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The Biography and History of Rammstein

Biography of Rammstein.

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RAMMSTEIN is a powerful German dance/industrio-metal music band. They describe themselves as "tanzmetal", meaning dance/metal. This is very true, but a little misleading. Since dance is only a small element of their work.

Essentially no one realy knows the true meaning why the word "Rammstein" was chosen by the six members, but there are a couple of prime possibilities. Rammstein means a stone battering ram. (Rammen meaning to ram, and stein meaning stone). Another theory is it is named after a the Ramstein (not only one 'm') airbase, in Germany, where a spectacular airshow disaster occured. The last song on the bands debut album, Herzeleid, also the first song Rammstein ever wrote, was inspired by this accident.

Before Rammstein, all the six members were friends and were in other, lesser known bands. In 1994 Richard Kruspe invented the idea and formed the band. All members, who are all male in their 30's, was born and raised in either Berlin, or Schwerin (north west of Berlin, close to the coast), Wittenerg or Leipzig. In order to make a living they mostly were all industrial labourers. It is understood that the vocalist, Till Lindemann, was a champion swimmer. Hejhejhejprutt gubbe

One of the the contributing factors that propelled Rammstein into fame was their strong use of pyromania in their concerts, making them an awesome band to see live, however the makeup of the band is possibly why they are so well liked. Till Lindemann is the vocalist, Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers on guitars, Oliver Riedel on bass, Christian "Flake [flah-keh]" Lorenz on keyboards and Christoph Scneider as drummer. Rammstein is set for any genré of music they wish.

Dual lead guitarists allow the band to create sounds far too complex for an ordinary single guitar,s this combined with Kruspe and Lander's impeccable syncronisation and Reidel providing the 'reinforcement' make the core of the music very strong. Keyboards in metal bands should not be overlooked, it creates a good rythm and is excellent for intro's and outro's. [see Du Hast, Engel, Spiel Mit Mir, Du Riechst So Gut etc.] Flake provides an excellent talent to the band. But Till is surely one of the greatest vocalists in the world today, making him the driving force of Rammstein. The general image of him being able to sing to standard while being engulfed in flames from head to toe lets us know how excellent he is.

The History of Rammstein.
Some people think that Till singing almost exclusivly in German lets the band down when appealing to english markets, but in my humnble opinion, that what makes then excel. How many people actually like the English version of Du Hast or Engel better than the German original? Although Stripped is one of my favourites, just the sound and tone made by the German language really compliments Rammstein's music.

Flake said that he used to go to David Bowie concerts when he was young, even though he didn't understand a word that was said, he just loved the music. When Rammstein did make an englsih set of two of the singles from Sehnsucht, radio DJ's wouldn't accept them, because people liked the German versions better. If the reson that you listen to music is because of he lyrics, then you are better off listening to the news. Besides, it has been said that due to the lyrics being reasonably "revolting" you won't want to listen to Rammstein if you either know or plan on learning German.

Rammstein do not, however, view their lyrics as harsh or revolting. Flake says "they are completely normal, romantic lyrics". Who wouldn't agree after hearing translations to songs like Herzeleid or Seemann, but then, who would after knowing the meaning [let alone seeing the stage show] of Büch Dich. This all simply displays the broad range of topics Rammstin covers.

Contrary to popular belief, Rammstein are not associated with or are not influenced by the Nazi movement. It is very sad that the media must describe them as such. Apparently this was based on the cover art to Herzeleid, which features the bands members with their shirts off, standing in front of a flower, "a photo for a new master race". "Rubbish," states Flake, "it's just a photo" as Rammstein laughs off all allegations that they are influenced by the Nazi's. "If we were Spanish, we wouldn't have to deal with this hassle" argues Landers. But then who can help calling any German that you dislike a Nazi? The critics can't.

In 1997 Rammstein released their second album, nearly two years after the first. Sehnsucht entered the charts at #1. At the same time Herzeleid was in the same chart, in to top 20. Both singles, Engel and Du Hast were also in the top 20 in the singles charts. To top this off, Sehnsucht went platinum in Germany (500,000) in the presale, before they hit the streets. Go figure. Two years later, just before the USA family values tour, Rammstein teamed up with the bads, Joachim Witt, Alaska, Nina Hagen and Danzig, and pulled off an immense concert in Wulheide in Berlin. This is the biggest concert to date, with 17,000 people attending each night, for two nights. The Live Aus Berlin CD and video was released from this footage.

Rammstein has played in USA with KMFDM and on the hugely popular Family Values tour, they have also supported Kiss in South America. Unfortunately their Australian performances had to be cancelled on account of Schneider perferrating his eardrum, and being unable to fly out. Through this they have been warmly welcomed and accepted into popularity by many, many people. One thing is certain, although the controversy of their video's, the question of legality and morality of their stage shows and the fact that Till sings exclusively in German, Rammstein will not change these fame creating ways. Or it just wouldn't be Rammstein, would it?

Rammsteins Released Albums
In 1995, Rammstein released their debut album, Herzeleid. In 1997 Sehnsucht went platinum (500,000) in Germany even before it hit the streets. Two years later they put on a 17000 thousand person attendance rate, both nights, concert. In 2001, Mutter, their most recent album, was released. We are expecting another album soon.

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