Erasmus Student Work Placement in Madrid International Relations Office

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Erasmus Student Work Placement in Madrid International Relations Office

Name of organization


Type of Traineeship Sector (NACE Sector Codes)

80.30 Higher Education

Contact person

Prof. Alberto Almendra, Director of the European Office

Department and job title

International Relations Office (IRO)


c/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid, Spain


+34 91 336 3660


+34 91 336 3664



+34 91 3366267



No. of employees

3000 at UPM (24 at the IRO)

Short description of company/office

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest technical university in Spain. It consists of twenty Schools plus two Faculties that cover most engineering disciplines as well as Architecture and Sports Science. UPM has more than 3,000 faculty members, around 38,000 undergraduate students, and around 8,000 graduate and doctoral students. About 5,000 students graduate every year from UPM. The University’s main goals are higher education and research. To achieve these goals, the Schools and Faculties deal with teaching whereas research groups (201), specialized technical centres (10), and university institutes (6) are devoted to research. UPM enjoys a high participation in EU-funded projects. In fact, it has had the highest participation among European universities in FP4, FP5 and FP6. In particular, the University performed more than 210 R&D projects within FP6 (2003-07), being the first Spanish University in number of awarded projects. As for the FP7 (2009-2013), so far UPM has been awarded with 122 R&D projects, moving UPM into the first place among Spanish universities.

Competencies, Skills and Other Requirements

Language skills

Spanish (B1), fluent English

Computer skills

Familiar with Microsoft Windows and Office applications

Drivers license

Not required


No financial contribution

Placement Information

Department/ Function

International Relations Office

Description of Activities

Participate in the mobility programmes organization:

- Bilateral agreements,

- Staff mobility missions,

- Travelling and accommodation organization (Incoming and outgoing)

- Language courses for Internationalization: Spanish for incoming students, other languages for mobility-UPM students.


International Relations Office. c/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 7, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Semester Periods

1st September to 28th February

1st February to 31st July


6 months

Working hours/week

30 hours/week


Payment or other benefits

- To get experience in an international setting

- Pleasant working atmosphere.

- Free Spanish courses

- Insurance Policy for international mobility (

Interested applicants should submit, by email or post, the following documents to the Office of International Relations at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid –

Curriculum Vitae (Europass format, including photo)

Cover Letter

The deadline for application is continuous – until the position is filled.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.

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