments may incorrectly contain the infinitive or participle form of a verb. Ex: Harry hurrying all day long. (incorrect)

Harry hurried all day long. (correct)

Erin to be the secretary of the group. (incorrect)

Erin will be the secretary of the group. (correct))

  1. A run-on sentence is two or more complete sentences written as though they were one sentence. Two or more sentences may not be written without punctuation marks or conjunctions (joining words) between them.

Ex: We have a long weekend we are so excited. (incorrect)

We have a long weekend. We are so excited! (correct)

We have a long weekend; we are so excited! (correct)

We have a long weekend, and we are so excited! (correct))

Two or more sentences may NOT be connected with a comma. This is known as a “comma splice.”

Ex: I am hungry, it’s time for lunch. (incorrect)

I am hungry. It’s time for lunch. (correct)

I am hungry; it’s time for lunch. (correct)

I am hungry because it’s time for lunch. (correct)

A comma is used before a coordinating conjunction joining two main clauses.

Ex: It is Friday and I have to work late. (incorrect)

It is Friday, and I have to work late (correct)

Identifying Fragments: Write whether each group of words below is a sentence or a fragment.

  1. To believe everything you hear. __________________________

  2. A person who has everything. ___________________________

  3. In spite of Sabreena’s objections. _____________________

  4. Alex thought long and hard before deciding. _____________________

  5. Without even knocking. ___________________________

  6. I opened the door without even knocking. _________________________

  7. Andrew lost his first tooth. ______________________________

  8. Heaping platters and bowl of fruit. ____________________________

  9. Where the weather is warmer. _____________________________

  10. The game that everyone wants is on sale. ___________________________

Correcting Sentence Fragments: Correct the fragment in italics to form a sentence.

  1. A dog, two saddles, and a cowboy hat. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Correcting Run-ons: Correct the following run-ons.

  1. Paul was a soldier, he was also a young man. __________________________________________________________________

  1. Days turned into years, the years seemed endless.

3. The coffins were delivered to the front the men were then forced to unload them. __________________________________________________________________
4. Behm didn’t want to enlist, he was encouraged by his teacher, Kantorek. __________________________________________________________________

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