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The project is called VNBJ, which stands for ‘Visual Novel Builder – Java’. This project utilizes a structured data hierarchy; it separates the files in folders according to their types, compared to Ren’py which puts all of them in one folder. It certainly adds plus points towards the arrangement of the files.

This project, however, come with several flaws that some other engines, although most basic features of a visual novel are already featured and properly work. The feature that has not been properly implemented is the Animation inclusion. Animation is not implemented due to the fact that moving the background images, to create an animation effect, for instance shaking like an earthquake just occurred, even when using Thread sleeps, do not seem to take effect in the screen. The user may add Animation, however, as of now; it is not taking any effects.

Another edge that Ren’Py products have against this product is that there is a transition effect when the background changes. Our project did not implement that, since scenes are separated with opening new windows, making it impossible to link up all the cutscenes, including the branching, in one huge file.

If we compare it with Ren’Py, we have this comparison of features:







Game Logic (Dialogue)



Voice/Sound Implementation



User Interface



Special Effects



Authoring Interface



It has also been tested thoroughly that the compiling progress is very quick. No matter how big the Visual Novel project is, the program will be able to compile it. I’ve tried putting as many elements as possible (choices and such), and the program compiles it fast. It doesn’t take a second to compile a single-scene project, thus even big projects will be compiled in a short time, and in the same time, Ren’Py has been tested for a single scene project and takes more than a second to compile. The program will run fine, quick, and responsive even when they have that many programs, because loading them doesn’t even take a very long time.

The drawback, however, is that when the user ‘compiles’ the project, the JAVA files produced from it is yet to be compiled, thus they have to manually compile it with a Java engine (javac command). Using JDK 1.6.0_05, this program can be compiled with no problem.

Due to many function similarities, code reusability is heavily used here. Several functions, such as the save and load functions, saving scenes and choices, saving the game, and even the GUI designing do reuse the codes from several existing features. In fact, some of the classes are created from small modification of one certain set of codes, the listing and deletion features. This is very apparent in the Compiler class, which is basically reusing many codes to create a JAVA file that produces a JAVA file that can be compiled and ran properly.

There were several features that are not featured here to make things simpler, such as the Template system (for Compiling), or the Drag and Drop method for the scene building. However, due to time constraints, they are yet to be featured. When the project is to be improved further, these features will be included as well, as I believe that it will make things simpler.

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