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441730. Centosoma Cream white flower with purple center.

Climbing on trailside vegetation between Xamilapa and Río Tonto. 500 ft.

441731. bis Trichomanes pyxidiferum L. On tree. C. Cuhuatepec. 3800 ft.

Hymenophyllum trapezoidale (Det. C. V. Morton)

441732. Lycopodium linifolium L. Branch of tree. C. Cuhuatepec.

3800 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)
441733. Pleurothallis sp. Possibly two. See last no.

(Det. D. S. Corell)

441734. Rhipidopteris peltata See 441732. On trunk.

(Swartz) Schott (Det. C. V. Morton)

441735. Polypodium duale Maxon See 441732.

(Det. C. V: Morton)

November 26, 1944
Mr. Santos and I went out through the rubber plantation to the (El Cerro de Yuhualtepetl)*. Cerrito de Palanca (name of the fer-de-lance), alt. 750 ft. Saw a few sandstone boulders near the base. Bothered by ticks and for the first time “no-see-ums”. Saw Desmodium (at least 2 species) (Aroids often have milky sap). Rather large though Adianthum.
* (El Cerro de Yuhualtepetl.)
(The high mountain in Puebla I want to visit in Chichintepetl)
Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 1445-1502
1445-1471 - 500 ft.

4172 - 650 ft.

1473-1479 - 750 ft.

1498-1502 - 500 ft.

441736. Lygopodium heterodoxum Frond up to 15 ft. or more.

Kunze Second growth jungle. 700 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
441737. Lygodium mexicanum Presl. Frond up to 12 ft. or more.

Perhaps only a variety of Second growth jungle 550 ft.

L. venustum (Det. C. V. Morton)
441738. Eleocharis elegans Up to 3 ft. Lagoon in clearing.

500 ft. (Det. T. Koyama)

December 6, 1944
I took the Flecha Roja bus to Chapuhuacan on the road from México to Nuevo Laredo. Just beyond Pachuca I noticed an arroya called “Capulín” and also a village by the same name. It is quite evident that there is no cherry there today. My seat partner on the bus said that the forest around Pachuca and beyond were multilated to furnish wood (carbon) for the mines. Today one would never suspect that they were heavily covered with forest. However, even at this date many streams are still running, indicating an adequate supply of water for forest production but the soil is gone.
Near Zimpán to the northeast the slopes were covered with a low, dense, purple-flowered shrub (perhaps Dalea) which in mass were beautiful. The mountains east of Jacala are the most like Smokies that I’ve seen, but they are essentially deforested.
The elevation of Chapulhuacan is essentially 2900 ft.
December 7, 1944
Starting at Chapulhuacan in Hidalgo (elevation 2900 ft.) I climbed above and eastward along the ridge to an elevation of about 3500 ft. The vegetation is all second growth and only a few trees of large size are left. There is ample rainfall and the trails were muddy. The exposed boulders and rocks seemed to be dolomite? There is a pebble in one of the collections.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1508-1549
441739. Teuricum cubense L. White flowers. Roadside at Chapulhuacan,

Hidalgo. 3000 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
441740. Hibiscus Scarlet. Moist mountain slope, “manzanita”.

3500 ft.
441741. Caelestial blue. About 4 to 5 ft. tall.

Only branches. See #441740
441742. Senecio About 15 ft. tall. Onlt leaves and part

of inflorescences. See # 441740

441743. Eupatorium rhodochlamydeum Purple. About 10 to 12 ft. tall.

Gray On portions of plant. See 441740.

(Det. D.D. Keck)
441744. Melastomaceae Purple. About 3 ft. tall. See 441740.
441745. Eupatorium ligustrinum DC. White. Small tree or shrub.

See #441740. (Det. D.D. Keck)

771746. Selaginella extensa Underw. Moist boulder. 3500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441747. Lopezia pubescens HBK Pink. Moist slope. 3400 ft.

