Fighting Methodists

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Harvard Herc tossups

1. Founded in 1851 by Paul Evans, this school's sports teams were called the "Fighting Methodists" before adopting a feline name. FTP, name this Evanston-based school, whom Gary Barnett led to a Big Ten football title in 1995.

Answer: NORTHWESTERN University

2. The author of The Pillars of Hercules, a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean insists that he is not as cranky as critics make him out to be. FTP, who is more famous for The Kingdom by the Sea and The Happy Isles of Oceania?

Answer: Paul THEROUX

3. It was enacted as Title 18 of the 1965 Social Security Amendments. FTP, name this program, whose Part A helps cover hospital costs, and optional Part B covers 80% of "customary and reasonable" doctor fees for the elderly.

Answer: MEDICARE (do NOT accept Medicaid)

4. Moses was a Jewish philosopher. Eric was a German expressionist architect, member of the Blaue Reiter group. Felix rediscovered Bach, and composed a famous wedding march. FTP, give the common surname.


5. In 1971, he succeeded his father to become a dictator at age nineteen. On February 7, 1986, he resigned by boarding a U.S. Air Force jet for France, where he had been offered asylum. FTP, name this former dictator of Haiti.

Answer: Jean-Claude DUVALIER (doo-voll-yay) or "Baby Doc" Duvalier

6. This element's name comes from the German for a goblin or demon. Never found pure, it is usually bonded to arsenic and sulfur. FTP, name this element, often used to impart a bluish color to ceramic glazes, with atomic number 27?

Answer: COBALT

7. One of the first black singers to gain wide acceptance from white audiences, he first recorded "Wonderful, Wonderful" in 1956. FTP, what vocalist is also famous for "Chances Are" and "Twelfth of Never"?

Answer: John Royce (Johnny) MATHIS

8. Tortola is the largest; Ginger, Cooper, Salt, Peter, Norman, and Virgin Gorda are also part of, FTP, what unstrategic part of a crumbling empire?

Answer: The BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (prompt on "Virgin Islands")

9. At Harvard, this author received a B- when he turned in an essay written by Orwell for an assignment on Gulliver's Travels, convincing him to major in pre-med instead of English. FTP, what doctor's writings include Sphere, Rising Sun and Jurassic Park?

Answer: Michael CRICHTON

10. The term may have originated from a folk song among U.S. soldiers in the Mexican War. FTP, what is this pejorative Mexican slang for a North American, which may be a corruption of "green grow the lilacs"?

Answer: GRINGOs

11. He, not Cook, was the first to European to discover New Zealand, Tonga, the Fiji Islands, and Van Diemen's Land, which has since been renamed after him. FTP, name this Dutch explorer and namesake of an Australian island.

Answer: Abel Janszoon TASMAN

12. The "bring out your dead" skit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is loosely based on his Journal of the Plague Year, a historical reconstruction of events that happened when he was five years old. FTP, what author is better known for Moll Flanders and Robinson Crusoe?

Answer: Daniel DEFOE

13. Although he had accomplished the same feat as Charles Lindbergh, his 1938 New York parade drew a larger crowd. A telegram listing the regulations he broke ran for over 600 words. FTP, name this recently deceased aviator, who had intended to fly to Long Beach, California.

Answer: Douglass "Wrong-Way" CORRIGAN

14. Watervliet, New York; Pleasantville, Kentucky; and Canterbury, New Hampshire were villages founded by this sect, which had 6,000 members in the 1840's, but has declined to around six today. FTP, name this group known for craftsmanship, frenzied dancing, and celibacy?

Answer: SHAKERs or United Society for Believers in Christ's Second Appearing

15. Named after one of the co-founders of Intel, this computing "law" is really an empirical observation that has held true for the past 25 years. FTP, what law states that the speed of silicon chips doubles every 18 months?

Answer: MOORE's Law (after Gordon Moore)

16. Derived from the Greek for "flesh eating", the earliest examples of these funerary objects are from Egypt's Third Dynasty. FTP, name this object, usually made of stone or wood, now an archaeological term for a large coffin.

Answer: SARCOPHAGUS or sarcophagi

17. The loud cries of Dacelo gigas resemble fiendish human laughter and are typically chorused at dawn and dusk. FTP, name this bird, a woodland species native to Australia.

Answer: Laughing KOOKABURRA or Laughing Jackass

18. Both his religion and home state figure prominently in his works, such as Letting Go, When She Was Good, Patrimony, and Goodbye Columbus. FTP, what New Jersey author alienated Jews with his 1967 work Portnoy's Complaint?

Answer: Philip ROTH

19. As his family pointed out to Olympic officials, he was born in Prague, not Yale. The 1996 torch's route through Oklahoma was thus changed to properly honor, FTP, what athlete, who won two gold medals in the 1912 Olympics?

Answer: Jim THORPE

20. In October 1995, he was accused of paying sub-market rent on city-owned apartments as Paris's finance director. FTP, name this Frenchman, Foreign Minister in the Balladur government and appointed Prime Minister in 1995.


21. She writes the Budgie the Helicopter series of children's books, and her husband was created a Duke on their wedding day in 1986. FTP, name this British woman, the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and wife of Prince Andrew of England.

Answer: Sarah FERGUSON or Sarah, Duchess of York or "Fergie"

22. The disease is characterized by fragile capillaries, causing subcutaneous bleeding, degeneration of cartilage, loosening of teeth, and joint and bone pain. Common to sailors until the British discovered that citrus fruits could prevent it, FTP, what disease is caused by vitamin C deficiency?

Answer: SCURVY (prompt on "Vitamin C deficiency" on early buzz)

23. One prominent teacher of this Christian movement, Valentinius, divided humans into spiritual, psychic, and fleshy, and taught that the natural world was evil. FTP, what doctrine's name derives from the Greek word for "one who knows", and whose scriptures include the Gospel of Thomas.

Answer: GNOSTICISM (NOSS-tuh-siz-im)

24. Born in Antwerp in 1599, by age 20 he worked with Peter Paul Rubens. FTP, name this painter, noted for portraits of Italian and English nobles as well as mythological scenes, who in 1632 became Charles I of Britain's court painter.

Answer: Sir Anthony VAN DYCK or Anton Van Dyck

25. Under this treaty, Spain recognized the independence of the Netherlands; Sweden gained Pomerania and the mouth of the Weser [VAY-ser] River; and France acquired Alsace. FTP, what ended the Thirty Years' War in 1648?

Answer: The Treaty of (or Peace of) WESTPHALIA

26. From 1968-1974 he served in the White House as an aide to Presidents Nixon and Ford, and again from 1985-87 as Reagan's Communications director. FTP, name this syndicated political columnist, former Crossfire panelist, and protectionist candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination.

A: Patrick J. BUCHANAN

27. This irregular polygon has a similar-sounding name to a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides. FTP, name this term for a four-sided plane figure with no parellel sides?

Answer: TRAPEZIUMs or trapezia (do not accept "trapezoid")

28. After graduating in 1877 from Harvard Law School, he became an advocate before the Supreme Court, known for his fact-laden briefs. Appointed to the Court in 1916, his Legal Realist philosophy prevailed in cases like Erie v. Tompkins. FTP, name this first Jewish Supreme Court justice.

A: Louis Dembitz BRANDEIS

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