Draft u. S. Geological Survey Long-Term Archive Acceptance Checklist

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U.S. Geological Survey

Long-Term Archive Acceptance Checklist
This checklist is intended to ensure that the USGS can adequately address the archiving, access, distribution, and user service responsibilities for any data offered to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The levels of service the USGS provides for new data are negotiable and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Delivered level of processing agreed to. Yes / No / NA

  2. Ancillary files used for processing provided. Yes / No / NA

  3. Data are uncompressed. Yes / No / NA

  4. Compressed data utilizes a loss-less technique. Yes / No / NA

  5. Compressed data include a decompression algorithm. Yes / No / NA

  6. Transfer media is DLT 7000, 9940A, or 9940B. Yes / No / NA

  7. Transfer media has at least 5 years of reliable life remaining. Yes / No / NA

  8. The format is non-proprietary. Yes / No / NA

  9. The format is computer-compatible. Yes / No / NA

  10. Copyrighted or distribution-restricted data have a sunset date established. Yes / No / NA

  11. The file naming convention has been provided. Yes / No / NA

  12. Each record includes a non-proprietary raw, raster-formatted browse. Yes / No / NA

  13. Documentation of how the browse was created has been provided. Yes / No / NA

  14. The processing histories, including HW/SW environments has been provided. Yes / No / NA


  1. The aerial photography is camera original film. Yes / No / NA

  2. The aerial photography is on a polyester base. Yes / No / NA

  3. The aerial photography will be sent in rubber cans. Yes / No / NA

  4. The manufacturer number of the film has been provided. Yes / No / NA

  5. The photographic frame reference numbers are on the film. Yes / No / NA

  6. Color film has a positive polarity. Yes / No / NA


  1. Latitude and longitude coordinates provided for center and corners. Yes / No / NA

  2. Complete FGDC/ISO metadata has been provided. Yes / No / NA

  3. Metadata provided in a flat, ASCII, delimited file. Yes / No / NA

  4. Metadata is indexed to the physical records. Yes / No / NA

  5. Additional documentation provided (flight logs, engineering models, etc). Yes / No / NA

  6. Training schedule established. Yes / No / NA


  • Data provider informed that transferred data become USGS property. Yes / No / NA

  • Data provider informed that USGS will establish the product pricing. Yes / No / NA

  • A technical point-of-contact provided to the USGS. Yes / No / NA

  • Data provider informed that reprocessing requests are at USGS discretion. Yes / No / NA

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