(Det. P. A. Munz)

441748. Athrostemma fragile Lindl. Pink-purple. About 4 ft. tall. Moist slope.

3400 ft. (Det. J.J. Wurdack)

441749. Desmodium Roadside at Chapulhuacan. 3000 ft.
441750. Asclepias curassavica L. Red orange and yellow. Moist trailside.

3100 ft. (Det. R. E. Woodson)

441751. Smilax mollis H. & .B With orange fruits. Vine trailing over

shrubs. Moist slope 3300 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
441752. Myrica cerifera L. Small tree. “laurelilla”. Moist slope. 3400 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441753. Liquidambar “Saumedio”. Large trees. Moist slope.

3400-3500 ft. perhaps higher.

441754. Desmodium Moist trailside. 3300 ft.
441755. Ageratum sp. (probably new) Coelestial blue. Not very tall- 3 ft.

Moist trailside. 3300 ft.

(Det. D. D. Keck)
441756. Shrub with black berries. Moist slope.

3200 ft.
441757. On Sambucus tree. 3200 ft.

441758. Scarlet. Climbing in shrubs. 3200 ft.
441759. Red fruits, black when mature.

“Capulin” Moist slope. 3200 ft

441760. Cuscuta jalapensis Sch. On various shrubs and herbs. 3200 ft.

(Det. T. G. Yuncker)

441761. Stellaria ovata Willd. Brookside. 3200 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441762. Ocimum selloi Benth Pink flowers. Brookside. 3200 ft

(Det. Carl Epling)

441763. Canary yellow flowers. Small tree or

shrub. Moist slope. 3200 ft.

441764. Salvia? Sky blue. Moist slope. 3200 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)

441765. Polypodium villagranii Copel. On elderberry tree. 3200 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441766. Hystia Purple lue flowers. Moist slope.

3100 ft.
441767. Archibaccharis hirtella White-flowered vine. 3100 ft.

(DC.) Heering Climbing into shrubs on moist slope.

(Det. D.D. Keck)

441768. Polypodium plumula H. & B. On rock wall. 3100 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441769. Begonia Moist slope. 3100 ft.
441770. Hibiscus Orange with red veins about

12 to 15 ft. tall. Moist slope. 3100 ft.

441771. Houstonia White. Brookside. 3200 ft.
441772. Hyptis mutabilis (Rich.) Briq. Possibly same as 441766. Moist slope.

3100 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441773. Cardamine flaccida C. & S.? White, wet rocks. 3100-3200 ft.

(Det. R. Rollins)

441774. Leonurus sibiricus L. Pink-purple. Looks like motherwort.

Moist slope. 3100 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441775. Lobelia tarsophora Seaton Light violet blue. Moist banks and walls.

3100-3500 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

December 8, 1944
I rode to Puerto Obscuro about 10 km above Chalpulhuacan toward Jacala by bus and returned walking via Zapilote and Varrios. Puerto Obscuro is at 3500 ft. elevation. Collections were made along the roadside. The country is too much cultivated to tell much about the original forest but there are indications that it is much like that above Hauchinango. The bryophytes most seen today were Thudium and Marchantia.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1550-1585.
441776. Crotalaria Roadside above Chapulhuacan. 3100 ft.
441777. Overhanging bluff along road. 3100 ft.
441778. Hoffmania Pink watery fruits. See 441777.
41779. Crimson with a touch of magenta.

Small shrub. See #441777.

441780. White flower with purple-brown stripes. High bluffs above Chapulhuacan. 3150 ft.
441781. Cleodendrum bungei Steud. ?”jedionda” rose-purple flowers about 12 to

15 inches tall. Roadside near Varrios.

3350 ft. (Det. H. N. Moldenke)
441782. Cleome Rose-purple flowers. “San José” Roadside

below house, near Varrios. 3400 ft.

441783. Brickellia secundiflora Greenish-yellow flowers. Roadside near

(Lag.) Gray Varrios. 3400 ft.

