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Weird Fat Man, The: W v6n3 (05/72), HT v6n3

Weird Ones, The: WT v4n1 (02/72)

Weird Restaurant, The: WT v3n6 (12/71), TOV v6n3

Weird Thing, The: TT v4n4 (06/72)

Wild One, The: HT v3n6 (11/71)

Wind Demon: TFTT v3n4 (06/71)

Xebico: W v5n2 (04/71), TT v4n6 (10/72)

Appendix E: Pre-code Rework/Reprint Cross-Index
This section lists the original sources for stories that Eerie either reprinted (indicated by "rp") or reworked. Stories are listed by pre-code publisher, then by title, then by issue number.

First the pre-code title, issue, date, and story title are indicated. This is followed by the first issue in which Eerie reworked or reprinted the story and the new title Eerie gave it. If a story was reprinted by Eerie with multiple titles, only the first instance is given (the titles of the reprinted versions are listed separated by a slash). To find other instances, see Appendix D. If a story was reworked multiple times by Eerie with different art, each instance is listed separately.

This section is still somewhat incomplete but will be completed as I continue to fill in gaps in my pre-code horror collection.
Title Abbreviation Key

HT - Horror Tales

SG - Strange Galaxy

TFTC - Tales From the Crypt

TFTT - Tales From the Tomb

TT - Terror Tales

TOD - Terrors of Dracula

W - Weird

WVT - Weird Vampire Tales

WW - Weird Worlds

WT - Witches Tales


While Ace produced 97 pre-code issues over five titles, Eerie only reworked stories that appeared in Web of Mystery. They did do stories from The Beyond and Challenge of the Unknown, but only from the few issues that were reprinted in Web of Mystery. This was actually typical of Eerie. With a few exceptions (primarily Harvey) if they reworked material from a pre-code publisher, they generally seem to have done so from only one of their titles.

The Beyond

#1 (Nov 1950)

  • What Was It? [W v11n2 - Who Are You?/The Ogre From Space]

  • Out of the Black Night [TOV v4n3 - There's a Blood-Sucker Among Us]

  • The Phantom Puppet [TT v3n3 - The Wooden Menace]

  • Crimson Hands Against Him [WT v4n6 - Bloody Ten Fingers]

Challenge of the Unknown

#6 (Sep 1950)

  • Villa of the Vampire [HT v3n5 - The Vampire Lives]

  • Beware the Phantom Spear [TOV v4n2 - Terror of the Dead]

  • Black Fury [WT v3n2 - The Evil Black Cats]

  • The Night the Statues Walked [W v5n2 - The Devil Statues]


#1 (June 1952)

  • The Invisible Terror [TT v1n9 - rp as The Unseen Terror w/changes]

Web of Mystery

#1 (Feb 1951)

  • Venom of the Vampires [TT v4n4 - The Vampires/The Bats]

  • The Lamenting Voice of the Bell [TOV v5n5 - The Horror Bell]

  • The Case of the Beckoning Mummy [W v6n3 - The Mummy's Revenge]

  • Ghost Ship of the Caribbean [TOV v5n4 - The Transparent Ones]

#2 (Apr 1951)

  • Legacy of the Accursed [TT v7n1 - Vampires Plague]

#4 (Aug 1951)

  • Vengeance of the Undead [TT v7n1 - Beyond the Grave]

#5 (Oct 1951)

  • The Menace That Stalked Brooding Cunliffe [W v6n6 - The Monster]

  • Vengeance Weaves a Tapestry [W v6n3 - The Hungry Vampire]

  • Rendezvous With the Phantom Gypsies [WT v4n4 - The Zombies]

#6 (Dec 1951)

  • Tribe of the Terrible Trees [TT v4n4 - Things of Horror]

  • The Mad Beast of Monaco [W v6n4 - The Beast]

  • Gargoyle's Revenge [W v6n4 - The Stone Monsters]

  • The Vampire's Weird Duel [HT v4n4 - The Strange Vampire]

#9 (May 1952)

