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Dragos OLEA | arts manager and cultural entrepreneur; working with add and Rozalb de Mura (RO)

b. 1979, Bucharest; Graduated the Faculty of Commerce within Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, specialization field: "Marketing Research" (2002) and the international program "European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2005/2006 organized by Marcel Hichter Foundation, Dragos Olea is working as a researcher and practitioner in the field of arts management especially interested in topics like contemporary art market, arts marketing and commissioning multidisciplinary art projects.

Since January 2002 he is president of add and had been involved in all the different projects of the organization and starting with January 2006 he is sharpening his skills as a storyteller and cultural entrepreneur as part of the team that is developing the cutting-edge fashion label Rozalb de Mura; later this year, the first two publications he edited from a series on arts marketing are going to be published.

add is a nongovernmental, non-profit registered organization, which has as mission the development of youth's creative abilities. The organization acts as catalyst for new ideas and strategies of collaboration between, artists and cultural institutions on the one hand and companies from the business community on the other. The purpose is to help young artists and creative people and to offer to other categories of youth opportunities to participate in art projects, as well as to bring into the dialogue with the business sector issues like the value of culture in today's Romanian society and modalities of supporting the arts.

All of add’s initiatives and programs (i.e. Introducing marketing to cultural organizations, cubic milk, add knowledge library etc.) are emphasizing on cutting edge creativity, multidisciplinary approach and a strong sense of looking forward for strategic solutions.  www.add.org.ro / www.rozalbdemura.ro  

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