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Key Publications - see Gillmor
Master - see Story
Black Magic

#25 [v4n1] (July 1953)

  • A Beast is in the Streets [TT v6n4 - The Fleshripper]

  • The Romantic Souls [TT v6n6 - This House is Haunted]

#27 [v4n3] (Nov-Dec 1953)

  • A Hole in His Head [TFTT v6n5 - The Skull]

  • The Merry Ghosts of Campbell Castle [WT v6n5 - The Bagpipes From Hell]

  • Don't Call on the Dead [TT v6n6 - Never Kill a Corpse]

#28 [v4n4] (Jan-Feb 1954)

  • Buried Alive [W v8n4a - The Dead Live]

  • Screaming Doll [WT v6n6 - The Thing That Screamed]

  • Alive After Five Thousand Years [TFTT v6n5 - Living Corpse]

#29 [v4n5] (Mar-Apr 1954)

  • The Greatest Horror of Them All [TFTT v7n1 - The Fanged Freak]

  • The Flying Dutchman [W v8n4a - The Deadman's Ship]

  • Madame Cyanide and Mister Tricks [HT v6n4 - The Broomstick Witch]

#30 [v4n6] (May-June 1954)

  • Ghost in the House [TFTT v6n6 - Dead Thing Among Us]

  • Lover, Come Back to Me [WT v6n5 - Swamp Terror]

  • The Devil, You Say? [HT v6n4 - The Spirit of Evil]

#31 [v4n7] (July-Aug 1954)

  • Slaughter House [TOV v5n6 - The Horror Bugs]

  • The Half Man [TT v5n3 - The Dead Live]

  • Hungry As a Wolf [HT v5n2 - The Bloody Wolfman]

#32 [v5n2] (Sep-Oct 1954)

  • The Devil Doll [TFTT v6n5 - The Horror Doll]

  • The Monsters! [TFTT v6n5 - Tear 'Em Apart]

  • The Monsters! [TOV v6n3 - Tomb of Ogres]

  • The Little People [WT v5n3 - The Cave Monsters]

  • The Little People [TFTT v7n1 - The Creatures]

#33 [v5n3] (Nov-Dec 1954)

  • Lone Shark [TFTT v5n4 - Monster]

  • This Time You'll Die [WT v6n5 - The Doll Witch]

  • Wake Up the Dead [TOV v5n3 - From the Grave Below]

  • Wake Up the Dead [HT v6n4 - The Vampires]

  • This Time You'll Die [HT v5n5a - The Walking Dead]

Web of Evil

#1 (Nov 1952)

  • Custodian of the Dead [TFTT v4n1 - The Ghoul]

  • Ghosts of Doom [TT v4n1 - The Swamp Devils]

  • Rehearsal For Death [TT v3n6 - Nightmare]

#2 (Jan 1953)

  • Make-Up For Death [HT v4n1 - Satan's Corpse/The Corpse]

  • Hangman's Horror [WT v3n6 - Jeb's Bloody Ghost]

  • The Corpse That Wouldn't Die [TOV v5n2 - The Deadly Corpse]

#3 (Mar 1953)

  • The Killer From Saturn [HT v4n1 - The Monster]

  • Goddess of Murder [TFTT v3n5 - The Blood Goddess]

  • The Beast From Beyond [TOV v5n1 - The Bloody Creature]

#4 (May 1953)

  • Dance of Death [TOV v4n5 - Deadman's Dance]

  • Satan's Spectacles [TT v4n3 - Satan's Man]

  • Monster of the Mist [WT v4n2 - The Blood-Mad Monster]

#5 (July 1953)

  • The Corpse That Wouldn't Hide [W v5n6 - The Corpse]

  • The Man Who Died Twice [W v6n7 - The Dead Live]

  • The Vengeful Curse [HT v3n6 - The Bloody Demon]

#6 (Sep 1953)

  • Orgy of Death [TFTT v4n2 - Monster of Evil]

  • The Sepctre's Face [TOV v5n1 - The Assassin and the Monster]

  • The House Where Horror Lived [TFTT v3n5 - Tomb of Horror]

#7 (Oct 1953)

  • The Man Who Cheated Death [W v6n2 - The Living Dead]

