Education and Professional Experience

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Curriculum Vitae



蔡 勇,医学博士,教授,唐敖庆特聘教授,博士生导师
吉林大学 生命科学学院








Education and Professional Experience:

2009.9-current Professor, The College of Life Science in Jilin University

2001-2009.8   Posdoc-Research Specialist I, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

2000.12-2001   Research Associate, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (with R. and J. Conaway)

1998-2000.11   Researcher, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan (with S. Kitajima)

1994-1998          Ph.D., Kyushu University, Japan (with S. Kitajima)

1991-1993     Attending Physician, Yanbian University, China

1988-1991         M.S. in Hematology and Biochemistry, China Medical University, China

1985-1988          Resident Physician, Yanbian University, China 

1980-1985     B.S., Jilin Medical University, China.            



Academic Honors and Awards

1999                          Excellent Scientific Paper Award, Medical Research Institute of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan

1997-1998          Japan Peace and Friendship Special Scholarship, Japan International Education Society, Japan

1995- 1997    Konan Asia International Scholarship, Konan Asia InternationalScholarship Foundation, Japan


Membership in Professional Societies

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (since 2003)




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