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Elameen Abdelhameed

Elgtraakket 60E

1270 Oslo


E-mail: abdelhameed.elameen @bioforsk.no;

Phone ++4790200875

Fax ++47646110



I am born in 1963 with Egyptian and Sudanese parents, I am a Norwegian citizen I have been a resident of Norway since 1993, being married to a Norwegian ‘Unni Barikmo Fjelrot’, and together we have two children. I currently work as a researcher in the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology (since 1999), at the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research. My institute is independent from the University of Life Sciences, but located at the same campus. I am a PhD holder in; Genetics and Biotechnology, from; The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. My aim is to continue working with genetic diversity of plant and plant pathogens.


My mother language is Arabic and I speak English, Norwegian and Greek.


2005-2009 Norwegian University of Life Sciences

I took my PhD degree in Genetics and Biotechnology ‘Phenotypic and molecular diversity of clonal germplasm collections of roseroot (Rhodiola rosea L.) and sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam)’

1995-1997 Agricultural University of Norway

I took my master degree (M. Sc.) in plant breeding and genetic. Breeding of F1 hybrid cabbage using microsporembryogensis.

1992-1993 Agricultural University of Athens (Greece)

One year; Diploma in Plant Breeding and Genetics

1982-1987 Agricultural University of Alexandria (Egypt)

I took my B. Sc., Production and technology of cotton.

2000-Today Bioforsk - Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental

Research, Plant Health and Plant Protection Division, Department

of Genetics and Biotechnology. I am working with projects in the field of;
1. Genetics and Biotechnology
Use of molecular marker for defining site specific seed material for

restoration in Norway

Genetic transformation of potato

Genetic transformation of strawberry

Genetic diversity in a germplasm collection of roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) in Norway

Analysis of genetic diversity of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) germplasm collection from Tanzania.

2. Genetic diversity of plant pathogens in;

Late blight Phytophthora infestans

Apple fruit moth (Argytesthia conjugella)

Genetic diversity of (Beauveria bassiana)

Black spot (Colletotrichum acutatum)

1993-2000 Agricultural University of Norway, Institute for Crop Science and


I have worked on field experiments in forage crops and cereal breeding,

together with software analysis (SAS). Breeding for F1 hybrid cabbage

and barley using microsporembryogensis. I worked at the

Plant-Cell-laboratory with projects in field of cell and tissue culture;

somatic embryogenesis, genetic-transformation (GMO) and other

biotechnology methods.

1997- I worked at Broccoli Seed Growers LTD In Cornwall- England; I assisted the researchers and workers to develop and estimate a method for microsporembryogensis for breeding double haploid broccoli, to breed for F1 hybrid.

1988-1992 BIOBAT (Athens- Greece)

BIOBAT is a company which works with cotton production and cotton technology and other man made fibber. I have worked as a technology and production engineer.

Private time
On my private time, I am involved with a private organisation working with under-age (teenagers), to protect them against drugs and alcohol abuse. I like to play football and to be together with good friends.

List of publications;

May Bente BRURBERG, Abdelhameed ELAMEEN, Vinh Hong LE, Ragnhild NÆRSTAD, Arne HERMANSEN, Ari LEHTINEN, Asko HANNUKKALA, Bent NIELSEN, Jens HANSENd, Bjørn ANDERSSON, Jonathan YUEN (2011) Genetic analysis of Phytophthora infestans populations in the Nordic European countries reveals high genetic variability. Funga Biology 1 1 5: 335-342.
Elameen A, Klemsdal SS, Dragland S, Fjellheim S, Rognli OA (2008) Genetic diversity in a germplasm collection of roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) in Norway studied by AFLP. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 36 (9) 706-715.
Elameen A, Dragland S, Klemsdal SS (2010) Bioactive compounds produced by clones of Rhodiola rosea maintained in the Norwegian germplasm collection. Pharmazie 65: 618–623
Elameen A, Fjellheim S, Larsen A, Rognli OA, Sundheim L, Msolla S, Masumba E, Mtunda K Klemsdal SS (2008) Analysis of genetic diversity in a sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) germplasm collection from Tanzania as revealed by AFLP. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 55 (3) 397-408.
Elameen A, Larsen A, Klemsdal SS, Fjellheim S, Sundheim L, Msolla S, Masumba E, Mtunda K, Rognli OA. (2011) Phenotypic diversity of plant morphological and root descriptor traits within a sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) germplasm collection from Tanzania. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 58:397–407.

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