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Figure 1 this is print screen

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Wht is nmap

How does it work

Wht protocol, technologies does it use

Advantage disadvantage

What phases does the program go through

Evaluation techniques such as percentage of accuracy, speed, how frequent is it, is it successful,

Testing/ simulating


After investigation, research, evaluation I have concluded that this security is pretty good. It actually helped me realized the vulnerabilities in my network



Arguing for an increase in your IT security budget is often an arduous task, so many administrators turn to free open source tools to help get the job done. But how can they rely on tools with no commercial support and that never get past the beta version? Well, if you think like that, you need to think again. Many open source tools now compare favorably with commercial alternatives in terms of features, reliability and help forums. One in particular, Nmap, has become the tool of choice for many network and security administrators for network mapping and vulnerability testing.

Nmap (Network Mapper) Security Scanner, written by Fyodor and now up to version 4, provides a wide range of port-scanning techniques designed to rapidly scan networks, large and small, for network exploration and security auditing. Nmap port-scanning can determine what hosts are available on a network, what services those hosts are offering, and what type of packet filters and firewalls are in use. It also has the ability to remotely fingerprint a machine's operating system. Most Unix and Windows platforms are supported, as is Mac OS X and several handheld devices. It is available in both command line and graphical user interface modes, a blessing for those system administrators who are less familiar with working at the command prompt.

So why do you need a network scanner? Nmap is a favorite hacker tool, so it makes sense to run your own scan, find open ports and see what information your network is leaking to potential attackers. A Windows machine, for example, can use hundreds of ports to communicate with other machines, and each open port is a potential route in to your network for an attacker. Port scanning with Nmap is a fast and effective way to identify which ports are open, what services are running on them and where weak spots exist in your defences. When you have identified which ports are open, you can close any that are not required, thus reducing the number of potentially exploitable services. And when you have mapped your network, you can also see if any unexpected changes have occurred since the last scan. For example, a machine infected by a worm will try to open ports in order to listen for instructions from its controller.

Nmap has won numerous awards, including the Linux Journal's Editor's Choice Award for Best Security Tool. Other accolades include being featured in the film Matrix Reloaded and appearing in a photograph of President Bush visiting the NSA. So if you want to add one of the most versatile network tools to your toolbox and discover what hackers can learn about your network, you should download your copy at In upcoming tip in this series, I will explain how to install and configure Nmap on both Linux and Windows machines.,289483,sid14_gci1188110,00.html



Nmap is a well-known open source tool that has found a home in the hearts of hackers, both white and black alike. Though it was first created in the late 1990s, it leapt into the pop culture consciousness in 2003 when, in the motion picture The Matrix Reloaded, the character Trinity made use of Nmap to disable an electrical plant's security measures, taking down the local power grid.

In real life, it's most often used to locate available hosts and services on a network, determine the operating systems and versions utilized by machines on a network and pinpoint a network's open ports. While it's a valuable tool used by security pros for performing a network inventory or a vulnerability assessment, some fear that a Maxtix-like scenario is not as far fetched as it seems, as it is also a tool in some malicious hackers' arsenals, used to help find open ports running services vulnerable to attack.

In collaboration with security expert Michael Cobb, has produced an Nmap Tutorial, offering up all the guidance information security professionals need to learn how to install, configure, run and evaluate Nmap in the enterprise, both on Windows and Linux platforms. Browse through the technical tips below and learn how this free tool can help make your organization more secure.,295582,sid14_gci1224310,00.html

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