Facility Rental

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Facility Rental

The Music Institute of Chicago gladly rents studio and ensemble space at all campuses to outside individuals and groups seeking a place to practice, rehearse, and perform.
To rent Nichols Hall, please contact Fiona Queen by clicking here.
To rent a studio, ensemble rehearsal room, or performance space (excluding Nichols Hall), please complete the rental agreement form making sure to select the proper campus. The rental agreement will then be delivered to the appropriate Campus Director.
The following rental fees apply to all Music Institute of Chicago campuses:

  • Studio - $12.50/hour

  • Mid-size ensemble room - $25/hour

  • Large ensemble room - $50/hour

  • Recital hall (Thoresen Performance Center in Winnetka, Lou Vos Recital Room in Lake Forest) - $75/hour

  • Black Box Theater (Evanston West only) – rental fee varies (minimum 2 hour rental; please contact Amber Bond at abond@musicinst.org for more information)

Renters agree to abide by the following rental conditions:

  1. Practice room rentals are subject to availability and may be limited during peak teaching hours.

  2. Practice rooms should be reserved 24 hours in advance by contacting the appropriate MIC Campus Director.

  3. Payment (cash, check, or credit card) must be made to the receptionist at the time of the rental.

  4. No food or drink is allowed in any practice room; open flames are prohibited.

  5. Rooms must be left in the same condition as they were found.

  6. Rooms are to be used solely for practicing music; no teaching or any objectionable/illegal activity is allowed.

  7. Any violations or abuse in room privileges will result in immediate dismissal from the school and a revocation of any future room use.

What types of facilities are available to rent at the various Music Institute of Chicago campuses?



Highland Park

Lake Forest


  • 4 studios

  • X studios

  • X studios

  • 25 studios

  • Lou Vos Recital Room

  • 4 mid-size ensemble rooms

  • 1 Black Box Theater

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