Early Fall Tournament (Westbrook – Packet 3) 1

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Early Fall Tournament (Westbrook – Packet 3)

1. This author created the characters Amos Hines, Captain Hupple, and Omri Winwold in a novel, the third book of which was published separately as The Fiery Trial. Other works include his memoirs Ever the Winds of Change and Always the Young Strangers, and the collection Breathing Tokens. His first work, the pamphlet In Reckless Ecstasy, was written long before the aforementioned novel, Remembrance Rock, and around the time he married the sister of photographer Edward Steichen, whom he wrote a biography on. He’s much more famous for works like The People Yes, Rootabaga Stories, and The American Songbag. FTP, name this American poet famous for works on Abraham Lincoln who wrote that “the fog comes on little cat feet” in his Chicago Poems.

Answer: Carl Sandburg

2. Their namesake features are explained by the projection effect model, and they may be distinguished from their counterparts by the existence of a gap in their gas PVD, caused by the unavailability of orbits around corotation. Examples of them include Maffei 2 and, maybe most famously, NGC 1356 in the Fornax cluster. The dwarf type of them is indicated by a small “m.” Represented on the bottom prong of a Hubble tuning fork diagram, the Milky Way is now considered to be one. With arms that extend not from the center but from a namesake central structure, FTP, name this type of galaxy abbreviated SB, a variation from a normal spiral galaxy.

Answer: barred spiral galaxy (or spiral barred, do not accept or prompt on spiral galaxy)

3. Later rulers of these people included Theudis, who seized power and codified law, and Wamba. They were beaten back early on in the Battle of Naissus and the Battle of Pollentia, and saw part of their hegemony ended by the Battle of Vouille. Hermenigild revolted but was defeated under the rule of Leovigild, who was succeeded by Reccared. Their much earlier leader Fritigern was given land on the south side of the Danube by Valens, only to revolt against him in the Battle of Adrianople. The last king of them, Roderick, was defeated by Arabs in 711 A.D. FTP, name these barbarians most notably led by Alaric, the western type of Goth, as opposed to the Ostrogoths.

Answer: Visigoths (prompt on Goths)

4. One character suggests a game of taking three Excedrin PMs and trying to whack off before you fall asleep, adding that the best part is that you always win. Two references are made to the band Asia; “Heat of the Moment” accompanies the final chase scene and the main character has a framed poster of the band, which is gay according to another character, along with liking Coldplay and the movie Maid in Manhattan. A store which exists only to sell other people’s stuff on EBay is owned by Trish, played by Catherine Keener, who convinces the main character to sell his extensive collection of toy action figures. FTP, name this 2005 comedy about that guy Andy, played by Steve Carrell, a man who has shockingly never had sex.

Answer: The 40-Year Old Virgin (accept The Once and Future Chris Frankel)

5. One depiction of this subject by Girolamo del Pacchia sits in the Getty Museum. Pablo Picasso’s rendition shows a distorted blue building in the background, while another version has a dark red castle and an outcropping of rock in the back left. A large man in red stands on a raised platform on the left with two columns rising from it in one version, and a notable sculpture on this theme sits in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence and is a work of Giambologna. The aforementioned work by Jacques Louis-David shows the “intervention” of Hersilia, who pleads for peace. Maybe most famously depicted by Nicolas Poussin, FTP, name this subject, which usually shows the violation of a namesake ancient tribe of women.

Answer: Rape/Intervention of the Sabine Women (accept equivalents mentioning Sabine)

6. Charles Chesnutt’s final novel is about the colonel’s one, and Arthur Schnitzler wrote about this type of story, a work featuring the married couple Doctor Fridolin and Albertina which was adapted into a famous movie. Derek Walcott wrote about one of these on Monkey Mountain, featuring the characters Makak and Moustique. Jorge Luis Borges wrote a collection on these type of tigers, an Old English poem talks about one “of the Rood,” and a Nathaniel West work talks about this life of Balso Snell. Langston Hughes wrote about a montage of one of these deferred, and a work of Chinese lit talks about one “of the Red Chamber.” FTP, name this common literary word, an experience you might have while sleeping.

