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Dr Douglas Philip Whitfield
Curriculum vitae

Douglas Philip Whitfield (known as Philip or Phil)
Work address:

Natural Research Ltd Tel: 01330 826536

Banchory Business Centre

Burn O’Bennie Road

Banchory Fax: 01330 820670

Aberdeenshire, AB31 5ZU


Personal details

Date of birth: 13 March 1960

Place of birth: Corbridge, Northumberland Nationality: British

Marital status: Married (with two children)


Monkwearmouth School, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

1978-1981 University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

B.Sc. (Hons.), Class 1, Zoology
1981-1985 University of Edinburgh

Ph.D. "Social organisation and feeding behaviour of wintering turnstone Arenaria interpres".

Past appointments


NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, held at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge. Departmental contact: Dr NB Davies.

Two years of summer fieldwork in northeast Iceland, with two major elements of study: i) evolution of polyandry in the red-necked phalarope, ii) mating and parental care systems of waders in Iceland (purple sandpipers, dunlin, grey and red-necked phalaropes).

NERC Postdoctoral Research Associate on award to Dr L Partridge for "Causes and consequences of individual feeding specialisations of turnstone Arenaria interpres". Held at Department of Zoology, University of Edinburgh.

This work was an extension of my PhD work. It employed long-term data on individuals' behaviour, detailed observational studies on specialisation development, and survival and breeding success differences between specialists; data gathered in the Canadian high arctic, Iceland and Scotland.


Research leader on Montane Ecology Project (Nature Conservancy Council/Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland).

Responsibility for devising and organising fieldwork, analysis and dissemination of results on a wide range of topics relating to high mountain areas in Britain. Much of the work was devoted to a detailed study of the dotterel Charadrius morinellus, involving breeding success, habitat selection, site fidelity & philopatry, and population dynamics. Other bird species are also studied (golden plover, dunlin, snow bunting & ptarmigan), as well as anthropogenic influences (recreation and skiing developments) on montane birds, invertebrates and vegetation, and the role of grazing mammals in montane ecological processes.

Promoted to post of Ornithologist (permanent staff), Advisory Services, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) (the government’s statutory advisor on nature conservation in Scotland).

Promoted to post of SNH Senior Ornithologist (permanent staff) in 2004.

Current appointment

2005 – Senior Ornithologist, Natural Research Ltd

Non-salaried research awards

1983 Grants from several sources towards a study of plumage variability in breeding turnstone in Finland.

1987 Royal Society Overseas Research Grant towards an experimental study of parental care in 4 species of waders breeding in Iceland.

1988 Grants from several sources towards several projects studying knot, turnstone and Baird's sandpiper at Borup Fiord, Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high arctic. Fieldwork was assisted by the Joint Services Expedition to the area.

1992 - 2005 Several SNH research projects (see list of examples below).

  1. NERC award (led by W. Cresswell & S. Holt) to investigate the role of incubation costs in the breeding systems of calidridine sandpipers, Barrow on the North Slope of Alaska.

SNH research project responsibility:

  • National Survey of Golden Eagles, 1992 (RSPB led), 2003

  • National Survey of Merlin, 1993-95 (RSPB led)

  • National Survey of Greenshank, 1995 (RSPB led)

  • National Survey of Dotterel, 1999

  • History of the ptarmigan in the Southern Uplands – a precursor to possible reintroduction

  • Functional needs of peatland animals within The Peatlands SPA of northern Scotland - a detailed study of habitat use in waders (using radio-tracking and GIS analyses) and invertebrate communities (with University of Durham)

  • Using bird-habitat association models in a GIS to predict bird numbers in The Peatlands SPA (with University of Durham)

  • Factors affecting field selection by breeding golden plovers (with University of Durham)

  • Upland Bird Surveys supporting the Natura 2000 programme, 1993-97 - covering most areas of Scotland, especially Caithness, Sutherland, Lewis

  • Identification of 'hotspots' in the national distribution of upland birds (with JNCC)

  • Creation of a GIS database for peatland birds in the Flow Country

  • Creation of a GIS database for montane birds in Scotland

  • Management of grasslands important for peatland birds in The Peatlands Management Scheme – the identification of features and management of grasslands used by peatland birds to draw up best practice guidelines under a grant-aid scheme

