Fig. S1 Phylogeny of the Carex, Potentilla

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Fig. S1 Phylogeny of the Carex, Potentilla and Saxifraga species investigated.

Fig. S2 Regression of phylogenetic independent contrasts of 13C, plant height, inflorescence size, leaf length, pubescence, inflor. size/leaf length ratio, inflor. size/plant height ratio and leaf length/plant height ratio with phylogenetic independent contrasts of elevation for 25 Potentilla, 35 Saxifraga, 77 Carex and for all species. Regressions were forced through the origin, and only the significant regression lines were shown in the figures. *, ** and *** indicate significances at p<0.05, p<0.01 and p<0.001 respectively.

Table S1 Species collected from the Alps


Potentilla alba Saxifraga adscdendens Carex acuta

Potentilla anserina Saxifraga aizoides Carex alba

Potentilla argentea Saxifraga androsacea Carex appropinquata

Potentilla aurea Saxifraga aphylla Carex atrata

Potentilla brauneana Saxifraga arachnoidea Carex atrata ssp aterrima

Potentilla caulescens Saxifraga aspera Carex atrofusca

Potentilla cinerea Saxifraga biflora Carex baldensis

Potentilla clusiana Saxifraga biflora macropetala Carex bicolor

Potentilla collina Saxifraga bryoides Carex brachystachys

Potentilla crantzii Saxifraga bulbifera Carex brunnescens

Potentilla delphinensis Saxifraga burseriana Carex buxbaumii

Potentilla erecta Saxifraga caesia Carex canescens

Potentilla frigida Saxifraga cernua Carex capillaris

Potentilla grammopetala Saxifraga cotyledon Carex capitata

Potentilla grandiflora Saxifraga diapensioides Carex caryophyllea

Potentilla hetpaphylla Saxifraga exarata Carex chordorrhiza

Potentilla intermedia Saxifraga exarata moschata Carex curvula

Potentilla micrantha Saxifraga granulata Carex davalliana

Potentilla multifida Saxifraga hostii Carex demissa

Potentilla neumanniana Saxifraga muscoides Carex depauperata

Potentilla nitida Saxifraga mutata Carex diandra

Potentilla nivea Saxifraga oppositifolia Carex dioica

Potentilla norvegica Saxifraga paniculata Carex distans

Potentilla pusilla Saxifraga pedemontana Carex disticha

Potentilla recta Saxifraga petraea Carex divulsa

Potentilla reptans Saxifraga presolanensis Carex echinata

Potentilla rupestris Saxifraga retusa Carex elata

Potentilla sterilis Saxifraga sedoides Carex elongata

Potentilla supina Saxifraga seguieri Carex ericetorum

Potentilla thuringiaca Saxifraga squarrosa Carex ferruginea

Saxifraga stellaris Carex fimbriata

Saxifraga stolonifera Carex firma

Saxifraga tridactylites Carex flacca

Saxifraga valdensis Carex flava

Saxifraga vandellii Carex foetida

Carex frigida

Carex fritschii

Carex halleriana

Carex heleonastes

Carex hirta

Carex hostiana

Carex humilis

Carex juncella

Carex lachenalii

Carex lasiocarpa

Carex lepidocarpa

Carex leporina

Carex limosa

Carex liparocarpos

Carex maritima

Carex microglochin

Carex montana

Carex mucronata

Carex nigra

Carex norvegica

Carex ornithopoda

Carex ornithopodioides

Carex otrubae

Carex pairae

Carex pallescens

Carex panicea

Carex paniculata

Carex parviflora

Carex pauciflora

Carex paupercula

Carex pilulifera

Carex praecox

Carex pseudocyperus

Carex pulicaris

Carex punctata

Carex riparia

Carex rostrata

Carex rupestris

Carex sempervirens

Carex spicata

Carex strigosa

Carex supina

Carex tomentosa

Carex vaginata

Carex vesicaria

Carex viridula

Carex vulpina

Table S2 Species collected from the Arctics


Potentilla hyparctica Saxifraga cernua* Carex atrata*

Potentilla pulchella Saxifraga oppositifolia* Carex atrofusca*

Saxifraga cernua Carex buxbaumii*

Saxifraga cespitosa Carex canescens*

Saxifraga flagellaris Carex capillaris*

Saxifraga hieracifolia Carex chordorrhiza*

Saxifraga hirculus Carex dioica*

Saxifraga oppositifolia Carex vaginata*

Saxifraga rivularis Carex lachenalii*

Saxifraga tenius Carex lasiocarpa*

Carex limosa*

Carex norvegica*

Carex paupercula*

Carex rostrata*

Carex rupestris

Carex glaerosa

Carex lachenalii


Species followed by * were collected from Abisko, and the others came from Svalbard.

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