Answer: dreams (the movie is Eyes Wide Shut)

7. The scientist for whom this statement is named is also known for his analysis of silver telluride, which forms a mineral that is named after him, and for his discovery that the oxidation of sugars will result in saccharic acid, along with work on natural gas in Baku. This is often used to create namesake triangles, and the Born-Haber cycle is an application of it. It is especially useful for compounds not easily formed from their constituent elements. Also known as the law of constant heat summation, FTP, name this basic chemical law which states that the change in enthalpy for a reaction is equal to the sum of the enthalpy changes of the individual steps.

Answer: Hess’s Law

8. This ruler acquired the builder es-Saheli, who introduced a new style of architecture and constructed the Djingareyber Mosque. Also known as Gongo, he was immediately succeeded by his son Maghan I instead of his brother named Sulayman. Probably the tenth ruler of the Keita dynasty, his biggest claim to fame was recounted by the historian al-Omari, who told that he lavishly distributed gold obtained from his mines at Bambuk, and in the process depressed the entire gold market in Egypt and was forced to borrow his way home. This occurred during his hajj to Mecca in 1324. FTP, name this descendant of Sundiata, the wealthiest ruler of Mali, and hence its most well-known Mansa.

Answer: Mansa Kankan Musa I

9. Some of this composer’s music was accompanied by a sequence of paintings by the Viennese painter Moritz von Schwind about a fairy tale on a water sprite, The Lovable Melusine. His operas include The Marriage of Comacho, Son and Stranger, and the unfinished Loreley, and among the six plays he produced incidental music for are Athalie and Antigone. His marriage to Cecile Jeanrenaud produced five children, though he was much closer to his sister Fanny, who died shortly before he did. FTP, name this composer of the Ruy Blas overture, Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage, and Songs Without Words, a 19th century German better known for the Elijah oratorio and the Italian and Scottish symphonies.

Answer: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

10. Some people associated with this discipline include William Croft, Bernard Comrie, and R.M.W. Dixon. Its earlier history saw people like August Schleicher, who put forth his Regularity Hypothesis, and his pupil Johannes Schmidt who developed the Wellentheorie or Wave Theory. Ronald Kaplan and Martin Kay pioneered the computational variety of it, while Dan Slobin is known for work on the psycho variety. Other ideas important in this discipline include Verner’s Law and more famously Grimm’s Law. Most notably studied by Noam Chomsky, FTP, name this academic field defined as the study of language.

Answer: linguistics (or language before mentioned, or types like descriptive linguistics)

11. This man’s poetry includes “The Snow Drop and the Critic” and “From the Castle in the Air, to the Little Corner of the World.” Late in life, he composed an “Essay on Dream,” a parallel to his earlier work on “The Dream Interpreted.” Other similarly themed works include his “Reflections on Unhappy Marriages” and an “Occasional Letter on the Female Sex,” as well as an abandoned work on the “Iron Bridge.” Elihu Palmer published his Prospect Papers and Madame Bonneville compiled his posthumous work “On the Origin of Free-Masonry.” The author of Dissertation on First Principles of Government, FTP, name this philosopher better known for writing The Age of Reason and the pamphlet Common Sense.

Answer: Thomas Paine

12. In one scene, Ildephonse seems to love his job and his costume at Bigburger but quickly slacks off when he’s not being watched. The slogan “Discipline Avant Tout” is painted on a building wall, and one woman entertains houseguests by playing a Joan Baez record. Other characters include the idealistic Father Huismans and the marchande sorceress Zabeth, whose son Ferdinand is out of place when he is sent to study at the New Domain. The illiterate Citizen Theotime is given the store of the protagonist by the Big Man, the nebulous representation of Mobutu. FTP, name this novel about post-colonial Africa and Salim, who manages a store at the title geographical location, a Booker prize winner and one of the most famous books by V.S. Naipaul.

Answer: A Bend in the River

13. This part of human anatomy is home to the Crypts of Fuch and the structural folds of Schwalbe, which cover its length. It is affected directly by Cogan-Reese Syndrome and indirectly by Chandler’s Syndrome, and Brushfield Spots can be seen on its outer edge in Down Syndrome. The collarette separates its interior area from its ciliary zone, and sees the overlap of sphincter and dilator muscles. Its outer periphery or root connects to the sclera. Named for the Greek god who represents the rainbow, FTP, name this part of the eye responsible for eye color which is also a type of flower.