  • Lynx Man's Nine Lives [HT v7n2 - Cats of Doom]

  • Pathway to the Great Abyss [HT v7n2 - Priestess of Death]

  • Vampire Bride [HT v7n2 - Vampires Bride]

#11 (July 1952)

  • Bride's Dowry of Doom [HT v3n4 - Curse of the Vampire]

  • The Druid Dirge [TOV v4n6 - Creatures of Stonehenge]

  • Dreaded Duo's Blood Banquet [WT v4n2 - Werewolf]

  • Satan and the Devil-Bull [WT v3n4 - The Devil's Sword]

#12 (Aug 1952)

  • The Footlight Furies [TFTT v3n3 - Vampire]

  • The Carpenter's Cursed Creature [TOV v4n4 - A Thing of Horror]

  • The Arm of Tatra Magis [W v5n4 - The Mummies]

  • The Silver Bell of Doom [WT v3n3 - The Silver Demon]

#13 (Sep 1952)

  • Mastodon Menace [TFTT v3n3 - Weird Safari]

  • The Beast of Skeleton Island [W v5n4 - The Beast]

  • Syr-Darya's Death Song [TOV v5n3 - The Bloody Head]

  • Spell of the Devil Dancers [WT v4n3 - The Witch's Horror]

#14 (Oct 1952)

  • The Dead Dance on Halloween [TOV v4n4 - The Witch of Doom]

  • The Sign of Doom [TT v3n4 - The Tomb]

  • You Dare Not Speak About It [TFTT v3n3 - Torture Castle]

  • Haunt of the Iskander Fjord [WT v3n4 - Sea Ghost]

#15 (Nov 1952)

  • The Deadly Night [HT v3n4 - The Witches Coven]

  • Death Never Takes a Furlough [WT v4n1 - House of the Vampire]

  • Mirror of Mephisto [TFTT v3n4 - The Devil's Looking Glass]

#17 (Feb 1953)

  • Blood Potion of the Black Cult [W v6n2 - Demon Goddess]

  • Name From the Nether World [W v5n6 - The Vampire/It Cried For Blood]

  • From the Graves of the Unholy [W v5n2 - The Wax Witch]

  • The Castle Sinister [WT v3n3 - Castle of the Dead]

#18 (May 1953)

  • Corpses on Cue [HT v3n3 - Zombie Magic]

  • The Moon Was Red [TT v3n2 - Creature of Evil]

  • Out of the Blackness They Came [TOV v4n2 - Black Light Monsters/Black Light Terror]

#19 (July 1953) - Reprints Challenge of the Unknown #1 (see above)

#20 (Sep 1953) - Reprints The Beyond #1 (see above)

#22 (Jan 1954)

  • Legion of the Doomed [TOV v5n4 - Cave of Vampires]

  • Halfway to Eternity [TFTT v4n3 - The Corpse]

  • She Stalks at Sundown [TFTT v4n3 - This Cat is Evil]

#23 (Mar 1954)

  • Woman of a Thousand Faces [TFTT v3n2 - Vampire]

  • The Oozing Horror [TT v3n5 - A Thing of Horror/A Thing of Terror]

  • Long Arm of the Undead [TT v3n5 - The Evil Zombie]

  • How Manuelo Died [WT v4n1 - The Toreador and the Demons]

#24 (May 1954)

  • Realm of Lost Faces [WT v3n3 - Mask of Horror]

  • I Died Laughing [HT v4n4 - The Skeleton]

  • She Shrieked With Horror [W v5n5 - The Bloody House]

  • My Sinister Double [W v8n1 - Shadow of Evil]

#25 (July 1954)

  • Mine Own Executioner [WW v2n3 - Torture Chamber]

  • Lair of the Silken Doom [TOV v4n1 - The Spider]

  • The Man Who Died Tomorrow [W v5n3 - The Sorcerer]

  • Keeper of the Flames [W v5n3 - The Evil Ones]

Ajax (aka Farrell, Four-Star, America's Best, Steinway)

Ajax/Farrell was, of course, Eerie's most frequent source of material. The same story was often reprinted and reworked with new art. Stories reprinted from Ajax's post-code titles generally had fairly significant additions.

