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or Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Child bearing imposes a great strain throughout the pregnancy. One of the major factors that promote health and well being, both of the mother and the baby in the uterus, is wholesome, nourishing food. A pregnant woman must provide a constant supply of good nutrients for proper building of the child’s body tissue.
The Woman creates a new life the moment when the single-celled egg (ovum) gets fertilized. The food that prospective mother selects (or neglects) will to a great extent, determine- for a life time –the potential, physically and mentally, of the person growing within her, whose most critical formative environment is almost entirely dependent upon the nutrient supplied by her bloodstream. In addition to meeting the needs of the growing baby in the uterus, nourishment is required by the mother for certain other purposes as well.
Even after child is delivered, breast-feeding imposes a greater strain than pregnancy on the mother, because the woman nourishes a ‘fully-developed’ and ‘rapidly growing’ baby whose food needs increases day by day. Unlike during pregnancy, the woman who is breast-feeding her baby requires not only larger quantities of ‘body building’ and protective foods but also requires additional energy yielding foods to facilitate the formation and copious secretion of breast milk. Mother’s milk is the only means by which the solely breast-fed infant obtains all his nutrients. Hence, the diet of a nursing mother should also contain plenty of the elements, which the baby is withdrawing through the milk.

Spirulina and Pregnancy

Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to increase protein by as much as 70%, but to increase calorie intake by no more than 15%. An increase in the Vitamin B complex is often suggested during pregnancy. Here, Spirulina with its 60-70 % complete high biological value protein is an excellent choice. Spirulina has a low calorie to protein profile and high concentration of B vitamins. It is extremely rich in Vitamin B12 containing 250% more than beef liver, previously thought to be nature’s richest source. In addition, Spirulina contains beautiful blend of naturally chelated minerals making it complete food supplement during pregnancy.

In India it is the custom to breast-feed infants for prolonged period. Studies carried out among them have revealed that when they were given extra amounts of bodybuilding foods, they produced a large amount of breast-milk for their infants. In Vietnam, Spirulina Tablets are sold as Lactogil, to increase lactation in nursing mothers. Spirulina stimulate and increase secretion of milk.1
Inclusion of Spirulina formulations in their diet will definitely play a vital role to overcome the nutritive problems during pregnancy and nursing period.
1. Spirulina in India. L.V Venkataramn., Proc. Noti. Sem. Gyanobacterial Research Indian scene NFMC, BARD, Tiruchirapally, 1993 PP. 92-116.

Richest source of protein Super amino acid profile Richest source of iron

Spirulina - 65 % EAA % Spirulina Eggs Beef Soybeans mg per 100 g

Dried eggs whole – 47 % Isiluecin 3.5 0.67 0.93 1.8 Spirulina - 150

Soy flour whole – 37 % Leucine 5.4 1.08 1.7 2.7 Beef liver fried - 5.7

Dried milk skim – 36 % Lysine 2.9 0.89 1.76 2.58 Spinach raw - 2.7

Wheat germ – 27 % Methionine 1.4 0.43 Egg - 2

Chicken – 24 %

Fish – 22 %

Mineral content of Spirulina (per 10 g) Essential fatty acids of Spirulina

Calcium - 100 mg mg per 10 g

Rich source of Vitamins (per 10 g) Iron - 15 mg Myristic - 1

Vit A ( -carotene) - 18000 g Zinc - 300 mcg Palmitic - 244

Vit B1 (thiamine) - 0.31 mg Phosphorus - 90 mg Palmitoleic - 33

Vit B2 (riboflavin) - 0.35 mg Magnesium - 40 mg Heptadecanoic - 2

Vit B3 (niacin) - 1.46 mg Copper - 120 mcg Stearic - 8

Vit B6 (pyridoxin) - 80 mcg Sodium - 60 mg Oleic - 12

Vit B12 (cyanocobalamine) - 32 mcg Potassium - 160 mg Linoleic - 97

Vit E (a-tocopherol) - 1 IU Manganese - 500 mcg Gamma-linolenic - 135

Folacin - 1 mcg Chromium - 28 mcg Others - 14

Pantothenic acid - 10 mcg Germanium - 6 mcg

Biotin - 0.5 mcg Selenium - 2 mcg

Inositol - 6.4 mg

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