Easy-to-use part verification software is now available for multi-axis machine tools

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News release – OMV version 1.3

PC-based part verification software

Easy-to-use part verification software is now available for multi-axis machine tools

Renishaw’s market leading range of PC-based probe measurement software has been enhanced with a new version of its Renishaw OMV part verification software, now allowing users of multi-axis CNC machine tools to take advantage of its simple point-and-click 3D inspection programming for touch probes. Renishaw OMV 1.3 also allows the import of predefined data points and gives enhanced ‘best-fit’ functions for conditions including ‘Max-Material’ and ‘Least-Material’.
A PC-based part verification package for CNC machine tools, Renishaw OMV give users powerful co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) style 3D verification against a CAD model. Operators use a simple programming interface and crystal-clear graphical reports of deviations and errors indicate whether a measured point is in, above or below tolerance, before the part is removed from the machine. Informed decisions can then be made to re-machine a part, or sign off a deviation, long before the part reaches final CMM inspection.
Multi-axis support

New for Renishaw OMV 1.3 is a multi-axis option that allows part verification programs to operate on a variety of machine tools with 3+2 axis configurations. Machine positions can be directly programmed, or the software can automatically identify the best machine orientation for a particular measurement. This new capability is currently available on Siemens and Heidenhain controllers, with support for other machine controls to be released shortly.

When used with Renishaw’s Rengage™ high-accuracy touch probes, Renishaw OMV can be used to verify multi-axis parts with a high degree of confidence. With non-lobing 3D performance, the Rengage™ touch probes are ideally suited to the accurate inspection of complex freeform and geometric features made possible with Renishaw OMV, plus a single probe calibration routine is also sufficient for every inspection point or angle to be measured.
Data import of predefined points

To aid best-fit operations and the measurement of complex parts, Renishaw OMV 1.3 has a new data import facility which allows a predefined series of points to be loaded into the software. A series of probe-paths is then automatically generated to measure these data points. This feature has large benefits for users needing to measure large freeform components, or where specific measurement points are required on a component.

Powerful best-fit algorithms

Renishaw OMV features powerful best-fit algorithms which match groups of measured data to the CAD model, reducing deviations and errors by removing alignment and datum constraints. Version 1.3 meets a larger range of fitting conditions including ‘Max-Material’, ‘Least-Material’ and constrained movement. When software reports lead to a decision to re-machine a part, these new best-fit conditions can also be combined to give instant feedback about any adjustments required to machine tool set-up to ensure a final part within tolerance.

Measurement for a wide range of platforms

Renishaw OMV allows the high accuracy measurement of features such as multi-point circles, cylinders, cones, spheres and planes. The software supports a range of native CAD files including AutoCAD’s DXF and DWG formats, CATIA, SDRC, Unigraphics and Pro/ENGINEER, plus standard formats such as IGES, Parasolid, STEP and STL. Machine tool controller compatibility is extensive, including FANUC, Mazak ISO, Pro3, Yasnac, Hitachi Seikos, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Heidenhain.

For further information about Renishaw’s market-leading range of probe systems and software for CNC machine tools please visit www.renishaw.com/mtp

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