(Det. D.D. Keck)
441784. Stevia rhombifolia HBK White flowers. Rust. Roadside near Varios

var. stephanocoma Sch.-Bip. 3400 ft. (Det. D.D. Keck)

441785. Small tree near Zopilote. 3400 ft.
441786. Llavea cordifolia Lag. Roadside bluff near Varrios. 3400 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441787. Lycopodium cernuum L. Edge of overhanging, moist bank near

Varrios. 3400 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441788. “Laurel” Small tree. Roadside near Varrios.

3400 ft
441789. Andropogon microstachys Desv. Roadside rocky slope near Varrios. 3400 ft.

(Det. J. R. Swallen)
441790. Purple flower Roadside rocky overhang

near Varrios. 3400 ft.

441791a. Ponthieva racemosa (Det. D. S. Corell)

(Walt.) Mohr

441791. Lycopodium reflexum Lam. White and green flowers. Moist roadside bank above Varrios. 3400 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441793. Pteridium aquilinium See #441782

var. caudatum (L.) Sadeb. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441794. Oenothera rosea Ait. Pink. “Colica” Roadside near Varrios

3400 ft. (Det. P.A. Munz)

441795. Carex With smut. Roadside bank near Varrios. 3400 ft.
441796. Urtica spiralis Roadside near Varrios. 3400 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441797. Galactia Small white flowers. Dry, overhanging roadside near Varrios 3400 ft.
441798. Eupatorium odoratum L. Purple flowers, tall reclining shrub.

Roadside below Puerto Obscuro.

3400 ft. (Det D.D. Keck)
441799. Stellaria nemorum L. Moist roadside bank below Puerto

Obscuro. 3400 ft. (Det. A.J.S.)

441800. Eupatorium Purple flowers. Almost vinelike.

See #441788.

441801. Lycopodium Wet, clay roadside bank,

north slope near Varrios. 3400 ft.

441802. Hypoxis (yellow flowers) Moist roadside bank

below Puerto Obscuro. 3400 ft.

441803. Clerodendrum fragrans Pale pink flowers. Roadside at

var. pleniflorum Schau. Puerto Obscuro. 3500 ft.

(Det. H. N. Moldenke)
441804. Clematis Vine in roadside thicket at Puerto

Obscuro. 3500 ft.

441805. Pink purple. Roadside thicket near

Puerto Obscuro. 3500 ft.

441806. Lycopodium clavatum L. Moist roadside bank near Puerto

Obscuro. 3500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
441807. Valesiana scandens L. Long vine-like. Roadside bank near

var. scandens 3500 ft.

441808. Panicum xalapense HBK Edge of bank nearPuerto Obscuro.

3500 ft. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

Be sure to renumber plants (newspapers) from

second 441781—Orchid forward!!!!

December 9, 1944
I walked from Chapulhuacan toward Varrios for about 2½ km and returned.

Yesterday it was getting late, the vasculum was full, and I did not collect carefully. Today I got a little further off the road in a place or two.

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 1586-1616.

The first four (1586-1589) from the

Hotel Mountain View.
441809. Cirsium sp. Purple flowers. Moist bluffs above

Chapulhuacan. 3000 ft.

(Det. E. J. Alexander)
441810. Purple. Rust! Roadside thicket.

3100 ft.
441811. Cirsium Purple. Roadside thicket. 3100 ft.

441812. Pilea guercifolia Roadside bank. 3150 ft. (Det. A.J.S.)
441813. Carex polystachya Sw. Overhanging bank. 3200 ft. (Det. A.J.S)
441814. Stellaria ovata Making a loose mat in a moist, densely-

shaded slope. 3200 ft. (Det. A.S.J.)

441815. Heliotropium angiospermum Small white flowers. Roadside bluff.

Murr. 3200 ft.

(Det. I. M. Johnston))
441816. Gnaphalium Roadside bluff. 3200 ft.
441817. Saurauias villosa DC. Fragrant white flowers. Steep roadside

var. scabrida Buscaloni bluff. 3200 ft.