  • The Strangling Hands [TOV v5n2 - The Bloody Hands]

  • The Ship of Lost Souls [TT v4n2 - The Floating Dead]

#8 (Nov 1953)

  • Valley of Horror [TT v7n1 - Valley of Hell]

#10 (Jan1954)

  • Death's Highway [TT v7n1 - Deaths Path]

#15 (June 1954)

  • The Demon Coat [TT v3n4 - The Unknown]

  • The Dreaded Crypts of Horror [HT v4n2 - The Walls of Fear]

  • The Corpse Who Prowled By Night [WT v3n1 - The Strange Corpse]

#16 (July 1954)

  • The Hamlet of Horror [TFTT v3n4 - Monster Town]

  • The Medium of Murder [WT v3n6 - The Conjurer]

  • Death's Vengeance [TOV v4n3 - The Twisted Brain]

#19 (Oct 1954)

  • The Half-Creatures of the Sargasso Sea [TFTT v3n4 - The Sea Monsters]

  • The Skid Row Monster [TOV v5n1 - The Zombie-Maker]

  • The Fiend From Outer Space [SG v1n9 - The Monster From Dimension X]

#20 (Nov 1954)

  • Death From the Tomb [HT v3n1 - The Mummy]

  • Katumba - the Man-Made Terror [HT v4n2 - The Hairy Beast]

  • Monster From the Deep [W v5n3 - The Beast From Below]

St. John
Weird Horrors

#2 (Aug 1952)

  • The Dancing Lights of Kula [TT v2n1 - The Heads of Terror]

  • The Violin of Death [WT v2n1 - The Devil's Fiddle]

#4 (Nov 1952)

  • The Haunter [W v4n1 - The Witch's House is Haunted]

#6 (Feb 1953)

  • Vengeance Trail [W v5n6 - Weird Revenge]

  • From Outer Space [TOV v7n4 - The Thing Out There]

  • The Phantom Guillotine [WT v2n2 - The Bloody Guillotine]

  • The Place on the Hill [HT v2n1 - The Spirits]

Out of the Shadows

#11 (Jan 1954)

  • Coin of Evil [TFTT v4n2 - He Rose From the Grave]

  • The Wig [TOV v5n6 - The Weird Thing]

  • The Prophecy [W v6n1 - Death Demon]

  • Aria in Blood [TFTT v4n1 - Silent Horror]

  • Fountain of Fear [WT v4n1 - Spirits of Doom]

#13 (May 1954)

  • The Cannibal [TFTT v3n6 - The Gruesome Cannibal]

  • The Fearful Night [TT v4n1 - The Demons Night]

  • Don't Look Behind [TT v4n7 - A Thing of Horror]

  • The Recluse [TT v4n2 - The Weird Old Man]

#14 (Aug 1954)

  • Junk-Man's Treasure [HT v4n1 - House of Blood]

  • Werewolf [TT v3n6 - The Werewolf]

  • Day of Reckoning [W v5n6 - Evil Cat]

  • The Brannock Curse [TT v5n3 - Banshee Hex]

  • When Death Takes a Hand [HT v4n2 - Deadman's Hand]

Ghostly Weird Stories

#121 (Dec 1953)

  • The Last Man Alive [TOV v7n2 - Nightmare]

  • Terrible Encounter [TFTT v3n2 - The Deadly Demon]

#122 (Mar 1954)

  • Death Ship [WW v2n2 - The Demon Star]

#124 (Aug 1954)

  • The Homecoming [TFTT v2n6 - The Killer Creatures]

  • The Coward [TT v3n4 - Horror Island]

Story (aka Master, Merit)
Mysterious Adventures

#2 (June 1951)

  • The Cabinet of Living Death [HT v3n2 - Body Snatcher]

  • Mark of the Tomb [WT v2n5 - Vampire/Bloodsucker]

  • The Unholy Quest [W v4n6 - Black Magic]

#3 (Aug 1951)

  • Anger of the Devil [TT v4n2 - Voodoo Doll]

  • Return From the Dead [W v5n1 - Feast For Rats]

  • The Manikins of Death [WT v3n1 - The Zombie Manikins]

#6 (Feb 1952)

  • The Phantom of Lonesome Swamp [W v5n1 - The Swamp Monster]

