Fall tree digging risk 2/10 There are a number of trees that do not transplant well when dug

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There are a number of trees that do not transplant well when dug in the fall:
Betula Larix Populus

Cercidiphyllum Liquidambar Prunus

Cercis Liriodendron Pyrus

Cladrastis Magnolia Quercus

Cornus Nyssa Salix

Crataegus Platanus Sophora

Fagus Populus Taxodium

Koelreuteria Pseudolarix Zelkova

They can be grouped into three basic classifications:

1. Trees with slow root regeneration that have difficulty recovering. Soil temperatures must be at least 56 degrees for most tree roots to grow. Fall planting of these trees normally means no growth until spring when the soil warms enough. These trees include: Cercidiphyllum, Cercis, Cladrastis, Cornus, Fagus, Koelreuteria, Larix, Liquidambar, Liriodendron, Magnolia, Nyssa, Platanus, Pseudolarix, Quercus rubra types, Sophora, Taxodium and Zelkova.

2. Trees with thin bark and prolific twigs. Most of these trees are prone to winter

desiccation and frost damage because they have excessive twigs. These trees include:

all Betula, most Salix, and Quercus phellos.

3. Trees that have an indeterminate growth habit. These are trees that continue to

grow until very late in the fall. If these trees are to be dug in the fall, they should be

dug after leaf drop or a hard freeze. This can help force them into dormancy.

These trees include: Crataegus, Prunus, Populus, Pyrus, Quercus alba, coccinea, palustris and robur types.

We can only dig these trees as a “Customer Risk” since the timing of the digging is inappropriate for the best chance of survival.

Planting these trees in the fall is a good idea if the trees were dug in the spring. Remember, we usually have a good selection of these trees BB on our dock April- November. These are the trees that were dug at the proper time in the spring and are maintained in our holding area for customer pickup.

Most of the trees on this list need extra care whenever they are planted, Fall, Spring or Summer.

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