Exploring Ancient Egypt with Google Earth

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Name: ____________________ Mr. Michaud

Period: ________ 7 Chargers

Exploring Ancient Egypt with Google Earth (10 Points)
This activity will help you see Ancient Egypt from a virtual perspective. Since most of the remains of Ancient Egypt were built from stone they still stand today. Through this assignment we will identify similarities and differences between Egyptian monuments.
Step 1: Open up the Google Earth program from the applications window on your desktop. Locate the “Fly To” box on the top left corner of the application. Enter your home address and click the magnifying glass icon. The application will now “fly” you to your home.
Step 2: Take a few minutes and acquaint yourself with the program. Use the toggle controls in the upper right hand corner to zoom in and out, change directional views, etc. (Hold the control button as you zoom in and out. This will allow you to see things in a 3D perspective)
Step 3: Locate the “Layers” Box on the bottom left hand corner of the application window. Make sure that “Borders and Labels” and “3D Buildings” is checked.
Step 4: Now you will accompany me on a virtual expedition of Ancient Egypt. Go back to the “Fly To” box and type in “Egypt”. Allow Google Earth to rotate. Answer the following questions:

  1. What continent does Egypt appear to be located on?

___________________ (1 Point)

  1. In what direction did you travel from your house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Egypt?

___________________ (1 Point)

  1. What 2 major water bodies are located to the North and East of Egypt? (You will need to zoom out twice using the zoom out button on the top right hand corner of the application window)

Northern Water Body: _______________________ (1 Point)

Eastern Water Body: _______________________ (1 Point)
Step 5: Now take a look at the Ancient Pyramids. Enter the following coordinates into the “Fly To” box: 29 58’35. 94 N, 31 07’58. 61E…these coordinates will bring you to the pyramids of Giza.

Step 6: Minimize Google Earth. Open your Internet Browser (either Safari or Firefox) and enter the following site into the Internet search bar:

www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/pyramid/explore/. Once the website opens, you may minimize it.
Step 7: Now we will look at the 3 Pyramids of Giza. Click on “Khufu,” followed by, “The Inside Story.” Now, answer the questions below using the webpage:

  1. What is the average weight of 1 individual block of the pyramids?

_______________________ (1 Point)

  1. Originally, the pyramid was 481 feet tall. Through

weather and erosion, the pyramid is now _________ feet tall.

(1 Point)

Step 8: Restore your Google Earth window and enter 29 58’30.60 N, 31 08’14.16 E to visit the Sphinx. Explore the Sphinx from space using the 3D viewer.
Step 9: Draw what the Sphinx looks like from any angle using Google Earth in the box below. (You do not have to use color) (2 points)

Step 10: Restore your Internet browser back to the Internet website you opened in step 6. Click on the “Sphinx.” Now, click on the “QTVR of the Sphinx. “ Click and drag on the image to rotate it. Answer the following questions about the Sphinx:

  1. What type of rock is the Sphinx made of?

______________________ (1 Point)

  1. What is the length and width (dimensions) of the Sphinx?

____________________________________ (1 Point)

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