English Teacher Sevilay Efe from Turkey

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English Teacher Sevilay Efe from Turkey

Last year our school, as a hosting school, accepted Comenius assistant Sevilay Efe from Turkey. According to assistantship program, she worked as an English Teacher Assistant from the 6th of December 2010 till 30th of May 2011.

Since her arrival, she was actively involved into various activities, which are organized in our school and local community. The first two weeks she had an introductory period. During which we presented our school. She participated in discussion with the school principle, during which were discussed the main points of her assistantship. Also we organized her introductory meeting with all teachers. So all members of our school community had a chance to be involved in the project.

Together with secondary education, our school provides musical education for our students. So we have a great chance to organize various musical events, concerts and festivals, not only for our school, but for the other schools and for local community. Sevilay had a chance to participate in all those events during all period of her assistantship. She had an opportunity to participate in folk songs concert, where she got acquainted with Lithuanian songs, customs and traditions, Annual Christmas Carrols Festival, different concerts of school choir, instrumental music performances. During musical events, she wasn’t only the observer. She demonstrated Turkish dances, songs and music as well.

Together with our students Sevillay went to a different trips and excursions around Lithuania and Kaunas. She visited Vilnius, Trakai, Kėdainiai and participated in folk festival in Rumsiskes.

Despite the fact, that we are Catholic school, we accept pupils and teachers practising different religion beliefs.   As our assistant had different religion, it was a lesson of tolerance for our students and a great opportunity to get acquainted with Islamic religion. Also we had an opportunity to present our Catholic religion.

Before her assistantship practice we signed the agreement between assistant and our school. According to the agreement she had 14 English language lessons per week. We discussed her schedule together with teachers who were involved in project work group. Also she had a possibility to introduce her native language during extra- curriculum activities.

Participation in such project had a great impact and dissemination of results. With the help of assistant teachers of different subjects (history, music, religion and geography) had opportunity to organize integrated lessons, which were very interesting and motivating. She prepared a list of traditional Turkish music, which we are using now in our music lessons. Also, we have different presentation made by her, related to history, religion and culture of Turkey and our teachers can use this material during integrated lessons. Together with her we prepared special English tasks, visual aids for students.

Participation in the project, allowed our students to know the other culture, religion and customs. They had a chance not only to improve their English skills, but to learn tolerance and to present Lithuania culture as well.

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