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441399. Cardiospermum. Perhaps same as the last but the fruits

green in color. Over bluff.

441400. Lasiacis sorghoidea (Desv.) Stem-like , 4 to 6 ft. Shelf of bluff.

H. & C. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441401. Desmodium? See wood sample. Tall shrub or small tree, slender 12 to 15 feet tall. Shelf of bluff.
441402. Flowers white, 5 petals. Shrub 3 to 6 ft. Flower slightly zygomorphic. Note lichen, alga or fungus on leaves.
441403. Buddleia parviflora H.B.K. Shrub 6 to 7 ft. Shelf of bluff.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441404. Garrya ovata Hartw. Small tree, 12 ft. Note fruit. Shelf of bluff. (Det. A.J.S.)
441405. Salvia sessei Benth. Shrub up to 9 ft. Corolla crimson; calyx salmom-red; leaves slightly spicy. Shelf of bluff. (Det. Carl Epling)
441406. Lantana hintoni Moldenke Shrub 3 to 4 ft. Shelf of bluff.

(Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441407. Litsea glaucenscens var. Slightly aromatic. Small tree or large

subsolitaria shrub, arching. Shelf of bluff.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441408. Euphorbia White bracts. Shelf of bluff.
441409. Euphorbia No white bracts, less pubescent, narrower leanes than last no. Galls? Shelf of bluff.
441410. Euphorbia Perhaps the same species as one of the last 2 nos. but appearing different. Shelf of bluff.
441411. Ostrya Trees up to 1 ft.d.b.h. and 35 to 40 ft. tall. Base of bluff.
441412. Valeria sorbifolia HBK var. Tiny, white flowers. Shelf of bluff.

sorbifolia F. G. Meyer (Det. F. G. Meyer)

441413. Vitis tiliaefolia H. & B. Fruits sour, 6 to 8 mm. Bluish purple. Base of bluff, but climbing into trees.

(Det. L. H. Bailey)
441414.Cleyera integrifolia But with a trunk of about 10 to 12 inches and an orchard type top (see wood sample of branch). I checked and there was not a single leaf of any other kind on the branches. Tree about 18 to 20 ft. high. Shelf of bluff.
441415. Cyperus Shelf of bluff.
441416. Jithoria diversifolia Drag. Yellow rays. Shrub about 12 to 15 ft. branched. Shelf of bluff.

(Det. E. G. Alexander)

441417. Verbesina mirgata Cav. Yellow rays . Unbranched shrub about 6 ft. Note rust. Shelf of bluff.

(Det. E. G. Alexander)

441418. Montanoa grandiflora Large white rays. Branched about 12 ft.

(DC.) Sch.-Bip. Shelf of bluff. (Det. E. J. Alexander)

441419. Arisaema No flowers or fruit. Shelf of bluff.
441420. Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. Crevices of bluff. From edge of frond.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441421. Asplenium exiguum Bedd. Often viviparous. Crevices of bluff.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441422. Polypodium polypodoides Over rocks of bluff.

var. aciculare Weatherby (Det. C. V. Morton)

441423. Asplenium resiliens Kunze Crevice of bluff.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441424. Polypodium plesiosorum Crevices of bluff.

Kunze (Det. C. V. Morton)

441425. Notholaena sinnuata (Lag.) Cervices of bluff.

Kaulf. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441426. Agave Inflorescence stalk very tall; inflorescence

a spike. Stalk 18 ft. with flowers on the

upper 13 ft. Bracts from just below first

flowers. Flowers from 2 stalks, one redder

than the other. Inflorescence stalk ±3 in. at

base, about 1½ in. at first flower. Spines at edge gray, pointing

slightly backward, rather small, deciduous. Cross-sections of leaves are cut at top of flaring base, middle and about 4 inches from tip. Common on bluff.
October 22, 1944
A Starker Leopoldfts birthday. We ate fried caoti (tejón) and squirrel. I collected bryophytes around the camp particularly near the bluffs to the south. Otherwise dried, etc., vasculars.
Saw Piperomia, Pingincula, Dahlia (deep red, I would guess)
Non-vascular cryptogams: # 1046-1071.
October 23. 1944 a.m. (same as Oct. 20)
I collected with Sr. Leopoldo Hernandez on the dry slope above camp among the mixed oaks. Pine, Juniperus and other species were rare. The area had been burned several times and herbage was rather scattered. Considerable maguey was present. Slope was strewn with (dolomite bouilders of varying sizes). Elevation approx. 6000 ft. Slope, may be less dry in wet seoson.
Non-vascular cryptogams: #1072-1075.
441427. Desmodium sericophyllum Flowers pink rapidly changing to blue.