  • The Corpse Springs Alive [TT v3n1 - The Zombies Cave]

  • Terror of the Burning Witch [HT v3n1 - Death to the Witch]

#9 (Aug 1952)

  • Horror of the Voodoo Dolls [HT v3n4 - The Horror Dolls]

  • Terror of the Lively Corpse [WW v1n10 - Black Death]

#12 (Feb 1953)

  • The Vultures of Doom [W v5n1 - Man of Evil]

  • A Stony Death [WT v3n1 - Voodoo Horror]

  • The Running Ghost [HT v3n3 - The Bloody Thing/The Gory Thing]

#13 (Apr 1953)

    • Life's Blood [TT v4n3 - Invitation From a Vampire]

    • Witches Never Die [TOV v4n1 - The Voodoo Witch]

    • Death Comes in Small Pieces [SG v1n8 - Terror of the Dead]

    • The Living Dead [TFTT v3n1 - Zombie]

#14 (June 1953)

  • Flame Thrower [SG v1n8 - Flaming Ghost]

  • Money Hungry [TT v3n2 - Burn, Miser, Burn]

  • The Human Clay [SG v1n8 - as Voodoo Doll]

#15 (Aug 1954)

  • The Hunter and the Hunted [TOV v5n2 - Nightmare For a Hero]

  • Revenge [W v6n2 - Monster Freakout]

  • Ghoul Crazy [WT v4n3 - The Ghouls]

#16 (Oct1953)

  • The Death Statue [TT v4n1 - The Bloody Statues]

  • Death's Revenge [W v5n1 - The Deadman's Hand]

#17 (Dec 1953)

  • One Man's Poison [W v4n5 - Feast For Vampires]

  • My Brother's Keeper [WT v2n5 - The Skeleton]

  • Paralyzed [TT v2n6 - The Bloody Ax]

  • Bug-a-Boo [WT v2n6 - The Winged Monsters]

#19 (Apr 1954)

  • The Coffin [WT v2n4 - A Corpse For the Coffin]

  • Bank Night [TOV v3n6 - The Vampire Caper]

  • Werewolves [TFTT v3n1 - Werewolf]

#20 (June 1954)

  • Chef's Delight [TFTT v2n6 - Food For Ghouls]

  • No Noose is Good Noose [TOV v3n6 - The Demon is a Hangman]

  • Partners in Death [TFTT v2n5 - The Slimy Corpse]

  • Ghoulash [HT v2n5 - Vampire-Ghouls]

#21 (Aug 1954)

  • The Choker [TFTT v6n2 - The Hanged]

  • Blood Thirsty [W v4n6 - The Angry Vampire]

  • The Coward [TOV v3n6 - The Gutless One]

#22 (Oct 1954)

  • Cinderella [HT v5n2 - Terror Fables]

  • The Manhunting Lion [TT v3n1 - The Jungle Ghost]

  • Insane! [HT v5n4 - The Mad Ones]

  • Two For the Money [WT v2n6 - The Hungry Vampire]

#23 (Dec 1954)

  • They Never Return [TOV v3n5 - The Horrible Thing]

  • The Man Who Beat the Devil [HT v3n1 - Satan, the Demon]

  • Pandora's Bucks [HT v4n3 - The Bloody Corpse]

  • Old Mother Lubbard [HT v4n4 - Rhyme of Shock]


The following were all reprinted by Ajax/Farrell.

Ellery Queen

#1 (1949)

#2 (1949)

  • Terror Tide [TOV v2n2 - rp as Skeletons Have Secrets]

  • The Devil in the Vault [TT v1n9 - rp as Satan's Vault of Horror]

  • Calamity Clock [W v3n3 - rp as Horror Hour]

Tales of Horror

#3 (Nov 1952)

  • The Big Snake [W v9n1 - Coils of Terror]

#4 (Jan 1953)

  • Who Shall Inherit the Earth [TOV v7n5 - The Rats Are Coming]

  • The Curse of King Kala [WT v7n1 - Gruesome Nightmare]

  • Death From the Sea [WT v7n1 - The Slimy Haunt]

  • The Man Who Imagined a Monster [TFTT v6n6 - Monster]

#6 (Aug 1953)