Dark Shadows

#1 (Oct 1957)

  • Jinxed Genius [W v3n8 - The Jinxed Genius]
    code-approved version of Portrait of Doom (Strange Fantasy #9]

  • My Dear Friend [TFTT v1n6 - Man-Beast]
    code-approved version of Death Do Us Part (Haunted Thrills #13)

  • Safe But Not Sound [TFTT v1n6 - Death Trap]
    code-approved version of Doom Deferred (Strange Fantasy #11)

#2 (Jan 1958)

  • Long Live Good King Charles [HT v1n7, rp as This Head is Mine with major changes] code-approved version of The Vanishing Skull (Haunted Thrills #8)


#10 (Nov-Dec 1954)

  • Crack-Up [TOV v1n11]

  • Doom at the Wheel [W v2n2]

  • Scream No More My Lady [W v1n11, also rp as Vampires and Blood-Suckers]

  • Scream No More, My Lady [WT v6n1 - When They Meet the Vampire]

  • Fate Laughs at Clowns [W v2n6]

Fantastic #11 (Jan-Feb 1955)

  • Gravestone For Gratis [TT v1n7]

  • Gravestone For Gratis [TFTT v6n1 - The Ghoul]

  • The Tiger's Paw, The [HT v1n7 ]

  • The Tiger's Paw [WT v6n1 - Claws of Horror]

Fantastic Fears

#1 (May 1953)

  • Hawk's Folly [TT v2n6 - rp as Werewolf]

  • And Death Makes Three [W v2n9]

  • The Blood Blossom, The [W v1n12]

  • The Blood Blossom [WT v6n4 - Vampire Flower]

#2 (July 1953)

  • Careless Corpse [W v2n6]

  • Carnival of Terror [W v3n1]

  • Fiends From the Crypt [W v2n2]

  • Fiends From the Crypt [TFTT v6n2 - Where the Flesheaters Dwell]

  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Werewolf [W v1n11 - rp as Little Red Riding Hood and the Werewolf/Werewolf]

#3 (Sep 1953)

  • Druid's Castle [TOV v1n11]

  • Haunted Matador [W v2n6 - The Needless Night] see Midnight #2

  • The Zombi's Bride, The [W v3n1b]

  • The Zombi's Bride [HT v6n3 - The Living Dead]

#4 ( Nov 1953)

  • Devil's Sketch Book [HT v1n7]

  • Hissing Horror [W v3n1b]

  • Hissing Horror [W v7n7 - Snakepit]

  • Black Death [W v1n12]

  • Black Death [TFTT v6n4 - The Skin-Rippers]

#5 (Jan 1954)

  • Escape From Hell [W v3n2]

  • Stretching Things [W v2n8]

  • Temple of the Beast [W v2n4]

  • Caught in the Graft [WT v1n8 - rp as Until Dead - Rot]

  • My Coffin Must Wait [HT v1n8 - rp as The Promise, see Midnight #2]

#6 (Apr 1954)

  • Your Coffin is Waiting, Sir [TOV v1n11]

#7 (May-June 1954)

  • I, the Coffin [W v1n11]

  • I The Coffin [TFTT v6n4 - The Coffin]

  • Dragon Egg [TOV v2n1, also rp as Demon]

  • Demon Fiddler [W v2n4]

  • Demon Fiddler [TFTT v6n4 - The Demon]

#8 (July-Aug 1954)

  • Green Horror [WT v1n7]

  • Be My Ghost [W v1n11, also rp as Pull Up a Coffin]

  • Terror Under Glass [TOV v2n3 - The Haunted Hero] see Midnight #3

#9 (Sep-Oct 1954)

  • Deadly Wish [TFTT v1n6 - rp as Hell Below]

  • Broom For a Witch [WT v1n7]

  • Secret Coffin [W v3n1]