Ascending stems, height up to 3 ft.

Scattered in open areas on slope among oaks. (Det. B. G. Schubert)
441428. Bidens Anthriscoides DC. Spanish needle. Data as in last no.

var. typicus Sherff except in crevice of boulder.

(Det. E. E. Sherff)
441429. Paspalum humboldtianum Fl. Arching out and up ftom central point. Top

of huge dry boulder.

(Det. J. R. Swallen)
441430. Thalictrum jaliscanum Rose 3 or 4 ft. tall. Crevice on face of huge

boulder, exceedingly glaucus.

(Det. B. Boivin)
441431. Cacalia (odontotuichium) Common in dry sites. Note rust.

silphiifolia Rob. & Ireenum (Det. A. Cronquist)

44132. Polygala Bluish-purple. Dry, more or less bare spots.
441433. Ficus Orchard-style tree about 18 ft. high. On top

of huge boulder in shade.

441434. Desmodium subsessile Arching erect from the base. dry slope

Schlecht. among oaks. (Det. B. G. Schubert)

441435. Vicia Prostrate. Open areas among oaks.
441436. Desmodium Trailing with the ends and branches erect. Dry slope among oaks.
441437. Bouvardia 2 to 3 ft. Flower reddish-orange at base, varying to yellow at the tip. Dry slope among oaks.
441437a. Bouvardia
441438. Asclepias neglecta Hemsl. Dry sites among the trees.

(Det. R. E. Woodson)

441439. Desmodium molliculum (HBK) (Looks like D. rotundifolium) prostrate. Dry

DC. slope among oaks. (Det. B. G. Schubert)

441440. Desmodium Chewed off stem. Dry slope.
441441. Petalostemon? Purple, erect. Dry slope.
441442. Desmodium ghiesbgeghtii (almost erect) Dry slope.

Hemsl. (Det. B. G. Schubert)

441443. Cedrela mexicana Shaded top of huge boulder.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441444. Legume Shrub 3 or 4 ft. Flowers greenish yellow. Dry slope under oak. Crushed leaves have peculiar, pleasant fragrance.
441445. Houstonia? More or less trailing, flowers pink. Shaded dry slope.
441446. Loesellia Shaded dry slope.
441447. Quercus castanea Nee L & H #15. Near Bottom of sink.

(Det. C. H. Mueller)

441448. Quercus acutifolia Nee L & H #14. Near bottom pf sink. All rather medium-large trees.

(Det. C. H. Muller)

44149. Quercus castanea Nee L & H #13. Near bottom of sink

(Det. C. H. Muller)

441450. Sedge. Dry slope.
October 23, 1944 p.m.
I collected on the slope at the base of the knob with steep bluff-like sides to the southeast of our camp. Elevation just above 6000 ft.
441451. Begonia Crevices of huhe boulder.
441452. Perezia nudicaulis Gray Fine soil at base of bluff.

(Det. E. G: Alexander)

441453. Galphinia glauca Cav. Shrub 3 to 4 ft. N.E. slope rocky.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441454. Rhynchospora aristata Soil among scattered boulder.

Sedge (Det. T. Koyoma)

441455. Tripsacum Edge of overhang of huge exposed boulder. Note rust.
441456. Sorghastrum sp., aff. Dry rocky slope.

S. nutans (L.) Nash (Det. J. R. Swallen)
442457. Cyperus sp. Crevice in base of bluff.

(Det. F. Hermann)

441458. Rubiaceae With deep crimson flowers. Among

boulders of slope.