Answer: iris (prompt on eye)

14. Kliment Voroshilov was suspected of a plot to overthrow this man, and the noted female politician Yekaterina Furtseva served as an assistant to him. He installed the regional economic units called sovnarkhozes, and would eventually be succeeded as premier by Alexey Kosygin. Opposed by the so-called Antiparty Party led by some of his former supporters, he launched the Virgin Lands campaign. He remains famous for his Secret Speech, his participation in the Kitchen Debate, his remark about a “bone in the throat,” and taking off his shoe to bang it on the desk. FTP, name this man who became the leader of Russia shortly after the death of Joseph Stalin.

Answer: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

15. Michael Doyle wrote a notable 1986 article on this “and World Politics.” One type of it was promoted by Robert Keohane, who authored the classic work After Hegemony, and Joseph Nye, who founded its school, which opposes the views of Ken Waltz. John Ruggie famously described it as embedded. It now promotes declinism, or the idea that nation-states are no longer the sole unitary policy actors, and instead focuses on the role of multinational corporations, cultural capital, and “complex interdependence,” which may produce absolute gains for all nations. A theory of international relations opposed by realism, FTP, name this school of thought which may also describe a political ideology that opposes conservativism.

Answer: liberalism (accept Neoliberalism or institutional liberalism at any time, even though they don’t fit the first clue)

16. This island is home to the Canterbury Plains and the Southland Plains, as well as Cape Farewell and Mount Aspiring National Park. Its largest river is the Clutha River, and its cities include Gore and Invercargill as well as the rail center of Dunedin. Home to the Fjordland National Park along one of its coasts, it is separated from Stewart Island by the Foveaux Strait. Its Southern Alps range gives rise to Mount Cook, and its best-known city is Christchurch. FTP, name this island of New Zealand which is quite logically located down from North Island.

Answer: South Island (prompt on New Zealand)

17. She was worshipped in Italy by the Marrubians as the goddess Angitia. Her children include a daughter Eriopis, and a handful of sons including Alcimedes, Tisander, Argus, and Polyxenus, who were stoned to death while their souls remained immortal thanks to Hera. She lost a beauty contest judged by Idomeneus in favor of Thetis, and she is said to preside over the cauldron of regeneration in the Elysian Fields. The daughter of Aeetes, her marriage to Aegeus came to an end when she attempted to poison Theseus. FTP, name this woman of Greek myth also known for killing Glauce, the new bride of her husband Jason, a witch who also killed all of Jason’s children.

Answer: Medea

18. Works written about this author include R. Thurston Hopkins’ book subtitled “The Story of a Genius,” Sir Angus Wilson’s book on this man’s “Strange Ride,” and Kingsley Amis’ book about this man and his world. In one of his stories, Emma Deercourt is a friend of Miss Minnie Threegan, whose mother is courted by a captain. Dick Heldar is a struggling artist in a novel who meets his childhood sweetheart Maisie only to realize he’s losing his sight from a head wound. In addition to The Story of the Gadsbys and The Light That Failed, this man authored Stalky and Co., a poem on “The White Man’s Burden,” and Barrack Room Ballads. FTP, name this English writer better known for the novel Kim and The Jungle Book.

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

19. This property is described by the self-solving Bogoliubov-de Gennes Equation, or using the ASM method, which may be compared to the quasi-classical approach to it. Andreev reflection occurs at an interface with materials that exhibit it, and Homes’s Law deals with the transition temperature of materials that exhibit it. Described by Ginzburg-Landau theory, it was discovered by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, and is notably exhibited by Cooper Pairs in the BCS theory of it. FTP, name this phenomenon by which certain materials come to possess no electrical resistance, and thus are perfect at maintaining current.

Answer: superconductivity (or superconductors)

20. The noted politician and journalist Charles Schurz, who co-founded the New York Evening Post, wrote a work on the life of this man. Five of his children were tutored by Amos Kendall. Early on he worked under George Wythe and married Lucretia Hart, settling down on his estate of Ashland. He famously fought a duel with John Randolph, and ran with Theodore Frelinghuysen on the Whig ticket, but was deprived of votes by James Birney of the Liberty Party in 1844. More famous for switching his support to John Quincy Adams in what was termed a Corrupt Bargain, FTP, name this American politician widely known as the “Great Compromiser.”

