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Duncan Toys Company

a division of Flambeau, Inc.


SUBJECT: Duncan Toys and the Boy Scouts Break a World Record With WarStone Trading Card and Marble Game

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Michael Brown, WarStone Project Leader
702-374-7128 • E-mail: michaelbrown8650@cox.net


Scouts Playing WarStone
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WarStone Tournament Winner
Jordan Greenstein

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(Middlefield, OHIO) – Duncan Toys and the Boy Scouts Of America® broke the Guinness World Record™ for “Most People Playing in a Marble Tournament” on September 25th in San Bernardino, California using Duncan’s trading card and marble game WarStone. The official record breaking count was 876 players, breaking the old record by 148 players.

The event was held at the Boy Scouts of America California Inland Empire Council’s 100th anniversary celebration where over 6,000 scouts, Scoutmasters® and parents attended the three day celebration. “Breaking the Guinness World Record™ is a win for all of the 3.5 million scouts across the United States,” said Michael Brown, WarStone Project Leader for Duncan Toys. “It was an incredible effort by all of the scouts to work together as a team to achieve success,” he continued. Jordan Greenstein was the tournament champion.

Duncan recently announced a $25,000 Boy Scouts of America scholarship program in conjunction with their WarStone tournament program. The California Inland Empire Council serving both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties which are home to over 30,000 scout members is the first council to take part in the scholarship program.

Duncan used its new card and marble game WarStone for the record attempt. Players shoot marbles or “stones” as assault weapons in combination with cards to knock opposing stones off the battlefield through high-velocity, high-impact attacks. WarStone is one of the few toy products that the Boy Scouts have embraced because of the marble element. Marbles are a toy that transcend the ages as the ancient Egyptians first played the game 5,000 years ago. Duncan has updated marbles for a new generation of players by adding trading cards to create an exciting new concept in games.

WarStone was co-invented by Richard C. Levy, who has many games to his credit. He also co-developed Furby™. In June of 2010, the second edition of his book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cashing-In on Your Inventions, was published. Levy is available for media interviews.

For more information on Duncan Toys and their 80-year history, please visit their website at www.yo-yo.com, or contact;

Michael Brown - WarStone Project Leader

For more information on Duncan products, go to www.yo-yo.com or call Duncan Toys at Flambeau, Inc.: 1-800-457-5252. Building on “the original and world’s #1” producer of yo-yos, Duncan is focused to be the brand leader in high quality toys for learning and fun.

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