441459. Desmodium A shrub over ½ in. diam. and 6 ft. tall realtively large, bluish purple flowers. Slope below bluff.
441460. ?Russelia Tough herb, 3 to 4 ft. tall, flwers scarlet with paler throatwhich has yellow hairs. Snuggled against huge boulders. Note glands under leaves

(Det. Carl Epling)

441461. Macromeria exserta Don Dry rocky slope.

(Det. I. M. Johnston)

441462. Salvia inconspicua Benth. Deep violet-blue. Shrub 4 to 5 ft. Dry rocky

slope. (Det. Carl Epling)

441463. Calea scabra var. Yellow, evidently without rays. Dry rocky slope. (Det. E. G. Alexander)
441464. Salvia filipes Benth. Shrub 5 to 6 ft. Deep violet blue.Dry rocky

slope. (Det. Carl Epling)

441465. Silphium Slope near base of bluff. Same as

441466. Legume: Engelhartia? Low shrub not over 3 to 4 ft. Dry rocky

441467. Legume Tough herb up to 3 ft. Flowers deep rose

purple. Dry rocky slope.

441468. Legume Low shrub up to 3 ft. Dry rocky slope.
441469. Eupatorium aerolare DC. White. Shrub up to 7 or 8 ft. with habit of Philadelphus; arching branches. Dry rocky slope. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441470. Clematis Vine over shrub. Bottom of dry rocky slope.
441471. Randia Small tree up to 10 ft. At base of dry rocky

441472. Cirsium Inner bracts scarlet tipped; corollas light

yellow. Dry rocky slope.
441473. Botrychium virginianum subsp. Looks like B. virgin. Shaded pocket

meridionale (Butters) Clausen at base of huge boulder.

(Det. R. T. Clausen)

441474. Rhus radicans? Vine climbing up bluff.(Det. A.J.S.)
441475. Triumfetta galleottiana Low shrub to 3 ft. Base of bluff.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441476. Priva aspera HBK Herb about 5 ft. tall. Base of bluff.

(Det. H.N. Moldenke)

441477. Viquiera excelsa Yellow rays. Dry rocky slope.

(Willd.) B. & H. var. excelsa (Det. A. Cronquist)

441478. Viquiera excelsa (Willd.) B. & H Yellow rays. Base of bluffs.

var. dilatatifolia Blake (Det. A. Cronquist)

441479. Eryngium gracile Delar. Perianth blue; base of bracts light blue.

Dry rocky slope. (Det. L. Constance)

441480. Cosmos purpureus (DC.) Benth. Looks like Spanish needle. Dark purplish- & Hook. var. typicus Sherff brown bracts. (Det. E. E. Sherff)
441481. Eryngium ghiesbreghtii Dcne. Same as #441479? Dry rocky slope. (Det. L. Constance)
October 24, 1944
The a.m. was spent caring for plants. In the p.m. I took a cow trail up behind the camp to an elevation at 6500 ft. The slope was steep with a southern rocky thin soil , probably the latter much destroyed by fires. Treed were small, scattered, mainly oak; a few palmettos. Even the herb cover was rather thin. All collections were made between 6000 ft. around the camp to 6500 ft. about 28 km west of Chilpancino, Guerrero.
Cryptogams (non-vascular) nos. 1076-1096.
441482. Tagetes lucida Cav. With almost a fruti-like odor. Muddy bottom

of sink. 6000 ft. (Det. D. D. Keck)

441483. Euphorbia Note rust. Dry pile of small rocks. 6000 ft.
441484. Euphorbia Data as in last no. 6000 ft.
441485. Eleocharis Flat bottom of sink, often wet. 6000 ft.
441486. Eleocharis Data as in last no.
441487. Eleocharis palustris Edge of pond of sink. 6000 ft.

(Det. T. Koyama)

441488. Eleocharis Flat bottom of sink, often wet. 6000 ft.
441489. Rotala ramosior (L) Koehne Flat bottom of sink, sometimes inundated. 6000 ft. (Det. P. A. Munz)
441490. Berberis? Shrub 5 to 6 ft. Around the edge of sink

441491. Alsinaceae Steep rocky slope at base of low cliff.

6500 ft.
441492. Crotalaria. Yellow flowers. Dry slope, south, steep.

