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Invert. Biol., Vol. 121, 2002 (pp. 81-90)

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Invert. Biol., Vol. 121, 2002 (pp. 81-90)

85. G. Rilov, A. Gasith, Y. Benayahu

Effect of an exotic prey on the feeding pattern of a predatory snail

Mar. Envron. Res., Vol. 54, 2002 (pp. 85-98)
86. Y. Benayahu

Soft corals (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) of the southern Ryukyu Archipelago:

The families Tubiporidae, Clavulariidae, Alcyoniidae and Briareidae

Galaxea JSRS, Vol. 4, 2002 (pp. 1-21)

87. A. Rudi, S. Levi, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Lemnaflavoside, a new diterpene glycoside from the soft coral Lemnalia flava.

J. Nat. Prod., Vol. 65, 2002 (pp. 1672-1674)

88. G. Rilov, Y. Benayahu

Rehabilitation of coral reef fish communities: The importance of Artificial-Reef relief to

recruitment rates

Bull. Mar. Sci., Vol. 70, 2002 (pp. 185-197)
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Soft corals (Octocorallia, Alcyonacae) of the southern Red Sea

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90. T. Yacobovitch, V.M. Weis, Y. Benayahu

Development and survivorship of zooxanthellate and azooxanthellate primary polyps of

the soft coral Heteroxenia fuscescens: Laboratory and field comparisons

Mar. Biol., Vol. 142, 2003 (pp. 1055-1063)
91. Y. Benayahu, A. Shlagman, M.H. Schleyer

Corals of the South-west Indian Ocean VI. Alcyonacea (Octocorallia) of Mozambique

with a discussion on soft corals latitudinal distribution along south equatorial East

African reefs

Zool. Vehand., Leiden, Vol. 344, 2003 (pp. 49-57)

92. A. Rudi, H. Shalom, M. Schleyer, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Asmarines G and H and Barekol, three new compounds from the marine sponge

Raspailia sp.

J. Nat. Prod., Vol. 67, 2004 (pp. 106-110)

93. T. Yacobovitch, Y. Benayahu, V.M. Weis

Motility of zooxanthellae isolated from the Red Sea soft coral Heteroxenia fuscescens


J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol., Vol. 298, 2004 (pp. 35-48)
94. S. Perkol-Finkel, Y. Benayahu

Community structure of stony and soft corals on vertical unplanned artificial reefs in

Eilat (Red Sea): comparison to natural reefs.

Coral Reefs Vol. 23, 2004 (pp. 195-205)
95. G. Rilov, Y. Benayahu, A. Gasith

Prolonged lag in population outbreak of an invasive mussel: a shifting-habitat model

Biological Invasions, Vol. 6, 2004 (pp. 347-364)

96. O. Barneah, V. M. Weis, S. Perez, Y. Benayahu

Diversity of dinoflagellate symbionts in Red Sea soft corals: mode of symbiont

acquisition matters

Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., Vol. 275, 2004 (pp. 89-95)
97. L. Chill, A. Rudi, Y. Benayahu, M. Schleyer, Y. Kashman

Kitungolides A, B, and C, new diterpenes from a soft coral of a new genus

Organic Letters, Vol. 6, 2004 (pp. 755-758)
98. Y. Benayahu, S. Perkol-Finkel

Soft corals (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) from Southern Taiwan. I. Sarcophyton

nanwanensis sp. nov. (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea)

Zool. Stud., Vol. 43, 2004 (pp. 537-547)
99. Y. Benayahu, M.S. Jeng, S. Perkol-Finkel, C.-F. Dai

Soft corals (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) from Southern Taiwan. II. Species diversity and

distributional patterns

Zool. Stud., Vol. 43, 2004 (pp. 548-560)

100. N. Berer, A. Rudi, I. Goldberg, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Callynormine A, a new marine cyclic peptide of a novel class

Org. Lett., Vol. 6, 2004 (pp. 2543-2545)
101. L. Chill, A. Rudi, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Violatinctamine, a New Heterocyclic Compound from the Marine tunicate

Cystodytes cf. violatinctus

Tetrahedron Lett., Vol. 45, 2004 (pp. 7925-7928)
102. G. Rilov, Y Benayahu, A. Gasith

Life on the edge: do biochemical and behavioral adaptations to wave exposure correlate

with habitat partitioning in predatory whelks?

Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., Vol. 282, 2004 (pp. 193-204)
103. A. Rudi, Y. Benayahu and Y. Kashman

Likonides A and B: New Ansa Farnesyl Quinols from the Marine Sponge Hyatella sp.

Org. Lett., 6(22), 2004 (pp. 4013-4016)
104. M.H. Schleyer, A. Kruger, Y. Benayahu

Reproduction and the unusual condition of hermaphroditism in Sarcophtyon glaucum

(Octocorallia, Alcyoniidae) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Hyrobiologia, Vol. 530/531, 2004 (pp. 399-409)
105. S. Perkol-Finkel, Y. Benayahu

Recruitment of benthic organisms onto a planned artificial reef: shifts in community

structure one decade post deployment

Mar. Envron. Res., Vol. 59, 2005 (pp. 79-99)
106. A. Rudi, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Mycgranol; A New Diterpene from the Marine Sponge Mycale aff. graveleryi

J. Nat. Prod., Vol. 68, 2005 (pp. 280-281)
107. L. Chill, N. Berrer, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Eunicellin Diterpenes from Two Kenyan Soft Corals

J. Nat. Prod., Vol. 68, 2005 (pp.19-25)
108. M.V. Ogunlana, M.D. Hooge, Y.I. Tekle, Y. Benayahu, O. Barnea, S. Tyler

Waiminoa brickneri n. sp. (Acoela: Acoelomorpha) associated with corals in the Red


Zootaxa, Vol., 1008, 2005 (pp. 1-11)
109. G. Rilov, A. Gasith, Y. Benayahu

Effect of disturbance on foraging: whelk activity on wave-exposed rocky shores with

minimal tidal range

Mar. Biol., Vol. 147, 2005 (pp. 421-428)

110. S. Perkol-Finkel , N. Shashar, O. Barnea, R. Ben-David-Zaslow, U. Oren, T. Reichart,

T. Yacobovich, G. Yahel, R. Yahel, Y. Benayahu

Fouling reefal communities on artificial reefs: does age matter?

Biofouling, Vol. 21, 2005 (pp. 127-140)
111. J. Tanaka, T. Yoshida, Y. Benayahu

Chemical diversity of Sarcophyton soft corals in Okinawa

Galaxea, JCRS, Vol. 7, 2005 (pp. 1-9)

112. A. Rudi, Y. Erez, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Omriolide A and B;two new rearranged spongian diterpenes from the marine sponge

Dictyodendrilla aff. retiara

Tetrahedron Lett., Vol. 46, 2005 (pp. 8613-8616)
113. Y. Sharon, Y. Benayahu, H.K. Mienis

First record of an exotic oyster: Alectryonella crenulifera, from the Mediterranean coast

of Israel

Triton, Vol. 12, 2005 (pp.5-6)
114. S. Perkol-Finkel, N. Shashar, Y. Benayahu

Can artificial reefs mimic natural reef communities? The roles of structural features and


Mar. Env. Res., Vol. 61, 2006 (pp. 121-135)
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Comparative proteomics of symbiotic and aposymbiotic juvenile soft corals

Marine Biotechnology, Vol. 8, 2006 (pp. 11-16)
116. S. Perkol-Finkel, G. Zilman, I. Sella, T. Miloh, Y. Benayahu

Floating and fixed artificial reefs: the effect of substratum motion on benthic

Communities in a coral reef environment

Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., Vol. 317, 2006 (pp. 9-20)
117. A. Rudi, G. Shmul, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Sinularectin, a new diterpenoid from the soft coral Sinularia erecta

Tetrahedron Lett., Vol. 47, 2006 (pp. 2937-2939)
118. L.P. van Ofwegen, Y. Benayahu

A new genus of paralcyoniid soft corals (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea, Paraalcyoniidae)

from the Indo-West Pacific

Galaxea, JSRS, Vol. 8, 2006 (pp. 25-37)
119. A. Bishara, A. Rudi, I. Goldberg, Y. Benayahu, Y. Kashman

Novaxenicins A-D and xeniolides I-K, seven new diterpenes from the soft coral Xenia


Tetrahedron, Vol. 62, 2006 (pp.12092-12097)
120. S. Perkol-Finkel, Y. Benayahu

Differential recruitment of corals onto artificial and natural reefs

J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol., Vol. 340, 2007 (pp. 25-39)

121. D. Zeevi Ben-Yosef, Y. Kashman, Y. Benayahu

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