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Finance User Guide

Accessing the Finance Sharepoint Site

NB If viewed online, this document should be viewed using the ‘Print’ view (see the menu at the top of Microsoft Word).

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Michael Coen

June 2010

Finance User Guide 1

Accessing the Finance Sharepoint Site 1

1 Sharepoint 1

2 Accessing the Finance Sharepoint Site 1

3 The Main Page 2

4 Navigation and breadcrumbs 4


Sharepoint is a Microsoft product which contains a collection of web-based software tools brought together to support users by streamlining document management and collaborative working.  It has a number of possible uses ranging from small-scale projects and support for working groups, through to larger-scale developments that support Department, Faculty or University-wide site collections.
More about the University of Strathclyde’s implementation of Sharepoint can be found at

2Accessing the Finance Sharepoint Site

The Finance is moving to a four-tiered approach to information management:

  1. ‘H’ Drives for personal work information and data, useful only to you alone.

  2. ‘I’ Drives for sharing working documents with other people in the Finance.

  3. The Finance Sharepoint Site for maintaining permanent document libraries (e.g. User Guides, Finance Office Forms, etc.) and for sharing restricted documents between authorised users across the institution (e.g. committees, project teams, etc.)

  4. The Finance Office website for sharing information with the wider community inside and outside the University.

This document explains how to access the Finance Sharepoint Site and navigate around it.

The Site can be accessed as follows:  

    • Go to the site through your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

    • Enter your username and password. Note that the username has to have  ds\  before it.

    • You will be taken to the Main Page of the Finance Sharepoint site.

3The Main Page

Diagram 1 - The Finance Office –Main Page

3.1Access to Information

The information that you can see and on other pages is dependent on the access you have been granted by the Systems Administrator (currently Michael Coen). If you think your access level is wrong then please contact the Systems Administrator.

3.2Using Tabs to Navigate

  1. The ‘Finance – Main Page’ tab (highlighted in Diagram 1 above) is in a darker colour than the other tabs at the top. This indicates that you are currently the Main Page. If you want to return here from another part of the system then click on this tab.

  2. Clicking on the tabs at the top of the page (e.g. 'FEC Working Group', 'Finance Systems Development Project') will allow you to navigate between different parts of the site if you have access to them.    

  3. These tabs appear on each page so you can use them to return to the Main Page from other parts of the Finance Sharepoint Site.

3.3The Left Column

Diagram 2 – Left Column Navigation

3.4Left Column Navigation

The left column of the Main Page (highlighted in Diagram 2 above) also allows you to navigate to various parts of the site:

  • sub-sites of the Main Site (e.g. the FEC Working Group, the Finance Systems Development Project, etc.)

  • documents within a site (e.g. The ‘Finance Office Documentation’ page within the Main site.

Again, access is controlled and individuals will have access to those areas that are relevant to them.

3.5Right Column Navigation

The right column on the Main Page contains links to other websites and systems.

4Navigation and breadcrumbs

Diagram 3 - Breadcrumbs
As you drill down through pages and folders on the site (e.g. from The Main Page to Finance Office Documentation to User Guides to Procurement to Pay) the Sharepoint system generates a ‘breadcrumb’ trail (highlighted in Diagram 3 above).
Click on any item of that trail to move back ‘up’ to one of the previous levels.

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