  • Test of Terror [TOV v7n5 - The Weird Corpse]

  • Special On Beet Soup [TOV v7n6 - Horror With Fangs]

#7 (Oct 1953)

  • The Man Who Tricked the Devil [HT v7n1 - Signed in Blood]

  • Dinky [W v9n1 - A Thing With Fangs]

#8 (Dec 1953)

  • Pool of the Skeletons [TFTT v7n1 - The Skeletons]

#9 (Feb 1954)

  • Son of Satan [WT v6n6 - The Man From Hell]


#7 (Jan 1954)

  • Guest of the Ghouls [HT v2n3 - Tombstone For a Ghoul]

  • The Life of Riley [TFTT v2n2 - Swamp Monsters]

  • Heads of the Dead [HT v2n4 - The Doom Witch]

  • Black Death [TFTT v2n3 - Devil's Plague

#8 (Mar 1954)

  • When Witches Summon (?) [TOV v3n2 - The Old Crone's Voodoo]

  • Terror in the Streets [W v4n1 - The Sewer Werewolves]

  • Come Die With Me [W v4n2 - Zombie For a Day]

  • Lost Souls [TT v2n3 - Witches Ghosts]

#9 (May 1954)

  • The Corpse in the Ring [HT v4n7 - The Thing in the Ring]

  • Vampire's Roost [WT v2n3 - House of Vampires]

  • Ghost of Fire [TFTT v2n3 - Fire Monster]

  • No Pockets On the Dead [HT v2n2 - Ghoul Without Pockets]

Seven Seas Comics (reprinted by Ajax)

#2 (1946)

  • South Seas Girl [TFTT v1n6 - rp as He Rose From the Grave]

Appendix F: Miscellaneous Lists and Trivia

My 5 favorite Ajax/Farrell reprints

  1. Hair Yee-eee (Tales of Voodoo v2n1) - Some may find it downright silly, but I love this whacked out tale of a boy whose hair is a living being.

  2. Nightmare Merchant (Terror Tales v1n7) - One of Ajax's best with an excellent plot about a couple who find that their new home is on a blood delivery route for vampires

  3. Stretching Things (Weird v2n8) - This Ditko classic may be early, but it's my favorite of his pre-code horror stories.

  4. Experiment in Terror (Tales From the Tomb v1n10) - From the sick premise of a doctor starving people to see if hunger is stronger than love to the gruesome ending, this one's a delight.

  5. Terror Below (Weird v3n1a) - While the story is so-so, I include this one for seer gore. Where else but pre-code horror could you see people eaten alive by crabs?

My 10 favorite original art stories

  1. Screaming Hell (Cirilo Munoz, Horror Tales v7n1) - A favorite not primarily because of the art or the story (though I found both excellent) but because this one scared the wits out of me as a 10-year old. I didn't have many Eerie magazines as a kid, but the ones I did, I remembered. I could still recall details of this story 30 years after I read it. Domingo Mandrafina also took a turn at this one, but I prefer the Munoz version.

  2. The Slimy Snakeman (Larry Woromay?, Tales of Voodoo v3n2) - Another one I remember reading as a kid. This one also features one of my favorite scenes, the carnival sideshow. I also remember feeling really sorry for the monster at the end.

  3. Voodoo Terror (Chic Stone, Tales of Voodoo v3n1) - Blood Bath and The Slimy Mummy seem to have more fans, but for sheer gore, give me this Chic Stone classic.

  4. Swamp Monsters (Dick Ayers, Tales From the Tomb v2n2) - A story that doesn't really showcase Ayers' art, as there are too few panels of pure gore

  5. Satan's Warlock (Ruben Marchionne, Weird v5n5) - While they are not very well liked by most fans, Fawcett is one of my favorite pre-code publishers and this is one of my favorite stories of theirs. And I like Marchionne's art better than the original.

  6. Food For Ghouls (?, Tales From the Tomb v2n6) - A typical example of Mysterious Adventures at its best demonstrating one of their trademark (OK, actually it was E.C.'s trademark) gore endings.

  7. The Sewer Werewolves (Dick Ayers, Weird v4n1) - It wasn't the best of the pre-code monsters-in-the-Paris-sewers stories, but Ayers' art makes up for it.