Haunted Thrills

#1 (June 1952)

  • Skeletons Have Secrets [TOV v2n2]

  • Skeletons Have Secrets [HT v6n2 - Demons and Skeletons]

  • The Witch's Curse, The [TOV v2n3]

  • The Witch's Curse [TFTT v6n3 - Burn, Witch, Burn]

  • Ghost Gloves [W v3n4 - rp as From the Grave Below]

#2 (Aug 1952)

  • Blood of the Rose [TFTT v1n6]

  • Horror in the Mine [W v2n3]

  • Horror in the Mine [WT v6n2 - Terror Tunnel]

  • Death is Only Skin Deep [WT v1n8]

  • Voyager of Death [WT v1n8 - rp as Death to a Traitor]

#3 (Oct 1952)

  • Nightmare Mansion [W v3n1b]

  • Monsters For Rent [W v2n4]

  • Horror Hour [W v3n3]

  • Music and Mayhem [WT v1n7 - rp as Grimm, Ghost Doctor]

#4 (Dec 1952)

  • Eerie Bones [TOV v1n11]

  • Eerie Bones [TT v6n2 - The Skeleton]

  • Ghouls Castle [W v3n3]

  • Portrait of Death [WT v1n8]

#5 (Jan 1953)

  • Fatal Scalpel [W v2n1]

  • Hands of Terror [W v2n6]

  • Hands of Terror [W v8n1 - Hands of the Dead]

  • House of Chills [W v2n8]

  • Swamp Haunt [W v1n12, also rp as Witches' Haunt]

  • Swamp Haunt [WT v6n4 - The Swamp-Witch]

#6 (Feb 1953)

  • Crawling Death [TOV v1n11]

  • Crawling Death [W v8n2 - Scream in Terror]

  • Dearest, Deadest Dummy [W v2n6]

  • Monster Mill [W v3n2, also rp as Monster]

  • Pit of Horror [W v2n2]

#7 (Mar 1953)

  • Screams in the Night [HT v1n7]

  • Screams in the Night [TOV v7n3 - He Walked Away From the Grave]

  • The Corpse Who Killed [W v2n2]

  • Trail to a Tomb [HT v6n2 - Fangs of Revenge]

  • Trail to a Tomb [TFTT v1n7 - rp as Three Times Dead]

  • Two on the Aisle of Death [TTv1n7]

  • Two on the Aisle of Death [W v8n2 - Deadman's Dream]

#8 (Apr 1953)

  • Horror Harbor [TFTC v1n10]

  • Horror Harbor [TOV v7n3 - Horror in Slime]

  • Three in a Grave [W v2n1 - also rp as The Ghoul and Dig Me a Grave]

  • Coward's Curse [W v1n10]

  • Coward's Curse [HT v6n1 - The Spooks]

  • The Vanishing Skull [HT v1n8 - This Head is Mine] see Dark Shadows #2

#9 (May 1953)

  • Devil On His Shoulder [WT v1n7]

  • Madness of Terror [W v2n4 - rp as Madness of Terror]

  • Madness of Terror [HT v6n1 - The Tomb of Hate]

  • The Genius [W v4n4 - The Last Chapter] see Midnight #3

#10 (July 1953)

  • Death at the Mardi Gras [TT v1n8]

  • Murder on the Moor [W v1n11]

  • Murder On the Moor [TOV v7n4 - Horror on the Moor]

  • Screams in the Swamp [W v3n1]

  • Witch's Horror [W v3n1, also rp as Witch's Revenge]

#11 (Sep 1953)

  • Blood in the Sky [W v3n2]

  • Blood in the Sky [W v8n1 - A Storm of Blood]

  • Death at the Throttle [TT v1n9 - Phantom Express] see Strange Journey #1

#12 (Nov 1953)

  • Terror Below [W v3n1]

  • Terror Below [W v7n7 - Skin Rippers]

  • Voodoo Vengeance [W v3n2, also rp as Zombie Vengeance]

