Ephemeroptera Families Baetidae

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Ephemeroptera Families

    • stream-lined shape

    • relatively small

    • antennae long

    • median filament often short (appears to look like only 2)

    • very common and widespread

    • strong swimmers

    • similar in shape to Oligoneuridae and Siphlonuridae

    • often early colonizers to disturbed areas


    • stream-lined shape

    • caudal filaments usually with several dark bands of varying width


    • stream-lined shape (minnow-like)

    • relatively large

    • antennae short

    • all filaments long (3)

    • some genera, when still in pools flap large gills


    • similar to Siphlonuridae, except:

    • front legs wih long setae on inner margins

    • lotic-erosional and depositional habitats

    • clingers

    • collector-filterers

    • filamentous algae from the current


    • body somewhat flattened

    • characteristic gill shape (commonly forked)

    • most commonly collector-gatherers

Leptohyphidae (was Tricorythidae)

    • 1st pair of gills operculate (covering succeeding pairs)

    • triangular shape

    • don’t meet in center

    • robust body (large thorax)

    • (Caenidae also has operculate gills, however, on Caenidae, the gills meet in the center)

    • lotic-depositional and lentic-littoral

    • collector-gatherers



    • gills absent on segment 2 (may be absent on 1 and 3)

    • gills are 2-layered

    • dorsal gills are oval

    • ventral gills are lobed

    • lotic-erosional

    • generally collector-gatherers



    • long mandibular tusks

    • gills forked and held dorsally

    • live in burrows and maintain flow by waving gills

    • sometimes called Canadian Soldiers because of mass mating emergence in the Great Lakes

    • lotic and lentic-depositional

    • collector-gatherers and some filtration


    • strong swimmers

    • long antennae

    • long setae on inner surface of femora and tibiae

    • larvae face the current holding forelegs out and filter particles out of the water with their long hairs


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