Evaluation Tool for Determining if a Web Site is Appropriate for Students

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Evaluation Tool for Determining if a Web Site is Appropriate for Students

For each criteria, indicate one of these ratings: 3=exceeds standard, 2=meets standard, 1=fails standard

For criteria not present in the website, apply a rating of N/A.



Error-free information

Current information

Objective, balanced presentation of information

Bias-free viewpoints and images

Balanced representations of cultural, ethnic, and racial groups

Correct use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure


Concepts and vocabulary relevant to students' abilities

Information relevant to the Georgia K-12 curriculum

Interaction compatible with the physical and intellectual maturity of intended audience


Information of sufficient scope to adequately cover the topic for the intended audience

Variety of activities, with options for increasing complexity

Technical Aspects


Rapid retrieval of information and screen transitions

Intuitive icons, menus, and directional symbols that foster independent use

Controllable pace, including options for stop/pause/exit

Controllable sound and narration that can be turned off separately

Search paths for return to previous screens viewed

Easy access to cross references, additional information

Two levels of searching (including Boolean strategy), when appropriate

Bookmark and highlighting features, when appropriate

Save/Record-Keeping Features:

Logical options for printing/downloading all or selected text, and graphics

Save feature for search results, when appropriate

Note-taking feature, when appropriate

Record-keeping feature to monitor student progress

Technical Aspects (continued)


Information presented through text, motion, still images, sound

Information presented in a manner to stimulate imagination and curiosity

Activities that provide opportunities for creative problem solving

Use of appropriate and supportive feedback

Options for help, tutorial segments

Uncluttered screen displays

Captions, labels, or legends for visuals

Legible text and print size that is appropriate for the intended audience


High quality visuals relevant to the content

High quality audio and video consistent with state-of-the-art reproduction capabilities

Sound that is clearly understandable and consistent in quality and volume

Sound and music that is relevant to screen displays


Technical Information:

Descriptions of specific hardware requirements for operating the application

Instructions for installation and operation

Instructions for search and help features

Toll free technical support telephone number

Teacher's Guide:

Description of target audience

Summary of the contents of the application

Instructional and/or behavioral objectives

Suggestions for classroom use, lesson plans, related activities

Ancillary materials for student use, such as camera-ready worksheets and activity pages

Criteria for an Excellent Website:
75-100% of the answers are 3’s - Excellent Website

50-75% of the answers are 3’s - Good/OK Website

Below 50 % of the answers are 3’s - Pour Website

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