  8. Satan's Blood Bath (Alberto Macagno, Tales From the Tomb v4n1) - One that really makes use of the carnival theme. Plus I love the panel where the protagonist encounters his transformed daughter.

  9. Horror With Fangs (Fernand, Tales of Voodoo v7n6) - I love the idea that grocery stores bring out their vampire merchandise in the wee hours of the morning.

  10. Valley of Hell (Martha Barnes?, Terror Tales v7n1) - Barnes didn't do much work for Eerie, and I liked what she did, but it's the plot of this one, rather than the art, that I enjoy most.

My 5 favorite Eerie covers

  1. Weird v3n2 (May 1969, Bill Alexander) - A wonderful combination of gore and humor.

  2. Weird v5n1 (Feb 1971) A surgical team operates on a man who has turned into a horrid red monster.

  3. Weird v3n1b (Feb 1969, Bill Alexander) - Another Alexander classic (if it is him). the red background works perfectly with the cartoony art.

  4. Witches Tales v1n7 (July 1969) - A classic gore cover. Plus the little one-eyed creature cracks me up

  5. Terror Tales v6n2 (Apr 1974, Oscar Novelle?) - Novelle's covers always featured bright colors that didn't always work for me. This one did.

1. From which pre-code publishers did Eerie use the most material?
Following are the publishers from which Eerie reprinted/reworked material, along with the approximate number of Eerie stores that were drawn from theses sources. Note that in these totals, some Eerie stories are counted under more then one publisher (i.e when Ajax reprinted Comic Media material or material from earlier non-horror publishers like Fox and Universal). If a story was reprinted by Eerie multiple times with different titles and the same art, it is only counted once.

Listed in descending order by number of stories:

Ajax/Farrell 272

Harvey 193

Ace 61

Comic Media 42

Story 41

Quality 34

Gillmor 25

Avon 16

Prize 15

Trojan 10

Toby 10

Standard 11

Fawcett 7

St. John 7

Star 5


Fiction House 4

Superior 4

Gilberton 3

Universal 2+

Fox 1+

2. Who were Eerie's most prolific artists?

The following list includes the artists to whom I've credited a dozen or more stories and the number of stories I've attributed to them. These numbers are very tentative as many of the art identifications are speculative. Unlike the other lists, in this list if a story was reprinted multiple times with the same art and a different title, it is counted multiple times.

  1. Antonio Reynoso (88)

  2. Oscar Fraga (78)

  3. Walter Casadei (70)

  4. Cirilo Munoz (61)

  5. Larry Woromay (39)

  6. Dick Ayers (30)

  7. Enrique Cristobal (29)

  8. Ruben Marchionne (24)

  9. Alberto Macagno (19)

  10. Domingo Mandrafina (19)

  11. Oscar Stepancich (17)

  12. Torre Repiso (16)

Note that this does not include stories credited generally to "Iger Shop" (202). If Ezra Jackson's text illustrations were counted, he would rank in the top 3. If Oscar Novelle's cover work were included, he would also make the list.

3. Which stories did Eerie reprint the most?

  • Eerie reprinted The Dead Demons 9 times (technically, they printed it once then reprinted it 8 more times).

  • Heads of Terror , Satan's Cat, and Werewolf [W v4n4] were reprinted 8 times each.

  • The Vampire Lives, Vampire [WT v2n5], Devil's Plague, Dead Witch, and The Blackness of Evil were reprinted 7 times each.

Note that if a story is reprinted with the same art and a different title, this is included in the reprint totals but if it is reprinted with different art it isn't

At the other end of the spectrum, there were a number of stories that Eerie printed only once. (though it may seem like they reprinted every story multiple times).
4. What story titles did Eerie reuse the most?
Eerie Publications had the annoying habit of printing multiple stories with the exact same title. The most extreme examples are the following.

  • "Vampire" was used for six different stories. In addition, "The Vampire" was used for two stories, "The Vampires" for two, and "Vampires" for one.

  • "Monster" was used for five different stories and " The Monster" for another five. "The Monsters" was used for one story.

  • "The Mummies was used for five different stories. In addition, "Mummies" and "The Mummy" were used for one story each.

  • "Werewolf" was used for five different stories and "The Werewolf" for one.

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