Exploring the World of Agriculture 8 Name

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Exploring the World of Agriculture 8 Name: ________________________

(last, first)

Environmental Science Date: __________________ Period: _____

  1. Open the internet explorer and go to the site http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schooladventures/soil/down_dirty.html

  1. You are currently at the section “Down and Dirty.” Read the information, then complete the following:

    1. Layer sometimes called organic layer = ____________________________

    1. Most soil nutrients found here = _____________________

    1. Parent material was broken by this = _____________________

    1. Solid rock at the base of the profile = ________________________

  1. Now click on “Name that Soil.” Complete the chart below:








Soil that is “just right” for plants and soil organisms is called ___________________

  1. Now click on “Soil Safari.” Read the overview on this page, then click “Get in.”

  1. Read the instructions in the co-pilot section and click the green arrow as you have read each instruction.

    1. 300 mm is approximately __________________

    1. _______ is smaller than a human hair

  1. As you enter the site, it will give you directions. Remember, once you are in the hole, you can change your size. In addition to finding what the instructions told you to look for in the beginning, provide information on the following (you might need to shrink down smaller to find some of these things):

    1. Beetle mite – What is it’s function? ______________________________________

    1. Nematode worm – What do they do? _____________________________

    1. Fungus – they lack these ______________________

    1. Nightcrawler – What end survives if they get cut in two? ______________

    1. Mole – How much does it eat? _______________________________________

What does it do? ___________________________

    1. Name two other facts you found while exploring:

      1. ______________________________________________________

      1. ______________________________________________________

  1. What is your target match? ___________________________ They live without __________

  1. When you activate the tractor beam after finding your target, what three places do you end up going? ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Did you find your target match before locating the answers to #6? Click on field guide and use that as a resource to answer the questions or reenter the Soil Safari.

Done with “The Dirt on Soil?

  1. Go to http://www.quia.com/rd/39182.html?AP_rand=289835421 try to put the layers in the right order based on what you read earlier today. Did you win? __________

NOW TRY . . .

  1. Go to http://www.quia.com/quiz/990087.html?AP_rand=580747210 . These concepts should be a review from elementary school. What score did you get on this quiz? ______


  1. Find someone else who is done and go to http://www.quia.com/cb/284637.html (No, we haven’t covered all these things yet, but it was designed for 2nd grade earth science.) Who did you compete against? ________________ Who won or was winning when class was over? ___________________


  1. Go to http://www.biodiversity911.org/FunandGames/funandgames.html#, then choose “What’s Your Soil IQ?” How’d you do? ___________________________________

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