6500 ft.
441493. Stevia rhombifolia HBK White. Data as in preceding no.

var. stephanocoma Sch.-Bip. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441494. Stevia rhombifolia HBK White. Data as in #441492.

var. stephanocoma Sch.-Bip. (Det. D. D. Keck)

441495. Thalictrum guernavacanum Not glaucus but pubescent; 3 ft.

Rose var. supraglabrescens Low bluff on sep slope. 6400 ft.

Morton (Det. A. Cronquist)
441496. Cacalia sp.? Between rocks and dry, rocky slope. 6500ft

(Det. A. Cronquist)

441497. Porophyllum nutans Greenish flowers, unpleasant odor to me.

Rob. & Greenm. Data as in preceding no.

(Det. A. Cronquist)
441498. Castilleja Low, bushy but evidently a tough herb.

Shaded dery slope. 6500 ft.

441499. Adianthum braunii Mett. Crevices of bluff on slope. 6400 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441500. Cheilanthes longipila Baker Data as in preceding no.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441501. Loeselia glandulosa (Cav.) Don Dry rocky soil. 6300 ft.

(Det. E. T. Wherry)

441502. Viquiera sp. Yellow rays. Dry rocky slope. 6300 ft.

(Det. A. Cronquist)

441503. Aqeratum tomentosum Celestial blue. Dry rocky soil. 6500ft

(Benth.) Hemsl. (Det. D. D. Keck)

4414504. Eupatorium pulchellum HBK Coelestial blue. Dry rocky soil. 6200 ft.

(Det. D. D. Keck)

4414505. Sporobolus macrospermus Very dry rocky edge of bluff. 6500ft

Scribn. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441506. Sarcostemma Vine. Dry rocky soil. 6100 ft.

(Det. R. E. Woodson)

441507. Muhlenbergia implicata (HBK) Very dry rocky edge of bluff. 6500 ft.

Kunth (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441508. Dyschoriste hirsutissima Shaded dry rocky slope. 6400 ft.

(Cav.) O. Ktze. (Det. E. C. Leonard)

441509. Bouteloua radicosa (Fourn.) Data same as #442507. In bunches

Griffs. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441510. Carex humboldtiana Steud. Shaded, dry rocky slope. 6400 ft.

(Det. F. Hermann)

441511. Actinocheita filicina Small tree. Rocky slope. 6100 ft.

(Det. A. J. Sharp)

441512. Helianthus Yellow rays. Tree: diam. 6 in., height about

18 ft. Dry rocky slope just below bluff.

6500 ft.
441513. Carex Note smut! Dry rocky slope. 6200 ft.
441514. Anacardiaceae ? Small tree. Dry rocky slope. 6100 ft

Rhus nelsoni Barkley (Det. A.J.S.)
441515. Serenoa? Dry rocky slope. About 25 ft. high. Some

leaves with glaucus bands across them. Some other trees in the area have young leaves totally glaucus. 6300 ft.

October 25, 1944
We moved from our previous campsite (about 20 km west of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, and at 600 ft.) to about 30 km west (alt. 6550 ft.) of Chilpancito to within about 2 km of Omiltemi, a logging village (cutting pine). The pine has been recently cut here and fire has run through the slash, but some pine and much good oak is left. Ostrya, Tilia, and Cornus are found in the area. Soil still calcareous, I believe. Probably four species of pine; no. of oaks unknown. Alder along streams; also madroño.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1097-1098.
441516. Iridaceae? Yellow flowers like Sisyrinchium about

1 in. in diam. Dry overhang by road.

