For the attention of the referee

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For the attention of the referee

This form is sent to you by the applicant named below, who is applying to Queen Mary, University of London for admission to the programme named. You are requested, therefore, to give your opinion on the applicant’s suitability on academic and general grounds for the programme(s) of study s/he has applied for.

If you are familiar with the applicant’s academic studies, please give detailed information on the results obtained and general performance. Where the applicant has not yet graduated, an indication of the likely result will be helpful. Overseas referees are asked in particular to offer some explanation of the grading system and the applicant’s performance relative to other students. It would be useful if you would comment on the applicant’s use of English.
Please attach this form to your reference or complete your written reference on page 2 as it is designed to assist us in matching references to applications received.
It will also greatly assist the consideration of the candidate’s application if you can make an early response to this request.
Details of where to send this reference are given below. You can either send it by mail, or email.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

For the attention of the applicant

Please complete all sections of this form before forwarding it to your referee.

Surname or Family name

Forenames/Other names

Application Reference Number

Programme(s) applied for

Department applied for

Referee Details

Full name of Referee

Official Position

Institution and address

Official Stamp

Signature and Date:

To be submitted by the referee

Please give your written reference here or attach your reference on official headed paper. Referees are asked to note that the applicant may seek disclosure of this reference under the provisions of the Data Protection Act

Please return to:

By Mail

By Email

Research Degrees Office (Admissions)

Room E15, Queens’ Building

Queen Mary, University of London

Mile End Road


E1 4NS

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