Flora in the countryside by the Vistula

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Flora in the countryside by the Vistula
Our faces are a bit cheerless, because the march weather is definitely bad for a cycling trip. It’s raining heavily when we reach the river valleys of the Motława and the Radunia near Krępiec village Here we start working hard: using cameras, magnifying glasses, plant atlases. The young and eager explorers are carrying out the task “Flora by the Vistula in the countryside”. Luckily, the weather is getting better, and so do our moods.


Spirogyra Spirogyra , chlorella Chlorella look beautiful under the microscope.
Broken sporocarps of the giant puffball Langermannia gigantea inform us that they got rid of spores in autumn.


Under our feet turfs of haircap moss Polytrichum commune store water after the winter thaws.
FERNS Polypodiophyta
On the meadow, we can see the shy white sprout of the field horsetail Equisetum arvense

SEED PLANTS Spermatophyta

Great richness: starting with willows Salix through black alders Alnus glutinosa, reeds Phragmites , bulrush Typha, various species of grass Poaceae. In the water still asleep the rhizomes of Mycelium mycelium and yellow water-lily Nuphar lutea .
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