Electro-Voice Georgian Inner Works

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Electro-Voice Georgian Inner Works

Exactly the same as a Klipschorn bass bin, except five inches narrower ; The front corners are ' sliced off '. Also the hatch plates on Klipschorns are on
a side panel, rather than the front.

Klipschorns also use the EV-15Wk (k for Klipsch ) woofer and the T-35 tweeter, found on the Georgian.

Rather than a straight axis midrange-horn, the Georgian uses the EV-848 driver/horn assembly. It's a co-axial compression driver on a phenolic re-entrant horn which fires backwards into a large fiberglass mid-horn/housing. The driver also fires forward into a small metal high-frequency horn.

The silver-painted box on top is a wood-cased three-way crossover.

A decorative outer casing was optional. The outer enclosure of the Patrician IV, shown next, looks like a Georgian's.

Closeup of EV Georgian High Frequncy Section

Shows the 848 assembly, the T-35 tweeter, and the X-336 crossover with level controls. I actually like the sound of the Georgian's weird mdrange more than Klipschorn's. Strange re-entrant horn though, a series of nested tapered pipes.

What Is A Patrician ?

Reading from EV literature ; " It is a new experience. It cannot be put into words. It is as subtle, as overwhelming, as awe inspiring as a burst of sunlight after a thunderstorm. It is as if the curtain of darkness has suddenly been drawn back and now you see for the first time what was there all along. Only with the Patrician, you don't see it you hear it. It is the magic gift of the Gods which unlocks the treasure compressed into the grooves of a flat disc of vinylite." From ' Do It Yourself! Build the Patrician Speaker Enclosure " ; Advertising hype is sure nothing new.

Custom Factory Patrician IV

Mahogany beast...weighs over 350 lbs. Lots of solid hardwood, including the doors. Solid brass handles. Brass plated steel strips for accent on the grill. It's in nice shape for 45 years old. You would think it would sound like hell from looking or reading about it. It is quite detailed and delicate sounding. The bass is solid and powerful down to 25 or 30 Hz.

EV Patrician IV...Georgian Style

This is a real Patrician IV. It is styled similarly, however, to the Georgian; EV's next model down. The Patrician IV is basically a Klipsch bass bin scaled up by 16 and 2/3 %. It uses the EV 18 WK18" bass driver. The Georgian used the 15WK in a bass bin the same size as the Klipsch. On the top it had a fiber-glass horn with only a single 828HF, and usually a T35 tweeter. On the Georgian the ' doors ' are just for looks. On this custom-built job ( factory special order ) the doors actually open. The woofer is hidden behind the removable front hatch. The grill/door for the high freq. driver compartment is shown open.

View Inside the 200 Hz Wood Horn

The mid-bass horn also serves as an enclosure or housing for the high frequency horns. Visible is the T-350 super tweeter ( 3,500 Hz to 20 kHz ). Directly below it is the 6HD phenolic diffraction horn; a T25A compression driver attached handles the range between 600 and 3,500 Hz. You can see also one of the twin 828 HF compression drivers.
These drivers radiate directly from the front. From the back they fire into phenolic tubes configured as re-entrant horns, ultimately exausting into the rear of the mid-bass horn. This indirect radiator horn setup covers the range from 200 Hz to 600 cycles. This was unusual, most midrange horns cross over at 500 or 600 Hz. Some people think that 5 or 600 cycles is a very bad point in the freq. range for a crossover. Critical musical and vocal information is in that range. I don't know about that but the bass and mid bass from this monster is sweet. Not boomy or sluggish at all. Highly sensitive...a flea power amp is all you need.

Bass Bin and all the Drivers for the Patrician IV

The front hatch is removed to show the EV18WK . A spare 18 " woofer is seen also. Atop the folded horn are the other drivers. Originally the T-35 was standard, the bigger and better T-350 was the later standard supertweeter and an available option in 1956. This ' Georgian ' Patrician came with a T- 350. The T-3500 Ionovac was also an option starting, I believe, around 1958.

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