Answer: Henry Clay

TB. This artist’s work includes several versions of The Sea Lions and a wooden Prodigal Son, originally meant to be placed in his Temple of Meditation. One of his works was inspired by his piece at the Gate of Targu Jiu and sits above the tomb of his friend in Montparnasse Cemetery. Another major work bears the subtitle “Which, when enlarged will fill the sky” and was inspired by his Maiastra series. The creator of an Endless Column and Mademoiselle Pogany, FTP, name this man who sculpted a series called The Kiss and did Bird in Space.

Answer: Constantin Brancusi

1. The dynamic type is measured in poise and may be divided by density to get the kinematic type, measured in Stokes. FTPE:

A. Name this quantity which measures the degree to which a fluid resists flow.

Answer: viscosity

B. Multiplying the velocity scale by a pipe’s diameter and dividing by the kinematic viscosity will give you this famous number of fluid mechanics. When it’s greater than a certain value, turbulent flow happens.

Answer: Reynolds number

C. This other dimensionless number determines whether convection is free or forced, and may be defined as one over the internal Froude number. It equals one at a height called the Monin-Obukhov Length.

Answer: Richardson number

2. Name these dudes from Asian history who founded dynasties, FTPE.

A. This elephant king smashed Ibrahim Lodi at the Battle of Panipat en route to founding the Moghul Empire.

Answer: Babar (or Babur)

B. After the Taira clan was defeated in the Battle of Dannoura, ending the Genpei War, this man became the first shogun of the Kamakura dynasty.

Answer: Minamoto no Yoritomo (prompt on Minamoto)

C. This “usurper” of Chinese history interrupted the Han Dynasty in 9 A.D. and founded his own Hsin Dynasty.

Answer: Wang Mang

3. Answer stuff about Matt Weiner’s lifelong hobby, burlesque dancing, FTPE.

A. This man, who later produced Show Boat, created a sort of forerunner to modern burlesque with he introduced his namesake Follies in New York in 1907.

Answer: Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

B. This supposed author of The G-String Murders was less than thrilled when H.L. Mencken coined the word ecdysiast to describe her stripping. Of course, her stage name Gypsy inspired a famous musical.

Answer: Gypsy Rose Lee (Rose Louise Hovick)

C. Speaking of g-strings, this equally famous American stripper was known for having hers torn off by a fishing rod in her “Flying G” dance and taking a bubble bath onstage while performing at El Rancho Vegas in the 40s and 50s.

Answer: Lili St. Cyr (Willis Marie van Schaack)

4. Related literature stuff, FTPE.

A. In this famous poem, Percy Shelley implores the title creature to “teach me half the gladness / that thy brain must know,” after opening “Hail to thee, blithe spirit! / Bird thou never wert.”

Answer: “To a Skylark

B. The Song of the Lark is a novel about Thea Kronborg by this American author, who more famously wrote My Antonia and O Pioneers!.

Answer: Willa Cather

C. This 20th century French playwright wrote a play called The Lark, concerning Joan of Arc, which was translated by Lillian Hellman. His other works include Léocadia, The Waltz of the Toreadors, and Antigone.

Answer: Jean Anouilh

5. It makes reference to La Fortuna, the goddess Fortune, who must be seized with force. FTPE:

A. Name this well-known work of political philosophy, in which the author extols Alexander VI as an ideal model.

Answer: The Prince (Il Principe)

B. In addition to Florentine Histories and Discourses on Livy, this Italian wrote The Prince.

Answer: Niccoló Machiavelli

C. This 20th century political thinker wrote about the “Modern Prince,” and compared Machiavelli and Marx, in his Prison Notebooks.

Answer: Antonio Gramsci

6. Name these groups of gods, FTPE.

A. Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera comprise these vengeful Greek goddesses, who like to chase after people who shed blood, like Orestes.

Answer: Furies (or Eumenides or Erinyes)

B. This is the term given to any group of nine Egyptian gods, but especially the one in Heliopolis which began with Atum and his children Shu and Tefnut.