(Det. H. F. Copeland)
441818. Note smut! Roadside bluffs moist. 3100 ft.
441819. Vernonia Yellow-green. Roadside bluff. 3100 ft.
441820. Verbena cameronensis Prostrate, rose-purple. Roadside.

L.I. Davis 3100 ft. (Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441821. Boconia frutescens L. (Yellow-orange sap) Small tree.

Roadside slope. 3500 ft.

(Det. A. J. Sharp)
441822. Houstonia White. Moist crevices of bluff. 3200 ft.
441823. Small pink flowers. Moist roadside slope.

3150 ft.
441824. Roadside. 3100 ft.

441852. Erigeron Moist roadside bluff. 3100 ft.
441826. Cordia spinescens L. Fruit red when ripe. Small shrub.

Roadside slope. 3050 ft.

(Det. I. M. Johnston)
441827. Moist roadside soil. 3050 ft.
441828. Verbena litoralis HBK Pink, small, Roadside soil. 3100 ft.

(Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441829. Tagetes remotiflora Kuntze Single, double, canary yellow, orange.

Moist ledge of bluff. 3050 ft.

(Det. D.D. Keck)
441830. Desmodium Pink purple. Semi-shrubby. Roadside cluff.

3050 ft.
441831. Blechum brownie Juss. f. Base of roadside bluff. 3050 ft.

puberulum Leonard (Det. E. C. Leonard)
441832. Desmodium Semi-shrubby Roadside-bluff. 3050 ft.
441833. Concolvulaceae. Very pale pink with purple center.

Almost campanulate. Roadside soil.

3050 ft.
December 10, 1944
The bus from Tamasunchale which was supposed to pass Chapulhuacan at 11:30 a.m. finally came at 2 and I arrived at the El Sol Campo Turismo about 3 or 4 km beyond Tamasunchale. After getting a room, I began to collect up the road toward Valles but ran into a drunken Indian after getting one moss and a few phanerogams. He began to be nasty about my presence in this country , so I returned to the camp.

The phanerogams are lumped with the collections of Dec. 11, 1944.

The elevation is approximately 400 ft. but the thermometer went down to 50° F.

— what a cold front!

Non-vascular cryptogam: 1618
December 11, 1944
I collected a short distance up the arroya which crosses the road at El Sol. About 2 p.m. I returned, ate lunch, took a truck to Tamasunchale and returned to Chapulhuacan by bus.

Various persons at El Sol spoke of high mountains and virgin forestes at Xilitla which can be reached by taking a bus from Tamasunchale to Egriega (really a fork in the road to Valles) and there transferring to another bus to Xilitla. This area must be collected!

Around El Sol is mainly shale and rotten sandstone although some dolomite? boulders may be found probably from above.
El Sol, San Luis Potosí
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1619-1666.
441834. Shaded base of slope in arroya. 400 ft. All

elevations approximately the same.
441835. Erythrodes querceticola Moist shaded slope in arroya

(Lindl.) Ames (Det. D. S. Corell)

441836. Dense clusters of orange fruits.

Shrub up to 10 ft. See 441834.

441837. Tectaria heracleifolia (Willd.) See #441835.

Underw. (Det. C. V. Morton)

41838. Cleome viridiflora Schreb. Tip of 3 or 4 ft. shrubs, not much

(C. giganthea L.) branched! See #441834.

. (Det. Hugh Iltis)
441839. Phyllanthus Low shrub. See #441834.
441840. Adiantum trapeziforme L. See #441834.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441841. Miconia laevigata (L.) DC. Very small, white to pale pink flowers.

Shrub up to 2 ft. See 441834.

(Det. J.J. Wurdack)
441842. Ardisia compressa HBK Small tree. See 441834.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441843. Annona globifera Schlecht. Shrub. Bank of roadside 400 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441844. Cardospermum Vine. red fruits. Roadside above El Sol.