  • Monitoring the effects of snow-fencing on montane birds (with ITE)

  • Surveying and monitoring the effects of recreation on montane habitats in the Cairngorms

  • Upland birds in the Cairngorms: woodland expansion issues (with RSPB)

  • Bird communities of upland scrub (with BTO)

  • Montane bird inventory in the Cairngorms

  • Monitoring montane birds in the Cairngorms

  • Montane Ecology Project (a long-term and large, wide-ranging project focussing on birds, invertebrates, vegetation; grazing, recreation and skiing development impacts)

  • Modelling the ranging behaviour of golden eagles and development impacts and the creation of a GIS for golden eagle management

  • Effects of afforestation on golden eagles

  • A conservation framework for the golden eagle in Scotland

  • Re-introduction of the red kite to Scotland (with RSPB)

  • Monitoring the re-introduced white-tailed eagle in Scotland (with RSPB)

  • Cumulative assessment of wind farm related impacts on birds in Scotland through collation of Environmental Impact Assessment conclusions

  • Habitat selection and ranging behaviour of hen harriers on Special Protection Areas (with RSPB, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Game Conservancy Trust)

  • Assessing pollutant levels in breeding peregrines in north east Scotland

  • Impacts of raptor predation on racing pigeons


University of Cambridge:

  • tutor to many second year students in the Behavioural Ecology course.

University of Edinburgh:

  • demonstrator in first year invertebrate course and on ornithological field studies

  • sole and joint supervisor of several Honours Zoology research projects

  • several lectures to Honours students on conservation & applied ecology as part of Conservation Science course

International University of Andalucía, Baeza, Spain

  • Module on wind farms and raptors in Raptor Conservation Course, 2006

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, USA

  • Training course for interns, 2007

Postgraduate student supervision

Joint supervisor and co-designer of:

  • NERC PhD studentship, held at University of Edinburgh, on the impact of raptor predation on wintering waders (W. Cresswell, passed in 1992): Co-supervisors L. Partridge, N.P. Ashmole

  • University Scholarship MPhil studentship, held at University of Edinburgh, on the ecology of rocky shore waders (A. Carter, completed in 1993): Co-supervisors N.P. Ashmole, J.M. Deag

  • SNH/self-funded PhD studentship, held at University of Stirling, on incubation behaviour of dotterel (S. Holt, 1996-2002): Co-supervisor D. Bryant

  • NERC PhD studentship, held at University of Sheffield, on ecological genetics of common sandpipers (A. Mee, 1997-2001): Co-supervisors T. Burke, D.B.A. Thompson

  • SNH/self-funded PhD studentship, held at University of Aberdeen, (J. Hardey, ongoing), on ecology of peregrines in northern Scotland: Co-supervisor M. Marquiss

Major involvement and advisory role in several CASE PhD projects attached to SNH's Montane Ecology Project:

  • Sexual selection in the dotterel - I. Owens, Leicester University

  • Ecology of Racomitrium lanuginosum moss and the effects of pollution- J. Baddeley, Manchester University

  • Territoriality and habitat selection in the ptarmigan - S. Rae, Aberdeen University

  • Behaviour and ecology of the snow bunting - R. Smith, Glasgow University

Other qualifications and experience

Clean driving licence, A-permit ringing licence (waders), referee for several journals (e.g. Animal Behaviour, Auk, Biological Conservation, Ibis, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Avian Biology) and research award bodies (e.g. NERC, NSF, Leverhulme Trust). Associate editor of the ornithological journal Bird Study. Editor of several reports in SNH Research & Survey and Review Series. Member of the British Ecological Society and British Ornithologists’ Union. Attended several training courses, including use of GIS, project management, health and safety assessment, and staff management.


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The above listing does not include 18 SNH reports on survey of upland and peatland birds in Lewis, Sutherland, Caithness, Shetland, the Cairngorms and several montane plateaux in Scotland.


Professor L Partridge

Department of Genetics Tel: 0171 380 7418

University College London e-mail: l.partridge@ucl.ac.uk

Wolfson House

4 Stephenson Way

London, NW1 2HE

Professor DBA Thompson

Scottish Natural Heritage Tel: 0131 446 2419

2 Anderson Place e-mail: des.thompson@snh.gov.uk

Edinburgh, EH6 5NP


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