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441208. Digitalis? 2 sp.? White? Purple? Edge of bank above road. 6000ft
441209. Gerardia? Reddish orange flowers. Roadside slope about 3 ft. tall. Herb. 6000ft
441210. Salvia orthrosoma Fern. Flowers small, cream but blue-tipped.

These are branches of tall herb, fragrant when crushed. Edge of book in barranca. 6000 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441211.Cyperus hermaphroditus Roadside bank. 6000ft (Det. T. Koyama)
441212. Rhynchospore aristata Edge of roadside bank. 6000 ft.

(Det. T. Koyama)

441213. Ariseama Edge of brook in barranca. 6000ft
441214. Viccinium sp.? Small tree 25-30 ft. tall. Moist roadside slope. 6000ft
441215. Ericaceae Arbutus? Tree about 50 or 60 ft. tall. Moist roadside slope. 6000ft
441216. Shrub (herbaceous) about 4 ft. tall, flower blue papilionaceous. Roadside thicket 6200ft
441216a. Monnina xalapensis HBK (Det. A.J.S.)
441217. Smilax moranensis Climbing into trees. Roadside thicket. 6000ft (Det. C. V: Morton)
441218. Solanaceae Small tree. Roadside slope. 6400ft
441219. Clematis Climbing into trees of roadside thicket. 6400ft
441220. Miconia anisotricha 2 – 3 ft. shrub. Roadside bank in thicket.

(Schlecht.) Triana Flower pale pink. 6400ft

(Det. J.J: Wundack)

441221. Viburnum (tall slender shrub) Wet roadside thicket. 6400ft

441223. Salvia microphylla Kunth Bushy 2 ft. shrub. Very fragrant.

(S. grahami Beth.) Roadside bank. Scarlet with a little magenta. 6500ft (Det. Carl Epling)

441224. Composite? Purple corollas. Fragrant when crushed (note rust). Roadside bank. 6400ft
441225. Vinca major L. Blue, ground cover. Escape? Roadside bank. 6500ft (Det. R. E. Woddson)
441226. Geranium seemanni Peyr. White with pink stripes. In pine woods. 6500ft (Det. H. E. Moore)
441227. Podocarpus. (small tree up to 50 ft. in height.) Roadside slope moist. 6000ft
441228. Alnus arguta? (Becoming tree) Roadside thicket. 6500ft (Det. A.J.S.)
441229. Botrychium dissectum Spreng. (Near B. virginiatum) Under pine.

subsp. decompositum (M. & G.) Under pine. 6500ft (Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441230. Citharexylum ligustrinum Van Small tree. Roadside thicket. 6500 ft.

Houtte (Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441231. Gaultheria Up to 2 ft tall. (note wintergreen odor). Roadside bank. 6500ft
441232. Bean (flowers almost salmon) Climbing in roadside thicket. 6500ft
441233. Simsia foetia (Cav.) Blake (yellow corallas)Branches of herb. 3 ft. tall. Roadside grassy bank. 6500ft

(Det. E. G. Alexander)

441234. Achillea pecten-veneris Poll. Roadside grassy bank. 6500ft

(Det. D. D. Keck)

441235. Ternstroemia sylvatica S. & C. (small tree up to 30 ft.) Flowers waxy, fragrant, white. Moist roadside slopes. 6400ft (Det. C. E. Kobuski)
441236. Halenia brericornis var. latifolia Gentianaceae. Steep roadside bank. 6400ft (Det. A.J.S.)
441237. Hypericum pratense C. & Schl. Roadside bank. 6200ft (Det. A.J.S.)
441238. Lycopodium complanatum Slope in pine-oak forest. 6600ft

var. validum Weatherby (Det. C. V. Morton)

441239. Cornus Up to 25 ft. high. Slope inpine-oak forest.

441240. Stachys grahami Benth. (Fragrance not too pleasant) Soil under

pine. 6700 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)
441241. Panicum xalapense H.B.K. Moist slope in oak-pine. 6700ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441242. Eupastorium ligustrinum DC. Pink, shrub 5 ft. common, spicy. Moist slope in pine-oak 6700 ft. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441243. Castilleja Deep scarlet. In cornfield on slope. 6700ft
441244. Arenaria lanuginose Under alder-pine. 6700 ft. (Det. A.J.S.)
441245. Peperomia hispidula (Sw.) Under alder-pine. 6700ft

