EMerging Science and Technology Institute (emsti) Point Paper Prepared for the office of the Honorable Silvestre Reyes

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eMerging Science and Technology Institute (eMSTI) Point Paper

Prepared for the office of the Honorable Silvestre Reyes


Shawn S. Smith Ph.D., Executive Director and eMSTI Coordinator, METI

and Steve Smith, Director, eMSTI, El Paso Community College

February, 2010

eMerging Science and Technology Institute (eMSTI) Point Paper

This point paper is divided into three sections. The first section covers the key details of the agreement. The second section covers how the EPCC subsidiary eMerging Science and Technology Institute (eMSTI) and Management and Engineering Technologies International, Inc. (METI) interact. The third section covers some of the benefits this public-private partnership brings to El Paso, Ft. Bliss and the surrounding communities.


  • 7 year term beginning in February of 2010

  • Creates a collaborative business environment between METI and the EPCC subsidiary eMSTI

  • The intent is to open the federal contracting market space to eMSTI

  • Each organization provides a coordinator to assure synchronized efforts

eMSTI and METI Interactions:

  • eMSTI and METI each provide a coordinator for the program. This approach spreads the implementation cost over two organizations thus lowering EPCC’s total cost for implementing eMSTI.

  • Interactions include regular meetings, teleconferences, and other communications between the METI coordinator and the eMSTI coordinator. To date these interactions have led to several campus tours for current METI customers, identification of multiple federal contracting opportunities for eMSTI, and an increased knowledge of federal contracting principles stemming from METI working closely with eMSTI to instantiate this new organization.

  • These interactions will continue and to include METI-provided mentoring and coaching to eMSTI in best practices for business operations, program management, business development, and security in the federal contracting space. The end result for EPCC will be a full functioning contracting effort organic to eMSTI with advisory support from METI.

  • To facilitate strong knowledge transfer both eMSTI and METI share office space and METI is sharing Information Technology assets and business development tools with eMSTI. METI is, through mentoring and coaching, giving eMSTI a substantial amount of intellectual property and access to METI’s chief asset; their customer base.

  • eMSTI and METI are currently pursuing contracting opportunities with the Army, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Navy, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Benefits to the community and Ft. Bliss:

      • Regional competitiveness: A more highly skilled workforce is good for El Paso, good for Ft. Bliss, and good for the Region. eMSTI will take advantage of federal contracting opportunities to improve and sustain the skills sets of a more highly skilled workforce. eMSTI will help fill labor market needs in some of the fastest growing occupations.

      • Helps individuals meet personal and professional goals that may include moving into full time occupations including Federal Civil Service or federal/state/local contracting jobs with the associated earnings advantages.

      • Helps reduce the impact of the technical staffing shortfall in emerging technical fields with eMSTI’s Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) focus. METI’s success and past performance on Federal IT and Engineering contracts uniquely positions them to bring their real world experience and expertise with STEM to eMSTI. Employees with strong technology skills benefit current employers and attract new employers to communities in the region. These highly skilled employees will be a factor in reducing the brain drain induced by retiring federal workers.

      • Provides opportunities for continuous enhancement of STEM education and training using experiences gained during federal contracting initiatives thus providing EPCC an opportunity to take the lead in technology training amongst community colleges in Texas and the region.

      • The experience and income gained via work-study experiences at eMSTI make excellent preparation for those students who want to pursue a 4-year degree (UTEP or elsewhere). This experience may be vital to ensuring successful completion of 4-year degree programs by transfer students.

      • An increased number of higher level 21st century type jobs with the associated earnings advantages. New career paths will be provided to the underserved Hispanic population in
        El Paso, to Soldiers and their dependents at Ft. Bliss as well as White Sands Missile Range, to Veterans, and to other members of the community.

      • More choices for Ft. Bliss and other federal contracting officers to award work to a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and an improved ability to help the government meet set aside contracting goals for HSI’s.

      • Improved ability to attract and retain faculty.

      • Increased funding for scholarships and other credential and certificate programs focused on post secondary sub-baccalaureate students.

      • EPCC Staff and Faculty become a more accessible resource for Ft. Bliss and the Region.

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