Answer: Ennead

C. These nine beings with dog heads and flippers for hands forged Poseidon’s trident and the sickle with which Cronus castrated Uranus, but Zeus set out to kill them when they started interfering with the weather.

Answer: Telchines

7. Name these terms important in immunology, FTPE.

A. This is a serum protein formed in response to immunization, which may be monoclonal or polyclonal, which recognizes an antigen.

Answer: antibody or immunoglobulin

B. This is a segment of DNA that does not code for a protein. They can be located and removed by spliceosomes.

Answer: introns

C. This test, named for a British physician, is used to detect non-agglutinating antibodies that may bind to red blood cells, through the addition of an anti-immunoglobulin antibody.

Answer: Coombs test

8. The plan was to force the British army marching from Kennett Square into a fight at Chadds Ford. FTPE:

A. Name this September, 1777 battle of the American Revolution which saw Howe defeat Washington and the British take Philadelphia, named after the creek it occurred on.

Answer: Battle of the Brandywine

B. This man saw his first action at Brandywine, being wounded in the leg near the Birmingham Friends Meeting. He’s certainly the most famous Frenchman to volunteer to fight in the Revolution.

Answer: marquis de Lafayette

C. After Brandywine and the brief Battle of the Clouds, Anthony Wayne was left behind, and Lord Grey ruthlessly attacked him in this so-called massacre.

Answer: Paoli Massacre

9. Name these late 19th century artists who were all about painting water, FTPE.

A. There’s plenty of water in this French dude’s Impression, Sunrise and some too in his numerous paintings of water lilies.

Answer: Claude Monet

B. This American who hung out in Prout’s Neck, Maine did Prisoners from the Front and Snap the Whip but remains famous for his seascapes, like Gulf Stream.

Answer: Winslow Homer

C. This slightly more bizarre New England painter’s work includes Jonah and Moonlit Marine, one of his many “marines.” Perhaps he’s best known for a painting which, much like a work of Ben West, is known as Death on a Pale Horse.

Answer: Albert Pinkham Ryder

10. The priest Stephen Kumalo sets out from his village of Ixopo for Johannesburg where he meets Msimangu and tries to reclaim his family, including his sister Gertrude and son Absalom. FTPE:

A. Name this 1948 novel oft-read in high schools.

Answer: Cry the Beloved Country

B. Name the South African author of Too Late the Phalarope and Cry the Beloved Country.

Answer: Alan Stewart Paton

C. Maxwell Anderson adapted Cry the Beloved Country into this 1949 play, set to music by Kurt Weill.

Answer: Lost in the Stars

11. Your team may be losing this game, but at least it’s not the Super Bowl. Name these players on the Buffalo Bills in the early 90s, FTPE.

A. After playing in the USFL for a while, the Hall of Fame quarterback joined the Bills and led them for their entire 90s glory run.

Answer: Jim Kelly

B. This wide receiver fourth all-time in total career receptions was undoubtedly Kelly’s favorite target, and Frank Reich’s favorite target during his crazy comeback.

Answer: Andre Reed

C. This three-time Pro Bowler played center on that Bills team from 1986-1996. What else do you want me to say about him, he’s a center.

Answer: Kent Hull

12. Mother, father, the shadow, persona, wise old man. FTPE:

A. Such are oft-cited examples of what psychological concept, defined as the contents of the collective unconscious, or primordial unlearned images that humans possess.

Answer: archetypes

B. Archetypes were advanced initially by this famous psychologist and author of Psychological Types.

Answer: Carl Gustav Jung

C. Jung used this term to denote the pairing or unity of the anima and animus. In astronomy, it refers to a time when three bodies of the same system like the Earth, Sun, and Moon align along a straight line.

Answer: syzygy

13. Stuff about Ghana, FTPE.

A. This African country with a French name and important centers at Abidjan and Yamoussoukro borders Ghana to the west.

Answer: Cote d’Ivoire (or Ivory Coast)

B. The Akosombo Dam formed this big lake in Ghana, which has Black and White branches of a same-named river flowing out of it.