A. Dietr. var.? (Det. T. J. Yuncker)

441246. Chimaphila maculata Under alder-pine. 6700?
441247. Chimaphila umbellata Under alder-pine (with the last) 6700ft
441248. Tibouchina galeottiana(Tr.) Cogn. Deep. pink. Roadside bank. 6600ft

(Det. J. J. Wurdack)

441249. Zeugits mexicana (Kunth.) Trin. Moist bank of trail. 6600ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441250. Bidens triplinervia var. (yellow corollas) Moist slope. 6500ft

var. macrantha (Wedd. ) Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff)

441251. Galium (minute) Moist trailside bank. 6500ft
441252. Juncus dichotomus Ell. Wet roadside bank. 6500ft

(Det. F. Hermann)

441253. Haultera ordorata Willd.? Looks like Gaultheria but has no odor of wintergreen. Edge of roadside bank. 6500ft
441254. Cirsium Tan corollas. Purple styles; plants 6 ft. tall

Moist slope along Rio Zotalapa. 6500ft

441255. Emilia Purple flower. Roadside bank. 6600ft
October 10, 1944
I took the flecha Roga bus to the highest point between El Seco and Acatzingo, Pue., on the higway between puebla and Jalapa. Elevation about 8000 ft. I had planned to climb to the top of the mountain to the east but gave up the idea when a native woodcutter said it was very dangerous—coyotes, panthers and “gentes malas” – I listen to the natives but not to the city dwellers who scare easily. Besides they are are armed with broadaxes. I saw more mosquitos on this slope than in all the rest of the traveling. I have done in Mexico. Sometimes there would be 50 to 75 on me at once. I collected for about a distance of a mile nearly always in sight of the highway. The forest was probably second growth, thoroughly grazed and occasionally burned over. Most of the trees were oak, pine (at least three species) and Juniperus, not very dense.
Non-vascular crytogams: 1005 – 1012

All below have the same locality and altitude data:

441256. Salvia tiliaefolia Vahl Small, blue flowers. Between Acatzingo

and El Seco. Roadside slope.

(Det. Carl Epling)
441257. Rhus standleyi Barkley Bushy shrub, 4 ft. tall. Ditto 441256.

Rather dry slope. (Det. A.J.S.)

441258. Bushy shrub 4 to 5 ft. tall. Ditto 441256.

Rather dry slope. (Det. A.J.S.)

441258. Bushy shrub 4 or 5 ft. tall. Ditto 441256. Rather dry slope.
441260. Selaginella minuscule Maxon (looks like S. rupestris) Edge of

roadside bank. (Det. C.V. Morton)

441261. Sedum Pinkish-white flowers. Edge of roadside

441262. Erigeron? Edge of overhanging roadside bank.

441263. Rosaceae? Shrub. Roadside bank (note rust)
441264. Arstostaphylos? Edge of roadside bank.
441265. Iridax cororopifolia (HBK) Hemal. White rays. Open grassy slope.
441266. Jagettis lucida Cav. Yellow flowers (smells of anise) Open grassy slope. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441267. Cheilanthes lendigera (Cheilanthes?) Small grassy area unde

(Cav.) Swartz oak. (Det. C. V. Morton)

441268. Cirsum (Crimson style and red bracts) Small open

grassy area between pine and oak.

441269. Erodium cicutarium (L.) L’ Her. Pink. Small open grassy area between pine

and oak. (Det. H. E. Moore)

441270. Leguminosae? (smells of citronella). Open grassy areas between trees.
441271. Hyminosperma glutinosum Yellow flowers; resinous, semi-shrubby

(Spreng.) Less. perennial about 4 ft. tall. Open grassy area between trees.

(Det. A. Cronquist)
441272. Jagetes faetidissima DC. Yellow-marigold? Pleasant odor. Open

grassy area between trees.

