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CONTACT: Jeffrey Braverman

Head Nut, NutsOnline


Fans of the Cancelled Drama Revolt, Send Nuts to CBS Execs in Mass Quantities, Aided By Small Family Business

19,004 pounds of nuts ordered to date for delivery, count still skyrocketing
LINDEN, NJ–May 25, 2007: is helping irate CBS viewers express themselves. After the network cancelled its post-apocalyptic Wednesday night drama Jericho on May 16, fans were up in arms. They launched a wiki, blog, and youTube-based protest campaign to tell CBS that “they’re nuts” to cancel Jericho. The idea: to send mass quantities of nuts to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, and Senior Executive VP for Programming Kelly Kahl. seized upon the opportunity to help these fans make an impact. A 78-year old family business from Newark, New Jersey, NutsOnline is dedicated to incredibly fast shipments of the freshest and most delicious nuts anywhere, and to surprisingly attentive customer service.
After shipping dozens of packages of nuts over last weekend, the rapidly unfolding Internet campaign took a new twist Monday morning when fan Jeff Knoll posted this to a Jericho wiki:
"I have a suggestion. Instead of all us sending a few pounds of nuts at a time I think we should contact NutsOnline and see about getting an account setup that we can all donate to. Then each time we get enough in the account they ship CBS 50 or 100 pounds of nuts at one time…I was on their site and saw they have raw almonds in a shell for 3.19 a pound. I think with all of us true Jericho fans we can get enough money to send a few hundred pounds. Leave me some replies and I will get working on this."
In keeping with its company mission, NutsOnline was fast, and outrageously attentive to individual customers’ concerns. The company spun into action, setting up a NUTS FOR JERICHO campaign within hours. Jericho activists can contribute in $5 or $10 increments towards massive case shipments that arrive daily at CBS with personalized messages from each contributer. A special Web page is coordinating the effort at
Every day this week, NutsOnline has shipped thousands of pounds of fresh-roasted jumbo peanuts in the shell to CBS’s New York office, alongside smaller orders to CBS Los Angeles and some local affiliates around the country. Head nut Jeffrey Braverman made a personal hand delivery of 1,000 pounds to CBS New York on Thursday in the company’s Nutmobile.
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The NUTS for JERICHO page is evolving by the minute, with fans clamoring to make an impact, fast, and stepping up for volunteer projects like writing and video editing. Fans touched by the efforts of this small business have sent kudos, Jericho DVDs, barbecue invitations and – most recently - flowers (after Jeffrey reported cutting his head in the warehouse) to the Bravermans.

“This CBS comedy is writing itself,” NutsOnline’s CEO Jeffrey Braverman said. “Jericho fans are completely dedicated and have spent their time, energy and money to make this thing happen. We are going to save this show.”
The effort is starting to pay off. President of CBS Entertainment Nina Tassler issued a statement last week in expressing sympathy towards the fans. Additionally the company is taking steps to donate the avalanche of nuts to good causes like Staten Island Project Homefront and the Bronx Zoo as well as local food banks and homeless shelters, according to CBS senior vice president of communications Chris Ender.
Fans are going truly nuts, calling and writing into NutsOnline’s customer support with their kudos. True to form, the company is taking to time to accept every phone call and respond to every email, while still making their regular 4 PM shipping deadline that keeps every e-commerce business on its toes.
A small sampling of the messages pouring in – about one every other minute:

  • You guys RULE!  In this day and age of everyone out for themselves, it is absolutely refreshing to find a business ready to make such a large accommodation to meet a "customer" need as you did.  You've earned a bookmark in my "Favorite Online Stores" section as well as word of mouth promotion to all my friends.  THANK YOU! (Kathryn M. Neureiter)

  • I was one of the many dedicated fans who bought nuts from your site (and I'm sure I'll get some more, later, too!) and it meant so much to me to see that blog you posted! You guys are the greatest!!! thank you, I don't think I can say that enough!!! (Whitney Knight)

  • I ordered twice from NutsOnline for the "Nuts" campaign to save the television show Jericho, and I have been impressed with your low prices and shipping rates! I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us fans of "Jericho". (Lori K. Simmons, Burns, TN)

  • This is what I am talking about. They won't know what hit them. Hopefully NutsOnline will gain great notoriety from this. I know I will use you guys for gifts, etc going forward!! Thanks for helping us fight the good fight! (Thomas Staada)

NutsOnline staff are thrilled about their chance to impact prime time. Braverman commented:

“We love a good nighttime drama, and this was our chance to make it part of our daytime as well,” he said. “This isn’t about us, it’s about the fans…we just seized the story and ran with it, which is what a fast-paced online business has got to be doing every day. Who knew we might get a chance to impact what’s on TV?”
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