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BRUSSELS, December 10, 2001 — SWIFT, Euronext, the first pan-European exchange, and Clearnet today announced a co-operation agreement that will facilitate standardised access to Euronext’s NSC trading system and Clearnet’s Clearing 21® service on a global basis.
Under the agreement, Euronext will leverage SWIFT’s FIN and SWIFTNet messaging platforms, which connect a community of over 7,000 financial institutions globally, to expand its international client base and accelerate its time to market for new service offerings. The exchange will actively support initiatives enabling access to its core information systems NSC and Clearing 21® using the ISO 15022 message standard, simplifying the access model for its clients and enabling them to maximise their investment in the industry standard.
In parallel, Euronext and Clearnet will contribute to SWIFT’s efforts to define message standards for exchange flows.
“Euronext is committed to providing its customers the highest quality access solutions to its central trading and clearing services,” said Olivier Lefebvre, Member of the Managing Board, Euronext N.V. “Our co-operation with SWIFT is a significant step forward on this path and we expect to benefit from it as early as 2002.”
“SWIFT’s strategy stems from extending connectivity and standards across the securities lifecycle,” said Francis Remacle, Head of the Securities Industry Division, SWIFT. “Working closely with Euronext is another step towards achieving interoperability and convergence of standards from the front to back office.”
Securities firms will be able to access Euronext services via SWIFT in 3Q02.

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Note to Editors:

SWIFT is the industry-owned co-operative supplying secure messaging services and interface software to 7,000 financial institutions in 194 countries. SWIFT carries over 1.5 billion messages annually. The average daily value of payment messages on SWIFT is estimated to be above USD 6 trillion. SWIFT provides messaging services to banks, broker/dealers and investment managers, as well as to market infrastructures in payments, treasury, securities and trade. These services help customers reduce costs, improve automation and manage risk. For more information about SWIFT please refer to our website:

About Euronext

Euronext N.V. is the first pan-European exchange. It was created in September 2000 by the merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris exchanges. As of 30 June 2001, 1,588 companies were listed on Euronext regulated markets representing a market capitalisation of EUR 2,232 billion and trading volumes on the central electronic order book of EUR 148 (monthly average H1 2001), making Euronext the largest exchange in Europe. For more information about Euronext please refer to our website:

About Clearnet

Clearnet is the clearing house and central counterparty for markets operated by Euronext. Its guarantee is backed by financial resources of EUR 500 million, not including the guarantee provided by its parent company. In addition to clearing services for Euronext markets, Clearnet clears trades for other providers, in particular for debt securities and repos, and plans to extend its offering to other markets attracted by the benefits of a unified central counterparty.

For more information about this press release please contact the SWIFT or Euronext press offices:
Miche Slivarich


Tel: +32 2 655 4073

Mobile: +32 478 402 993


Euronext Press contacts
Euronext Brussels :

Anne De Gang tel: +32 2 509 1392

Euronext Amsterdam:

Alice Jentink: tel: +31 20 550 40 98


Robert Bakker: tel: +31 20 550 44 88

Euronext Paris:

Antoinette Darpy: tel +33 1 49 27 53 75


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