(Det. D. D. Keck)
441273. Stipa tenuissima Trin. In bunches. Open areas between trees. (Det. J. R. Swallen)
441274. Cuphea aequipetala Cav. Purple flowers. Open grassy area between trees. (Det. R. C. Foster)
441275. Diastatea micrantha (HBK) Pink purple. Under oak and pine.

McVaugh (Det. R. McVaugh)

441276. Geranium Seemanni Peyr. Pink. Grassy area between trees.

(Det. H. E. Moore)

441277. Salvia polystachya Ort. Deep blue. Edge of depression.

(Det. Carl Epling)

441278. Stevia serrata Cav. White (note rust) Strong unpleasant smell

var. arguta Rob. much like goats. Grassy area between

trees. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441279. Euphorbia Grassy area between trees.
441280. Juniperus Bushy trees. Rather dry slope.
441281. Bouvardia Open grassy area between trees.
441282. Stevia nepetaefolia HBK White. Strong unpleasant odor (note rust)

Open grassy areas between trees.

(Det. D. D: Keck)
44183. Notholaena aurea (Desv.) Under oak tree.

Weatherby (Det. C. V: Morton)

441284. Stevia rhombifolia HBK Srong unpleasant odor (note rust) White.

var. stephanocoma Sch.-Bip. Open grassy areas between trees.

(Det. D. D. Keck)
441284a. Eupatorium scoradonioides Gray
441285. Galium White flowers (note rust). Thicket in


441286. Muhlenbergia confusa (Fourn) Open grassy area between trees.

Swallen (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441287. Muhlenbergia macroura (HBK) Between trees. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441288. Tillandsia On Juniper trees.

441289. Polypodium peltatum Cav.| On Juniper tree.

(P. polylepsis Roem.) (Det. C. V. Morton)

44290. Verbena Carolina L. Open grassy areas between trees.

(Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441291. Convulvus? White. bank of ditch.
441292. Bank of ditch.
441293.Houstonia ? Open grassy area between trees.
441294. Stevia rhombifolia HBK Purple. Open grassy area between trees.

f. colorata Rob. (Det. D. D. Keck)

441295. Sanwitelia procumbens Composite. Dark center, yellow rays. Edge

of bank of ditch. (Det. A. Cronquist)

441296. Jacetes filifolia Lav. Composite. (One or two white rays) Golden glow genus? (Odor of licorice) Open grassy areas between trees. (Det. D. D: Keck)
441297. Composite (same as last but rays cream to yellow) Open grassy areas between trees.
441298. Scrophulariaceae (yellow flowers) Among grasses.
441299. Sisyrynchium (large yellow flowers) Among grasses.
441300. Muhlenbergia capillaris (In bunches) Open area between trees.

(Lam.) Trin. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441301. Helianthemum? Open grassy areas between trees.
441302. Halenia brevicornus (yellow flower) Grassy bank.

var. latifolia (Det. A.J.S.)

441303. Cyperus flavus Open grassy areas between trees.

(Det. T. Koyama)

441304. Rubiaceae Diodia? White flowers. Bank of ditch.
441305. Pentstemon Kunthϋ f. Dor. (Deep pink to crimson, throughout dark

lined) Bank of ditch. (Det. by Straw)

441303. Composite Gnaphalium? Open grassy areas.
441307.? Valeriana scandens L. (pale pink berries) On Juniperus

var. scandens F. G. Mey (Det. F. G. Meyer)

441308. Scutellaria caerulea Deep purple. Under oak & pine.

Moc. & Sesse (Det. Carl Epling)

441309. Aegopogon tenellus (Cav.) Trin. Open areas among trees.

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441310. Salvia polystachya Ort. Blue! Open grassy areas among trees.

(Det. Carl Epling)

441311. Verbena cilitiata Benth. Pink-purple. Edge of bank of ditch.

(Det. H. N. Moldenke)

441312. Piqueria trinervia Cav. White. Edge of bank of ditch.

(Det. D. D.Keck)

441313. Stachys agraria C. & S. Under oak & pine.

(Det. carl Epling)

441314. Lobelia gruina Cav. Dark-blue. Occuring singly under oak &

pine. (Det. R. McVaugh)

441315. Dalea (deep purple) Under pine & oak
441316. Habernaria entomantha Bank of ditch

(Llave & Lex.) Lindl. (Det. D. S. Correll)

441317. Galium (note rust!) Under oak and pine.
441318. Eryngium carlinae Delar. Bottom of dry ditch

(Det. L. Constance)

441319. Buddleia cordata HBK Scented! Shrub 3 or 4 ft. tall.

Open grassy bank. (Det. A.J.S.)