  • Death Laughs Last [W v3n3 - rp as The Last Laugh w/changes, see Midnight #5]

#13 (Jan 1954)

  • Experiment in Terror [TFTC v1n10]

  • Death Do Us Part [TFTT v1n6 - rp as Man-Beast]

  • Rendezvous With Doom [W v2n3]

#14 (Mar-Apr 1954)

  • Frigid Fear [TT v1n7]

  • Wheel of Terror [TT v1n9 - Satan's Vault of Horror] see Strange Journey #1

  • Dying is So Contagious [W v2n2]

  • Dying is So Contagious [TFTT v6n3 - The Curious Coffin]

  • Trumpet of Doom [W v1n10, also rp as The Dead Went Marching By]

  • Trumpet of Doom [TT v6n1 - A Ring of Corpses]

#15 (May-Jun 1954)

  • Fear of the Witch [W v2n10]

  • The Devil Collects, The [W v3n1b]

  • The Devil Collects [TT v6n4 - Satan's Revenge]

#16 (July-Aug1954)

  • Blade of Horror [W v2n4, also rp as Off With Their Heads]

  • Devil's Bride [W v1n10, also rp as Satan's Bride]

  • Devil's Bride [TOV v7n4 - The Devil's Vampire]

  • Web of the Widow [W v1n11]

  • Web of the Widow [TFTT v6n1 - The Spider]

17 (Sep-Oct 1954)

  • Mirror of Madness [WT v1n7]

  • Monster in the Mist [W v1n11]

  • Monster in the Mist [TOV v7n3 - The Hungry Monster]

  • Devil's Ballet [WT v1n8 - rp as From Beyond the Grave]

#18 (Nov-Dec 1954)

  • Fanged Terror [W v1n12, also rp as Fanged Horror]

  • Fanged Terror [W v8n3 - The Fanged Monster]

  • If I Should Die [W v2n8]

  • If I Should Die [W v8n2 - The Rotting Coffin]

  • Tiger-Tiger [W v2n1, also rp as A Taste of Blood]


#1 (Apr 1957)

  • The Bedeviled Puppet [TFTT v1n6] code-approved version of Gallows Curse (Voodoo #13)

  • Haunted Lighthouse [HT v1n8] code-approved version of Death Light (Voodoo #5)

#2 (July 1957)

  • The Promise [HT v1n8] code-approved version of My Coffin Must Wait,(Fantastic Fears #5)

  • Gateway to Yesterday [W v3n3] code-approved version of Dead or Alive? (Strange Fantasy #5)

  • The Needless Night [W v2n6] code-approved version of Haunted Matador (Fantastic Fears #3)

  • Forever and Ever [TT v1n8] code-approved version of The Frozen Bride (Strange Fantasy #2)

#3 (Sep 1957)

  • Locked in Time [TOV v2n3] code-approved version of Fog Was My Shroud (Voodoo #16)

  • All This is Mine [W v3n3] code-approved version of Castle of Fright (Voodoo #12)

  • The Haunted Hero, The [TOV v2n3] code-approved version of Terror Under Glass (Fantastic Fears #8)

  • The Last Chapter [W v4n4] code-approved version of The Genius (Haunted Thrills #9)

#4 (Nov 1957)

  • Project Final X [TT v1n9] code-approved version of Goodbye…World (Voodoo #7)

  • A Risky Report [HT v1n8 - rp? as The Unknown] code-approved version of (She Wanted to Know) The Black Future (Voodoo #6)

  • Who Knows? [HT v1n8] code-approved version of Visiting Corpse [?] (Strange Fantasy #5)

#5 (Feb 1958)

  • The Last Laugh [W v3n3] code-approved version of Death Laughs Last (Haunted Thrills #12)

Strange Fantasy

#1 (Aug 1952)

  • Death Claws [TT v1n8]

  • Primitive Peril [W v3n4 - rp as Primitive Horror]

  • The Ghoul and the Guest [W v2n8]

#2 (Oct 1952)

  • Chant of the Dead [TOV v2n2 - Chant of the Dead]