Answer: Lake Volta

C. This acclaimed female writer from Ghana has written the plays Anowa and Dilemma of a Ghost, as well as the novel Our Sister Killjoy, Reflections from a Black-Eyed Squint.

Answer: Ama Ata Aidoo

14. Its structure is said to have come to Friedrich Kekulé in a dream. FTPE:

A. Name this compound with formula C6H6, a six-membered ring extremely stable because of its delocalized pi electrons.

Answer: benzene

B. Paul Sabatier hydrogenated benzene, obtaining this compound, which is benzene except with all of the double bonds removed.

Answer: cyclohexane

C. Other structures for benzene were suggested including Dewar benzene and the prismane structure. This chemist suggested the prismane, and that false benzene sometimes goes by his name.

Answer: Albert Ladenburg

15. The Decree of Unification expanded his power rapidly, allowing him to build the Nuevo Estado. FTPE:

A. Name this generalisimo and caudillo, who rose to power in the Spanish Civil War and ruled Spain as a dictator until 1975.

Answer: Francisco Franco

B. Franco disclaimed any culpability and blamed red revolutionaries when the Condor Legion bombed this Basque town in 1937.

Answer: Guernica

C. This man succeeded Francisco Caballero in 1937 when President Manuel Azaña appointed him prime minister of the Second Republic, but was overthrown by Franco in 1939.

Answer Juan Negrín Lopez

16. Ancient Roman poets, FTPE.

A. The niece of Messalla, her six poems addressed to a lover Cerinthus are the only extant works of any female poet in ancient Rome and exist as part of the corpus of Albius Tibullus.

Answer: Sulpicia

B. A student of the Epicurean Siro who wrote a poem on a mosquito, this quite famous fellow is better known for Bucolics and the Aeneid.

Answer: Vergil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

C. This later Roman writer provides information on the work of Albius Tibullus and himself wrote a book known as the Metamorphoses, but often called The Golden Ass.

Answer: Lucius Apuleius

17. Name these random theologians, FTPE.

A. In Manresa, this man began his main work, but soon met Peter Faber and Francis Xavier and founded the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits.

Answer: St. Ignatius of Loyola

B. After yelling at people in Geneva with Guillaume Farel, this famous French guy of the Reformation went to Strasbourg and began working on Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Answer: John Calvin

C. This Professor of Divinity at Harvard has authored works like Bread Not Stone and In Memory of Her and may be the premier feminist theologian. Yuck.

Answer: Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza (take either of those last names, since noone is getting them anyway)

18. Works of Tchaikovsky, FTPE.

A. This famous ballet features Odette under the spell of the evil magician Rothbart but loved by Siegfried.

Answer: Swan Lake

B. Extended by Leonard Bernstein, this sixth symphony of Tchaikovsky in B minor shortly preceded his death.

Answer: Pathetique

C. Tchaikovsky wrote a three act opera about this character, a “smith” and son of Solokha who wooes the daughter of Chub the Cossack, Oksana. It was later reworked into the four-act The Slippers.

Answer: Vakula

19. Name some nomadic groups, FTPE.

A. They encroached on the Alans under Balamir and were quite powerful under Rugilas, but their best known ruler was some bastard named Attila.

Answer: Huns

B. These cowboy herdsmen wandered around the Pampas in characteristic dress, and spawned some great literature like Martin Fierro.

Answer: Gauchos

C. Nomadism was rampant during this culture of pre-dynastic Egypt, which succeeded the Badarian Culture, and is divided into three phases including the Amratian and Gerzean. It lasted from 4400-3000 B.C. and is named for a village north of Luxor.

Answer: Naqada Culture (or Nakada/Nagada/Naquada)

20. Twentieth century German writers, FTPE.

A. This author of From the Diary of a Snail is better known for writing about Oskar Matzerath in The Tin Drum, and for loving Jews.

Answer: Gunter Grass

B. This dramatist of Rise and Fall of the City Mahoganny is known for his epic theatre exemplified by Mother Courage and her Children.

Answer: Bertolt Brecht

C. This rather recent female novelist of Divided Heaven depicted Kleist in 1979’s No Place on Earth, and shares her first name with the title character of perhaps her best known novel, The Quest for Christa T.

Answer: Christa Wolf

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