For Immediate Release Sustaining Eco-life, Connecting the Globe

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For Immediate Release

Sustaining Eco-life, Connecting the Globe

Exploring Taiwan’s National Parks on NGC

National Parks stand for a symbol of natural and cultural legacies. In Taiwan, there are seven national parks occupying 10 percent of the island’s total territory. These seven national parks represent a variety of landscapes, ecological environment and cultural resources, that have gained global reputation. This is the first time that the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI) collaborates with NGC to shoot a short-form series of “Taiwan National Parks – the window of world biodiversity.” Through NGC’s unique story-telling techniques, these four vignettes showcase Taiwan’s precious national and cultural resources to the international audience. The four-themed vignettes have multi-language versions, including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Starting from September 2008, these four vignettes will broadcast on NGC to a worldwide audience in over 120 countries, spanning Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Africa.
The vignettes consist of four themes – ‘Forest,’ ‘Mountain,’ ‘Culture,’ and ‘Ocean,’ displaying thriving forests, majestic mountain scenery, thriving ocean ecology and native aboriginal culture. NGC invites global audiences to appreciate the eco-beauty of Taiwan’s National Parks through captivating images and compelling story-telling creativeness. NGC also invites eco- travelers worldwide to visit Taiwan’s national parks.
CPAMI follows the guideline ‘Sustaining Eco-life, Connecting the Globe’ to present Taiwan’s National Parks to the world. Combined with NGC media resources and filming originality, each 45-second vignette highlights the unique imagery of Taiwan’s National Parks in various dimensions. The vignettes demonstrate the abundant biodiversity within the Parks by an expert narrator who loves Taiwan, adventure and eco travelling. The narrator shares the touching moments with his friends through postcards and first-person narrative describing what he sees and feels within the Parks.

Yeh, Shih-Wen, Director General of CPAMI emphasizes that while global warming is a serious concern, the operational accomplishments of Taiwan’s National Parks are worthwhile to share with other countries as examples of our efforts on global ecological preservation. Those accomplishments compose the core of the four vignettes, i.e., ‘Taiwan National Parks – the window of world biodiversity.’ In the seven parks, biodiversity spreads from mountains to oceans, from plants to animals, from the tropical zone to the frigid zone. The vignettes aim to highlight the uniqueness of Taiwan’s National Parks as well as address the issue of ecological preservation in order to feature the unique imagery of Taiwan.

Yvonne Tay, Vice President of Advertising Sales & Partnerships of National Geographic Channel Asia, says “This year is the 10th anniversary of NGC launched in Asia. NGC is distinguished in excellent program planning and production. Over the past decade, our outstanding documentary-making skills and compelling story-telling techniques, have presented character-driven stories and captivating images, opening a window to the world for the global audience. The cooperation between NGC and CPAMI follows the format of our partnership with the Government Information Office. Last year NGC shot three national image vignettes commissioned by the Government Information Office. This year NGC produced the series ‘Taiwan National Parks – the window of world biodiversity.’ The four vignettes will be broadcasted on the expansive network platform of NGC for the purpose of international awareness.”
The vignette’s character, Leslie Barnett, who came from South Africa five years ago, now works as an English and geography teacher. Leslie Barnett loves to explore the forests and mountains in Taiwan. He’s impressed that the small island has such a variety of abundant natural resources. He describes Taiwan as a heaven for those who love outdoor activities and eco-travel. By taking part in the vignette productions, Leslie got a chance to visit a couple of national parks where he has never been before, leaving him with beautiful lasting memories. Leslie passes through the tropical, subtropical, temperate and frigid zones and enjoys each eco-environment all in ONE day. “The experience is rare! Taiwan is amazing!” Leslie says.
From September, the four-themed films ‘Forest,’ ‘Mountain,’ ‘Culture’ and ‘Ocean’ will be broadcasted in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean in more than 120 countries. The world-class treasures of Taiwan’s National Parks and Taiwan’s importance in world biodiversity will be truly eye-opening to the global audience.


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