6200 ft.
October, 26, 1944
In the morning cared for previous collections while the other boys (Srs. Leopold and Hernández ) tried to straighten out the matter of a dead horse. (which they did not shoot) with the authorities at (Amugileca?) between here and Chilpancino.
Late in the afternoon I ventured down the valley about 1½ to 2 km What an assemblage of plants: Tilia, Viburnum, Ilex, Rubus, Vitis, Ostrya, Quercus, Pinus, Cornus, Alnus, growing with palmetto, Ficus, an many other sub-tropical genera. Many epiphytes (orchids and bromeliads) growing with mistletoe on many species of trees. Saw Juglans or Hicoria; the branches were too far away to tell. Bark of most oaks resembles Qercus montana.
Saw a shrubby Dahlia, purple in color. I believe the rocks here are mostly dolomite.
(Our camp is at the forks below Omiltemi).
Elevations: between 6300 and 6600 ft. Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 1099-1114
441517. Salvia cinnabarina M. & G. Crimson, about 4 ft. Branches of tough

herb overhanging creek. Forks of river. 6500 ft. (Det. Carl Eplig)

441518. Stellaria nemorum L. Vine-like. Along stream. 6550 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441519. Fuchsia arborescens Sims Tree 5 in. in diam., about 15 feet high¸

forma tenuis Munz 44 some leaves opposite some whorled.

Flowers: Purplish rose pink; wood brittle.

Edge of stream. 6575.ft. (Det. P. A. Munz)

441520. Diastatea micrantha (HBK) Purple with a tinge of pink. Moist slope

McVaugh large one near creek. 6600 ft.

(Det. R. McVaugh)
441521. Moist sunny slope. 6600 ft.
441522. Halenia brevicornis Yellow flowers. Moist slope. 6575 ft.

var. multiflora (Det. A.J.S.)

441523. Salvia sp. Dark blue. Note rust. Flat bottoms between

rivers. 6550 ft. (Carl Epling)

441524. Erigeron Moist rocky slope. 6600 ft.
441525. Salvia mocinoi Benth. Bright blue. Herb 3 to 4 ft. Bottoms

between rivers. 6550 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
441526. Bidens Brownish purple flowers. Bottoms between

Cosmos purpureus (DC.) rivers (see#441480)

Benth & Hook. var. typicus Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff)

441527. Lithospermum? Almost lemon yellow flowers. Moist rocky Macromeia exserta slope. 6600 ft. (Same as #442461?)

441528. Mistletoe On branch of oak sapling. Moist rocky

slope, much branched about size of bushel

441529. Thalictrum sharpii Boivin Bank od stream. 6550 ft. TYPE

n. sp. (Det. B. Boivir)
441530. Ilex Evidnetly evrgreen, about 7 in. diam. 30 ft.

tall. Along river. 6500 ft.

441531. Phascolus multiflorus? Bean. Scarlet. River bottom in forest.

6300 ft.
441532. Passiflora coriacea Juss. Vine climbing over rocks and low plants.

Near the river in bottom of gorge. 6300 ft.

(Det. E. P. Killip)

441533. Viburnum About 6 in. diam. and 25 ft. or more tall.

Bottom of gorge near river. 6300 ft.

441534. Dahlia pinnata Cav. Bright purple. Shrub up to 8 ft. Bottom of

gorge on river bank. 6300 ft.

(Det. E. E. Sherff)
441535. Soanaceae? Shrub –3 ft., orange fruit. Bottom of

gorge. 6300 ft.

441536. Tilia nelsonii Trees up to 1 ft. diam. and 75 ft. tall.

Bottom of gorge. 6300 ft. (Det. AJS)

441537. Eryngium longifolium Cav. Looks like E. aquaticum. Bank above road

in gorge. 6400 ft. (Det. L. Constance)

441534. Solanaceae? Shrub up to 6 ft. Along river in gorge

6300 ft.
441539. Salvia Deep blue. Roadside in gorge. 6400 ft.

441540. Cercocarpus macrophyllus Sterile shrub up to 2 ft. Rocky slope of

C. Schneid., ex char. groge. 6400 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

441541. Salvia Orange, streaked and spotted flowers.

Rocky slope of gorge. 6400 ft.

441542. Malvaceae? Small tree about 12 or 15 ft. 4 in. diam.

Edge of river in 6400 ft.

441543. Cuphaea sp. Shrub 2 to 3 ft. Rocky roadside. 6400 ft.

(Det. R. AC. Foster)

442544. Galphimia glauca Cav. Shrub 3 ft. Rocky slope of gorge. 6500 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441545. Galium Rocky slope of gorge. 6500 ft.
441546. ??? Small trees or small shrub up to 15 ft.

