Examples of Nematoda Parasites

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Examples of Nematoda Parasites-

Ascaris lumbricodes- This type of roundworm is commonly found in humans. They produce up to 200 000 eggs per day. The eggs hatch inside the intestine move into the blood and then attacks the hole body.
Ascaris suum- This type is very similar to the Ascaris lumbricodes. But this type is commonly found in pigs.
Trichinella- This type of roundworm is commonly called Trichina worm. They are found in infected pork, then when the pork is not properly cooked the person or animal eating this will become infected. They attack the small intestine.
Wuchereria/Brugia- (filarial worms)- Over 250 million people infected with this type of roundworm. They attack the lymphatic system. Infectious larvae carried by mosquitoes.
Enterobius- This type is commonly called Pinworms. They are commonly found in 30% of children and 16% in adults in the U.S.A. They live in the small intestine.

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