Evaluation: Thinking Due Date: January 9/12

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Worksheet: It’s a Wonderful Life Name:
Evaluation: Thinking Due Date: January 9/12 Answer Questions 2, 3, 5 on lined paper.
The greatest movie ever made (well…..maybe), is “It’s A Wonderful Life” (1946 drama) starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. Enjoy the film. Then complete this worksheet.
1. Describe any two situations where George Bailey had a decision to make about his life. Explain the benefits and costs of the decision that he made in each situation.

Decision #1:



Decision #2:



2. Describe the movie’s portrayal of:

(a) A ”run on the bank”. What is it? Why doesn’t this happen today?
(b) The town’s experience with the business cycle (1920’s vs. 1930’s)
(c) Mr. Potter owned most of the town’s businesses. How was this monopoly power portrayed? Good or bad?
(d) If George had never been born, the downtown retail area would have developed differently. How so?
3. How could George Bailey be “worth more dead than alive” (quote from Potter) and still be the “richest man in town” (quote from Harry Bailey)?
4. Listed below are prices mentioned in the movie along with the year at the time. Visit the website: bankofcanada.ca/en/inflation_calc.htm to determine the price of such items today if they experienced normal inflation. (Note: we are assuming similar inflation rates between Canada and the US over this time period)




Price in 2011

Average Annual Inflation

Modest House

$5 000


Crushing Personal Debt

$8 000


George’s Weekly Wage



Salary Potter offered George

$20 000/year


5. Choose one item in the above table which seems to be the most out of line with prices today. Give reasons for your suggestion.

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