  • The Frozen Bride [TT v1n8 - rp as Forever and Ever w/changes, see Midnight #2]

  • Death Holds an Auction [W v2n3 - rp as When the Sea Goes Dry w/changes, see Strange Journey#1]

  • Fate Has a Thousand Faces [TFTC v1n10 - rp as The Beautiful and the Dumb w/changes, see Strange Journey #2]

#3 (Dec 1952)

  • The Dancing Ghost [W v2n8]

  • Death Dance [W v2n4]

  • Fatal Horror [TT v1n8]

#4 (Feb 1953)

  • Demon in the Dungeon [W v3n1a]

  • Demon in the Dungeon [TT v6n1 - The Demon Ghost]

  • Debt of Fear [W v2n9]

  • Death is No Stranger [TT v1n8]

#5 (Apr 1953)

  • Cadaver's Revenge [TOV v2n1]

  • Cadaver's Revenge [WT v6n3 - Never Curse a Corpse]

  • Witch's Brand [TOV v2n2]

  • Dead or Alive? {W v3n3- Gateway to Yesterday] see Midnight #2

  • Visiting Corpse [HT v1n8 - Who Knows?] see Midnight #4

#6 (June 1953)

  • Death on Ice [W v2n10, also rp as (The Frozen) Mummies]

  • Death On Ice [TFTT v6n3 - A Tomb of Ice]

  • Skull Scavenger [W v2n9]

  • Rest in Peril [W v1n12, also rp as Rest in Hate]

  • Love Trap [W v3n4 - rp as Land of No Return]

#7 (Aug 1953)

  • Grave Rehearsal[W v3n1]

  • Nightmare Merchant[TT v1n7]

  • A Skeleton in the Closet [TFTC v1n10]

  • A Skeleton in the Closet [TOV v7n3 - Skeleton]

#8 (Oct 1953)

  • Cry From the Coffin [W v1n12]

  • Death Strikes Four [TOV v2n1]

  • Death Strikes Four [WT v6n3 as Tick-Tock Horror]

  • The Riddle of Manitou Rock [TFTT v1n6]

#9 (Dec 1953)

  • Hair Yee-Eeee [TOV v2n1]

  • Dream of Horror [W v1n12 - rp as Nightmare, also rp as Dream of Death]

  • Dream of Horror [WT v6n4 - Nightmare in Blood]

  • Mirror of Death [W v2n10 - Mirror of Death]

  • Portrait of Doom [W v3n3 - rp as The Jinxed Genius]

#10 (Feb-Mar 1954)

  • Bloody Mary [TOV v1n11]

  • Bloody Mary [HT v6n3 - Bloody Mary]

  • One Very Wide Coffin [TOV v2n2]

  • The Terror of Akbar [W v1n10]

  • The Terror of Akbar [TFTT v6n1 - The Mummy's Evil Eyes]

  • Tee Off a Tomb [HT v1n8 - rp as The Cup of Death]

#11 (Apr-May 1954)

  • In a Lonely Place [W v2n4]

  • In a Lonely Place [HT v1n9 - rp as Bury Her Deep]

  • Doom Deferred [TFTT v1n6 - rp as Death Trap]

  • Frozen in Stone [WT v1n8 - rp as The Genius]

#12 (June-July 1954)

  • Fangs of Fear [W v1n11]

  • Fangs of Fear [TT v6n2 - Fangs of Terror]

  • Scales of Death [TT v1n7]

  • Terror Town [W v3n2]

  • The Undying Fiend [TT v1n7]

  • The Undying Fiend [TFTT v6n2 - The Bloody Vampire]

#13 (Aug-Sep 1954)

  • Terror in the Attic [W v2n2]

  • The Murder Pool [W v2n8]

  • The Corpse That Came to Dinner [TFTT v1n7 - rp as The Corpse Came Home]

#14 (Oct-Nov 1954)

  • Demon's Doom [SG v1n9 - rp as Doom of Evil]