400 ft.
441845. Lygopodium venustum Swartz See 441844. Portions of frond.

Frond is branched!

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441846. Sida Small pink-purple flowers.

See 441844.

441847. Low shrub. See #441844.
441848. Guania lupuloides Shrub with long pendant branches.

See #441844. (Det. A.J.S.)

441849. Small pink flowers. See #441844.
441850. Euphorbia See #441844.
441851. White to purple. Climbing in shrubs.

See # 441844.

441852. Euphorbia Semi-erect. See #441844.
December 16, 1944
Stopped off bus on my way to Mexico.
441853. Gentiana spathacea HBK Beautiful blue. Roadside bank near La

venta, Puebla. 2300 ft.

441853a. Legume Rhynchosia (Det. A.J.S.)
December 17, 1944
Dr. Manuel Ruíz O. of the Instituto de Biología, his family, Sr. Efraím Hernández X. and I went to the Desierto de los Leones in the mountains near Mexico City in the Distrito Federal. There had been a frost in Mexico City and there was some ice in the soil in parts of the Desierto. A few composites and other things were being in bloom. Elevations ran between 9300 and 9700 ft. Labels should bear the name of Efraím Hernández X. as joint collector.

Saw Thuidium, Hypnum and Leucodon collected in bales for Christmas decorations.

The ashes (Fraxinus sp.) along Paseo de la Reforma are blooming and leaves beginning to appear.
Non-vascular crytogams: 1667 – 1746 inclusive.
441854. Arbutus Tree up to 30 ft. madroño.

Slope above 9000 ft.

441855. Deep purple flowers. Trailside bank.

Above 9000 ft.

441856. Stellaria Sun and shade forms. Under pine on

gentle slope. Above 9000 ft.

441857. Galium Purple black fruits. Moist slope in thickets.

Above 9000 ft.

441858. Bidens ostruthioides (DC.) Yellow rays. Common on slopes.

Schz. Bip. var. typica Sherff Above 9000 ft. (Det. E. E. Sherff)

441859. Pyrola Moist slope. Above 9000 ft.
?-441860. Senecio Yellow rays. Moist shrub. Slope above 9000 ft.
441861. White & pink. Moist rocky slope.

Above 9000 ft.

441862. Garrya laurifolia Small tree. Red purple fruits. Slope.

Above 9000 ft. (Det. A.J.S.)

441863. Arctostaphylos arguta Black fruits. Moist slope. Shrub.

(Zucc) DC. Above 9000 ft.

441864. Monnina ericolada Gand. Blue flowers. Semi-shrubby up to 3 or 4 ft.

Slope under pine. Above 9000 ft

(Det. A.J.S.)
441865. Eleocharis acicularis Moist soil near brook. Above 9000 ft.

(Det. T. Koyama)

December 26, 1944
I left México by train at 11: 57 a.m. for Durango City, Durango. After 2 or 3 hours I noticed a gentian near the city of Tula (a considerable number in pastures along the R.R.) After riding all night second class (I had to bribe the gateman and a policeman in Mexico City to get my presses on train) I changed at Felipe Pescador and arrived in Durango at 6: 30 p.m. December 27, 1944. After making unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with Professor M: Martínez I finally gave up and went to bed. Late in the afternoon the first day I saw a large valley of black fertile soil resembling the bottom of an old lake. Most of the forest along the route is gone and in many places the soil is badly eroded.
December, 18, 1944
Attended my first mass in Mexico in the central cathedral of Durango while waiting on Professor Martínez to arise. I met him at 9: 30 and at ten, he, his companions (Fernando R. Rodríguez, a boy from Mexico City) and I took a taxi west into the hills as far as Palos Colorados on the railroad to Salto. We collected west of the railroad down into a canyon. Elevations at Palos Colorados is probably so named because of the beautiful red color of the bark, when fresh , of Arcostaphylos. Trees were common, but small and scattered; area, semi-arid. There were 3 pines, 1 juniper, 4 oaks, 1 Arbutus and 1 Arctostaphylos. Only the conifers became trees. All seemed to be second growth.
Non-vascular cryptogams: nos. 1747 – 1805.
441866. Notholaena aurea (Desv.) Cervices of rocky exposures along edge of

Weatherby small canyon. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441867. Viola umbraticola HBK Moist ledges in arroya.

