Finding Harmony among iPod Rivals

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Finding Harmony among iPod Rivals

By Ina Fried

Staff Writer, CNET
Published: November 30, 2005, 4:00 AM PST
This article deals with the “Standard Wars” topic discussed on September 15, 2005. It presents a standard war among digital music companies. The type of this standard war is rival evolution war.

In an effort of reducing the effect of Apple Computer in market of digital music player, recently Microsoft Corp has called for a unification of some of the big digital music player makers, software makers, sellers and some of carmakers to design and develop a standard port for connecting devices as music players to audio systems.

The production is based on ideal that a basic for docking connector should be developed to create more convenient to enter into music store on music devices of users. The ideal was supported by a comparison between IPOD of Apple and others music mp3 player productions. The result is standard dock connector of Apple is match to all of versions of IPOD thus produce a greater access for IPOD uses while other producers such as Sony, Creative or iRiver have their own ports therefore obviously challenges accessory makers to bring about devices to add into the player. For this reason the group has created for a standard dock without the face of Apple as the main rival and the first meeting is expected to be hold by this December.

Besides, Microsoft also expresses a desire to set up software for making general music store calles PlayForSure which can be accessed by all users of any member in group. The software is considered as a production against iTunes Music Store of Apple, designed only for generations of IPOD. Apple however shows no interest in the project and has no commends till now.

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