Dwight d. Van horn forensic firearms examiner

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Forensic Firearms Services Phone: (208) 772-6703

1761 E. Foxborough Ct. Fax: (208) 772-7903

Hayden, ID 83835 Cell: (208) 699-1808

E-Mail: ddvanhorn@roadrunner.com

  1. Mercer County Community College, Trenton, NJ – A.S. Degree, with Honors

  2. F.B.I./P.O.S.T./N.R.A. Firearms Instructor Certification, San Bernardino, CA

  1. Field Training Officer Course, College of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA

  1. Basic criminal Investigation Course, L.A.S.D.

  1. – 1987

Successfully completed an extensive two-year Firearms and Toolmark Examiners training course as proscribed by the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners.

  1. Law Enforcement Armorers Course, Lassen College, Susanville, CA

1986 Recognition and Operation of Soviet Bloc Firearms, U.S. Army Aggressor Command

1987 Beretta Pistol Armorers, Course, L.A.S.D.

  1. Glock Pistol Armorers Course, Virginia Beach, VA

  1. A.F.T.E. Training Seminar, Virginia Beach, VA

  1. F.B.I. Gunpowder and primer Residue Course, Quantico, VA

  1. Wound Ballistics Seminar, Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, CA

1991 A.F.T.E. Training Seminar, Houston, TX

1991 Remington Armorers Course, Houston, TX

  1. F.B.I. Crime Scene Investigation Course, Quantico, VA

  2. Assault Weapons Identification Course, Orange County, CA

  3. International Wound Ballistics Seminar, Sacramento, CA

1994 Double Action Pistol Armorers Course, Lassen College

  1. Full Automatic Firearms Course, Lassen College

1995 Ruger Firearms Armorers Course, L.A.S.D.

1995 Colt M-16/AR-15 Armorers Course, Jackson, MS

1996 Heckler & Koch Armorers Course, Jackson, MS

  1. A.F.T.E. Training Seminar, Milwaukee, WS

1996 Smith & Wesson Sigma Armorers Course, Jackson, MS

  1. Sig-Sauer Pistol Armorers Course, Jackson, MS

  2. International Wound Ballistics Assn. Seminar, Los Angeles, CA

  1. Smith & Wesson Revolver Armorers Course, Springfield, MA

  1. Smith & Wesson Pistol Armorers Course, Springfield, MA

2006 Springfield Armory Museum Tour, Springfield, MA

2008 Colt Traveling Museum, Spokane, WA

2008 FBI Gunpowder and Primer Residue Course, Spokane, WA

Total training hours 4,760


1981 Revolvers vs Semi-Auto Pistols as Police Sidearm

1982 Evaluation of Soft Body Armor

  1. Firearms Training Liability

  2. Armor Piercing Ammunition

  3. Establishing a firearms Training Program

  4. Analysis of Police Shooting Situations

  5. Conversion Training, Revolver to Semi-Auto Pistols

  6. Law Enforcement Rifle Training

1988 Introduction to Smith & Wesson 3rd Generation Pistols

1989 Conversion Training, Revolvers to Semi-Auto Pistols, Advanced Techniques

1991 Sub-machinegun Training for Law Enforcement


  1. Sierra Bullet Co. – Manufacturer of Bullets

1985 Davis Custom Guns – Custom Gun Builder

  1. Pioneer Broach – Manufacturer of Rifling Tools

  2. Starline Brass Co. – Manufacturer of Cartridge Cases

  1. A.M.T. Firearms – Manufacturer of Firearms

1986 Jennings Firearms – Manufacturer of Firearms

  1. Mi-Wal Ammunition Co. – Re-manufacturer of Ammunition

  2. Calico Firearms – Manufacturer of Firearms

1988 Bar-Sto Barrels – Manufacturer of Pistol Barrels

1988 Pro-Load – Manufacturer of Ammunition

  1. Raven Arms – Manufacturer of Firearms

  2. A.T. Custom Gunworks – Custom Gun Builder

I.A.I. Firearms – Manufacturer of Firearms


2009 – 2010 Deployed, Baghdad, Iraq, Firearms Examiner, BAE Systems

2007 - 2008 Contract Firearms Examiner, Washington State Patrol

2004 - 2008 Contract Firearms Examiner, Idaho State Police

1999 - Present Independent Firearms Examiner

1988 - Present Technical Advisor to Entertainment Industry

1985 - May 1999 Deputy Sheriff/Firearms Examiner – L.A.S.D.

1983 - 1985 Part Time Gunsmith – The Davis Co., Anaheim, CA

1983 - 1984 Firearms Instructor – L.A.S.D.

1980 - 1981 Range Master/Field Training Officer, Hermosa Beach P.D.

1973 - 1979 Trenton, N.J. Police Dept.

1979 - 1981 Hermosa Beach Police Dept.

1981 - 1999 Los Angeles Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

1965 – 1968 New Jersey Air National Guard

1968 - 1969 United States Air Force

1969 – 1971 New Jersey Air National Guard

Final Rate – Sergeant, Security Police

California Peace Officers Standards and Training – Advanced Certificate

California Peace Officers Standards and Training – Certified Instructor

New Jersey Police Training Commission – Certified Peace Officer

F.B.I/P.O.S.T./N.R.A. – Certified Firearms Instructor

N.R.A. High Master Classification Pistol Shot – Revolver and Semi-Auto Pistol

N.R.A. Distinguished Police Revolver Medal Holder

N.R.A. Distinguished Police Semi-Auto Pistol Medal Holder

Distinguished Member – Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners

Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners, Distinguished Member,

Former Chairman, Wound Ballistics Video Committee, Former Member, Safety Committee

International Wound Ballistics Association, former member, defunct 2002

Southern California Firearms Examiners Study Group, former member

California DOJ Ad Hoc Assault Weapons Identification Committee, 1989 – 1990

National Rifle Association, Benefactor Member, Member, Board Of Directors, Chairman, Action Shooting and Jeannie Bray Scholarship Committees, Vice Chairman, Law Enforcement Assistance, member Competition Rules and Programs committee. California Rifle and Pistol Association, Life Member, Former Chairman, Law Enforcement

Committee, Member, Legal Committee

California Police Pistol Association, Life member, Former President

Police Marksman Association, Life Member
1984 “Rapid Revolver Reloading”, Police Marksman Association Magazine

1990 “Metallic Ballistic Fragments: M.R.I. Safety and Artifacts”

Co-Author, Radiology Journal

1998 “Use of Step Drill For Recovering Bullet Evidence From Vehicles”, AFTE Journal

As a regular part of my duties with the L.A.S.D. Crime Lab, lectures on all aspect of firearms identification and investigation, firearms and ammunition were frequently presented to the following groups;
California District Attorney’s Association

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office

Los Angeles County Council’s Office

Harbor Bar Association

Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

California Highway Patrol

Other Los Angeles County and State of California Law Enforcement Agencies
To date, have trained 6 other individuals as Firearms Examiners.
Have worked for clients in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Qualified as a Firearms Expert, for the Prosecution and the Defense, on more than 400 occasions in Federal, Superior and Municipal Courts, Grand Juries and Coroner’s Inquests in Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern and San Diego Counties in California, Washington County, Oregon, Ada, Blaine, Bonner, Boundary, Canyon and Caribou Counties in Idaho, Asotin County, Washington and Natrona County, Wyoming.

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