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ETAS Entwicklungs- und Applikationswerkzeuge für elektronische Systeme GmbH

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70469 Stuttgart, Germany

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Anja Krahl

Press Release

New ISO/DIS 26262 Standard Published

Robert Bosch GmbH Qualifies ETAS Development Tools
The publication of the new ISO/DIS 26262 draft standard "Road vehicles − Functional safety" has raised the bar for the development of safety relevant systems in road vehicles to a point where the resulting level of maturity enables OEMs and ECU suppliers to adapt their development processes to accommodate the requirements of the new standard.
In addition to defining the demands on the safety relevant systems in the vehicle,
ISO 26262 provides specifications for the processes, methodology, and tools to be used in vehicle development. As a first step of qualifying a development in accor­dance with ISO 26262, the use cases of the deployed software tools are classified with respect to the development processes in which they are to be deployed.
If the deployment of a given tool bears on the safety of the target system, it will be qualified in a second step, and/or the development process is augmented by a veri­fication step. Among other aspects, the qualification process verifies the suitability of tools deployed in manufacturing and pre-calibration of ECU software applications.
At Robert Bosch GmbH, the declared objective is to ensure the consistent application of the new safety standard in the development of all relevant new products to be released after its effective date in Q1 of 2011. Accordingly, Robert Bosch GmbH is already engaged in its ISO 26262 qualification of development tools. With the support of ETAS, the tools of the ASCET, RTA, and INCA product families − all of them instru­mental in software development − will be classified and qualified.

ETAS looks back on many years of experience with development tools for safety relevant systems. The function development and software development tools are

both successfully deployed in ABS and ESP projects. ETAS was the world's first tool manufacturer to have its code generators certified to the IEC 61508 standard. ETAS will support its customers in their ISO 26262 tool qualification and classification projects with specific product know-how and services.

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