Dunkin Donuts a. Employee hand sink not working properly

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Dunkin Donuts - a. Employee hand sink not working properly;

b. Uncovered food in the refrigerator;

c. No thermometers in the food receptacles and refrigeration units;

d. No covers with the ice scoop storage; and

e. Oven needs to be cleaned and/or replaced.

Mr. Wa1sh advises the Board that he addressed this issue with the business owner. Mr.

Blackstone Food Mart - the toilet and sink in the bathroom must be replaced.

Subway -. Employees not serve safe certified. All management positions for every shift

must be Serve Safe Certified. Said certificates must be filed with the Board of Health

office immediately upon receipt.

All establishments have been given a time certain to comply and advised that if they do

not correct said violations their establishment will be closed.


Mr. Walsh advises the Board that he was called out to 43 Orchard Street by the

Blackstone Fire Department. Upon arrival at the property Mr. Walsh was advised by the

Blackstone Fire Department and a health care worker, Trivana Richard (508.949.6640

x3085) that the property owner, Mary Garripey was in need of assistance. Mr. Walsh was

advised by Ms. Richard that Ms. Garripey lives alone and has been in bed for several

days. She has been unable to tend to her dogs. Mr. Walsh entered the home and found

that the property was clean; however, the rugs were significantly soiled with dog feces

and urine. The odor was throughout the house. Mr. Walsh advised the health care worker

that the property must be cleaned thoroughly before Ms. Garripey can return to the home.

Ms. Garripey was taken by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation. Mr. Walsh

requested an update from Ms. Richard and an inspection of the property prior to Ms.

Garripey's return:. Ms. Richard advised Mr. Walsh that she would contact the office when

the property was cleaned. A Memorandum has been placed in the file.


Mr. Gremza questions the septic system installation at the above-referenced address. Mr.

Gremza advises that there is not an approved plan for this property and that the installer.


Mr. Gremza states that the retaining wall and tanks have been installed. Mr. Walsh ~

recuses himself. The property owner is Mr. Walsh's brother-in-law. Mr. Gremza also

states that on 02 January 2009 a test hole was performed on the property. Ms. Strapponi

states that there was no witness from the Board of Health office and that a fee has not

been paid. Mr. Gremza states that he met with the property owner and verbally instructed

him to cease and desist until Mr. Malley approves the septic plan. Mr. Gremza also

advises the property owner to provide the Board of Health office with the pumping

6:~,ssledule for the existing tanks. Mr. Gremza motions to forward a letter to the installer

advising him that a septic plan has not been approved and that he should cease and desist

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