  • Demon's Doom [TOV v2n2]

  • Meet Me in the Tomb [TT v1n8]

  • Monster in the Building [W v2n10 - rp as A Hole in the Sky w/changes, see Strange Journey #2]

  • Monster in the Building [W v8n2 - Eye of Evil]

Strange Journey

#1 (Sep 1957)

  • The Phantom Express [TT v1n9] code-approved version of Death at the Throttle [?] (Haunted Thrills #11)

  • The Bedeviled Vault [TT v1n9 - rp as Satan's Vault of Horror w/changes] code-approved version of Wheel of Terror (Haunted Thrills #14)

  • When the Sea Goes Dry [W v2n3 w/changes] code-approved version of Death Holds an Auction (Strange Fantasy #2)

#2 (Nov 1957)

  • A Hole in the Sky [W v2n10] code-approved version Monster in the Building (Strange Fantasy #14)

  • The Beautiful and the Dumb [TFTC 1v1n0] code-approved version of Fate Has a Thousand Faces (Strange Fantasy #2)

  • Out Green-Eyed Princess of Dumbrille [W v2n10] code-approved version of Blood Revenge (Voodoo #8)

#3 (Jan 1958?)

  • Exit the Lone Ghost [W v3n3] code-approved version of The Werewolf (Voodoo #1)


#20 (Apr 1955)

  • Kimbo, Boy of the Jungle [HT v1n8 - rp as The Bloody Horned Terror]


#1 (May 1952)

  • The Golden Ghouls [TT v1n9 - rp as The Deadly Ghouls]

  • The Shelf of Skulls [TT v1n8]

  • The Werewolf [W v3n3 - Exit the Lone Ghost] see Strange Journey #3

  • The Haunted One [WT v1n7 - rp as Ghost-Bait]

#2 (July 1952)

  • Zombie Bride [W v2n3]

  • The Antilla Terror [WT v1n7]

  • Idol of Death [WT v1n8 - The Genius]

  • Horror in the Hills [TFTT v1n6 - He Rose From the Grave]

#3 (Sep 1952)

  • Congo Terror [TOV v2n1 - Congo Terror]

  • There's Peril in Perfection [W v2n1 - rp as They Couldn't Die]

  • Plantation of Fear [W v2n3 - rp as The Gruesome Garden. also rep as The Gruesome Things and The Bloody Things]

  • Plantation of Fear [WT v6n2 - The Screaming Things]

  • The Game Called Dying [W v3n1b]

  • The Game Called Dying [HT v6n1 - The Grotesque Checkmate]

#4 (Nov 1952) -

  • Thief of Souls [TFTC v1n10, also rp as The Bleeding Ruby]

  • Drums of Doom[TOV v2n2 - Drums of Doom]

  • Beasts of the Bog [W v1n10 - rp as Creatures From the Deep, also rp as The Slime Creatures]

  • The Crawling Horror [HT v1n7]

#5 (Jan 1953)

  • Corpses of the Jury [W v2n1]

  • Corpses of the Jury [TT v6n1 - A Jury of Skeletons]

  • Ghoul For a Day [W v2n3, also rp as Undertaker]

  • Death Light [HT v1n8 - Haunted Lighthouse] see Midnight #1

  • The Spiteful Spirit [W v3n2 - rp as The Empty Coffin]

#6 (Feb 1953)

  • Killer Lady [W v2n8]

  • The Weird Dead [W v2n9]

  • The Weird Dead [TT v6n3 - The Tomb of Terror]

  • Ghoul's Bride [TT v2n1 - rp as The Hanging Ghoul]

  • Ghoul's Bride [TT v6n1 - The Undead]

  • (She Wanted to Know) The Black Future [HT v1n8 - The Unknown] - see Midnight #4

#7 (Mar 1953)

  • Devil Flower [W v2n8]

  • Goodbye…World [TT v1n9 as Project Final X] see Midnight #4

#8 (Apr 1953)

  • Dollar $ and Doom [HT v1n7, also rp as Money For a Corpse]