(Det. Milo S. Baker)

441868. Galium Slopes along canyon.
441870. Arbutus glandulosa (a small tree or shrub). Edge of canyon.

Prof. Martínez says glandulosa.

441871. Arctostaphylos (a bushy shrub) with a beautiful red bark

when the old is freshly shed. (Notlice galls)

On the plateau and in the canyon.
December 29, 1944
Early in the morning we left on the train for El Salto (136 km southwest of Durango) where an English company is operating a big sawmill. The country along the railroad seems semi-arid but progressively less so as one goes west. Much of the vegetation was as described December 28, but the pine stand becomes denser and with more large trees toward the west. Also there are more and larger oaks, possibly 4 or 5 species of madroño to the west of El Salto; also one or possibly two species of Arctostaphylos. Along the streams were Cornus excelsa (according to Professor Martínez) and a willow with pussies (probably Salix lasiolepis). El Salto has an elevation of 8375 ft. and is always cool or even cold. It has two wet periods: July and December.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1806 – 1840.
The most of the plants bloom in September. Some people say there is no summer (maize is not grown: oats is the main crop) and occasionally they have 1½ meters of snow.
441872. Callitriche heterophylla In spring on the side of canyon below El

Salto ft. 8300 ft.

(Det. Fasselt)
December, 30, 1944
Durango state
We left in trucks for El Puerto de Santo Domingo, a distance by road of about 42 km. It was a rough ride as often there was no road and many rocks. *As we went west, the same trend noted yesterday (Dec. 29) continued; but no exceptionally large trees were seen. Some cedar trees (large for Juniperus) were seen. A Silphium with leaves broader than long was seen near El Puerto de Santo Domingo (elevation 8850 ft.)

* [sic] see MS. p. 135

441873. Pinus lumholtzii At Puerto de Santo Domingo. Rocky soil.

One cone with Ceoma conigenum.

The most beautiful pine I’ve ever seen.

8850 ft.
441874. On pine. Puerto de Santo Domingo.

441875. White fruits. On oak. Puerto de

Santo Domingo.

Non-vascular cryptogams: 1841 – 1880.
441876. Somewhat pendant. On madroño -El

Puerto de San Domingo in the state of Durango. 8850 ft.

441877. Arctostaphylos mucronata? Note few flowers. Rocky soil at El Puerto

de Santo Domingo, Dgo.

It is interesting to note the abundance of coyotes. Wolves are not rare and they say they stand nearly a meter high at the shoulder. Dear still exist but are more common farther west. Rabbits and squirrels are common, the latter are gray with grayish-white bellies and long ears.
December 31, 1944
I, with Hector M. Porras and Fernando Rodríguez, walked into the canyon below the upper falls at El Salto, Durango, and beyond to the power sluice below the second falls. Most of the collecting was done on the boulders, many huge, which were often piled in a jumbled mass with some lateral surfaces always shaded and moist. The rock at El Salto appears to be volcanic. It is pinkish or reddish, rough, hard and full of small cavities. Homalia jamecii was collected today, I believe for the first time south of the U.S.
Tomorrow is a new year!
Only bryophytes were collected!
Non-vasculars: 1881-1904
January 2, 1945
Professor M. Martínez, Fernando Romero Rodríguez and I left on the morning train for Mexico. We arrived late in the afternoon at Felipe Pescador in the state of Zacatecas. As the train from Felipe P. to Mexico was delayed, because of a burned bridge, until the next morning, we went walking and collecting at the northwestern edge of the town. I restricted myself to bryophytes of which I found a few on the calcareous walls of a drainage ditch along the railroad.
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