Parathesis melanosticta (Schlt.) Bottom of gorge. 6300 ft.

Hemsl. (Det. A.J.S)

441547. Carex polystachya Sw. (in large clumps) Moist rocky slope of

gorge. 6400 ft. (Det. F. Hermann)

441548. Asplenium monanthes L. Rocky slope near bottom near of gorge.

6400 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441549. Valeriana robertianifolia Briq. Moist rocky slope of gorge. 6500 ft.

(Det. F. G. Meyer)

441550. Bean (scarlet) Bottom at fork of river. 6550 ft.
441551. Is this a Philadelphus or Composite?

Crevice on side of huge boulder (long arching shrub). 6550 ft.

441552. Salvia filipes Benth. Blue. Branches of tough herb. Up to 5 or 6

feet. Bottoms at fork of river. 6550 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
441553. Croton Shrub up to 5 or 6 ft. Bank of river. 6550 ft.
441554. Ceanothus caerulus? Rocky slope of gorge. 6400 ft.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441555. Cornus Trees over 6 in. diam. and up to 40 ft. tall.

Slopes of gorge near the river.

441556. Clethea guerifolia Lindl. Tree up to 40 or more ft. Riverside in

gorge. 6300 ft.

441557. Garrya laurifolia Benth. Small tree. Rocky slope of gorge. 6400 ft.

(Det. A. J. Sharp)

441558. Annonaceae? Tree uo to 30 ft. Moist slopes near the river. 6400 ft.
October 27, 1944
I revisited the gorge and went over the same territory relatively as yesterday’s trip covered. I paid more attention to cryptogams and less to trees. Meanwhile Starker Leopold went up to cryptogams and less to trees. Meanwhile Starker Leopold went up the canyon and got into a virgin forest on the ridge including a white pine. Also a jungle in the canyon of palms, canes, Equisetum (gigantic), Begonias, Rubus, and unknown lianas. The first number listed below he collected. He also saw a tree fern. I collected flowering orchids today; also saw what appears to be Smilax hispida but not in condition to collect.
The dueño at Omiltemi is: Sr. Juan Camera, c/o Cia. Madiera Guerrero, S.A. Chilpancingo, Gro.
Saw fern which looked like Cystopteris fragilis.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1115-1158.
441559. Ternstroemia pringlei (Rose) Coll. by A. s. Leopold. Head of draw on

Stanley N slope under white pine. Associated with

compositae. 7000ft

(Det. C. E. Kobuski)

441560. Equisetum laevigatum Bank of creek. 6575 ft

var. scabrellum Engelm. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441561. aff. Verbesina greenmani Yellow rays, straggling shrub up to 15 ft

Urban Bank of river. 6300 ft.

(Det. E. G. Aleaxander)
441562. Zeugites pringle Scribn. Moist shaded bottom of canyon. 6300ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441563. Cuphaea hookeriana Walp. Bank of river. 6300 ft.

(Det. R. E. Foster)

441564. Blechnum occidentale L. Moist bank. 6300 ft.

(Det. C. V: Morton)

441565. Smilax pringlei Lumm Also saw S. (hispida?), I believe moist

slope near bottom of canyon. 6350 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
441566. Same as 441542 but in flower. Moist steep

slope. 6350 ft.

441567. Dioscorea Slope at bottom of canyon. 6300 ft.
441568. Desmodium Long, vining, with ascending branches.

Slopes (moist) of canyon. 6400 ft.

441569. White fruit. Small tree. 7 in. diam. and 30 ft.

tall. Moist rocky slope of canyon. 6350 ft.

441570a. Oncidium tigrinum Llave & Yellow with brown flowers. On tree

Lex. var.unguiculatum Lindl. (#441569)

(Det. D. S. Corell and C. Schweinfurth).
441570b. Pleurothallis pringlei Schltr. Brown flowers. On tree (#441569)

Fleshy leaves.

(Det. D.S. Corell and C. Schweinfurth)
441571. Physosiphon tubatus (Lodd.) Yellow flowers. On oak tree. Fleshy

Reichb. f (fallen) leaves. 6300 ft. (Det. D. S. Corell)

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