  • Dollar$ and Doom [WT v6n3 - Twice Dead]

  • Satan's Plaything [HT v1n7]

  • Satan's Plaything [HT v6n2 - Satan's Toys]

  • The Ghostly Guillotine [W v2n4 - The Ghostly Guillotine]

  • Blood Revenge [W v2n10 - rp as Our Green-Eyed Princess of Dumbrille] see Strange Journey #2

#9 (June 1953)

  • Blood and Old Bones [TFTC v1n10]

  • Beast of Baghdad [W v2n1]

  • Death's Shoes [W v2n6]

  • Torture Travelogue [W v3n2]

#10 (Aug 1953)

  • Mask of the Monster [TOV v2n1]

  • Idol of Evil [W v2n10]

  • Tusks of Terror [HT v1n7 - Boomerang Backlash] see ?

  • Vanishing Cadavers [TOV v2n1 - rp as The Vanishing Dead]

#11 (Oct 1953)

  • Ohhhh, Brother [WT v1n7]

  • Horribly Beautiful [W v2n6]

  • Horror Comes to Room 1313 [W v3n1]

  • The King of Hades [TOV v1n11]

  • The King of Hades [HT v7n4 - Satan's Demon]

#12 (Dec 1953)

  • Castle of Fright [W v3n3 - rp as All This is Mine w/changes, see Midnight #3]

  • Fear Has a Name [W v3n1b, also rp as The Rat Race]

  • Fear Has a Name [TT v6n3 - The Rat Feast]

  • Skulls of Doom [TT v1n7]

  • Skulls of Doom [TT v6n4 - Give Me Back My Brain]

  • Skulls of Doom [W v8n1 - The Thing With the Empty Skull]

#13 (Jan-Feb 1954)

  • Torture Garden [W v2n10]

  • Screaming Shoes [HT v1n8 rp as Wall of Blood]

  • They Couldn't Die [W v2n1]

  • Gallows Curse [TFTT v1n6 as The Bedeviled Puppet] see Midnight #1

#14 (Mar-Apr 1954)

  • Heads of Horror [W v1n12, also rp as Heads of Hate]

  • Heads of Horror [HT v8n2, Heads of Horror]

  • Corpses…Coast to Coast [W v2n8]

  • Corpses…Coast to Coast [TT v6n3 - Zombies - Coast-to-Coast]

  • Witch or Widow [W v3n2]

#15 (May-June 1954)

  • Hammer of Evil [TOV v2n2]

  • Dead Man's Pajamas [W v3n4 - rp as Now I Lay Me Down to Die]

  • Doomed [W v1n10]

  • Doomed [HT v6n1 - The Bloody Knife]

  • Nightmare Island [W v2n1]

  • Nightmare Island [TOV v7n2 - Horror With 4 Legs]

#16 (July-Aug 1954)

    • Fog Was My Shroud [TOV v2n3 - rp as Locked in Time w/changes, see Midnight #3]

  • Horror Unlimited [W v2n3 - rp as Terror Unlimited]

  • Deadly Pickup [W v1n10]

  • Deadly Pickup [TOV v7n2 - Vampire]

  • Night of Terror [W v1n11]

  • Night of Terror [TT v6n4 - House of Blood/The House That Dripped Blood]

  • Night of Terror [HT v6n3 - The Head Chopper]

#17 (Sep-Oct 1954)

  • Forever Dead [TFTC v1n10]

  • Creatures From the Deep [W v1n10?] - may be rp of Beasts of the Bog from Voodoo #4

  • Cult of the Cruel [W v2n2 - also rp as Cult of Evil]

#18 (Nov-Dec 1954)

  • Werewolf Castle [W v2n8 - Werewolf Castle]

  • Werewolf Castle [WT v6n2 - Fangs of Horror]

  • Sound of Mourning [W v3n1b]

#19 (Jan-Feb 1955_

  • The Bloody Blade [TOV v2n3 - rp as The Bloody Ax]

#20 - see Vooda

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