441320. Cirsium Blue. Open grassy area between trees.
4412321. Pinus Pine-oak forest. forest.
441322. Pinus (Rather scrubby) Pine-oak forest.
441323. Pinus Pine-oak forest
October 18, 1944
(L & H = A. S. Leopold & L. Hernandez collections)
Dr. A. Starker Leopold, Sr. Leopoldo Hernandez and I left Mexico, D. F. in the morning and traveled the Acapulco highway (#3) to Chilpancingo, Guerrero. The first stop was made just north of the D. F.-Morelos boundary (elevation – 9700ft) where the moss was collected. Stops were made again above Cuernavaca at elevations aproximately of 6000ft and 5000 ft. All collections were roadside collections in areas that had been disturbed by road building and often by agriculture as well. Other stations where collections were made further on are described in the notes that follow.
Moss # 1014
441324. Cassia Herb – about 1 ½ ft. tall.

Dry roadside ditch in the arroyo (Barranca

del Zopilote) (vulture) between Mezcala and Chilpancingo. 2500ft
441325. Cassia Herb, up to 2 ft. Same as the one later in the notes on which the grackles, cow and goats were feeding. Data as in #441324.
441326. Bursera aptera Ramirez Small bushy tree about 12 ft. tall. Data as in 441324 except for level at base of the slopes of the barranca. (Det. A.J.S.)
441327. Indigofera suffroticosa Tough herb about 2 ft. tall. Level,

relatively open area between road and slopes of the arroya. 2500ft See #441324.

441328. Bursera jonesii Rose Small, bushy tree about 15 ft. tall.

Data as in #441327. (Det. A.J.S.)

441329. Cardiospermum Vine climbing into trees mentioned above. Note rust! on leaves. Date as in # 441327.
441330. Opizia stolonifera Presl Data as in #441324

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441331. Crotalaria No fls. but c. fr. Herb about 15 in. tall. Roadside near Naranjo between Iguala and Taxco. Approx. 3500ft
441332. Caesalpinia pulcherrima Almost shrubby herb, 3 to 4 ft. tall with brilliant reddish-orange flowers. Color of fl. not solid. Data as in #441331.
441333. Legume Reclining, much-branches herb with small burnt-orange flowers and constricted pods. Data as in #441331.
441334. Legume Rhynchosia? Vine with small yellow flowers. Data as in # 441331.
441335. Cassia L.& H. #1. Herb same sp. as #441325 but these had been gazed.Grackles were apparently feeding on the seeds. In abandoned fields and roadsides. Between Naranjo and Taxco but nearer the former. The same species is common around Iguala.
441336. Juniperus? Roadside slope between Taxco and Iguala but near the former. Small tree about 25 to 30 ft. Approx. 3500ft
441337. Juniperus? Growing with #441336 and possibly the same.
441338. Oplisemenus burmanni Very dry roadside slope above Acuitlapan

(Retz.) Beauv. near Taxco. 5000ft (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441339. Euphorbia Small, rather succulent herb in shade of

other plants. Data as in #441338

441340. Bursera bipinnata Engl. Small, scrubby tree about 8-10 ft.

Data as in # 442338. (Det. A.J.S.)

441341. Lippia graveolens HBK Shrub about 8 ft. with cream flower

changing to yellow with age. Date as in

#441338. (Det. H. N. Moldenke)
441342. Rubiaceae Herb up to 8 in. with purple flowers. Data

as in #441338.

441343. Salvia leptostachys Benth. Deep blue flowers. Rather small herb. Data as in #441338. (Det. Carl Epling)
441344. Scleria reticularis Michx. Growing rather scattered among other

herbs. Data as in #441338.

(Det. E. L. Core)
441345. Lantana achyranthifolia Desf. Shrub about 5 ft. with purple flowers. Data

as in #441338.

(Det. H. N. Molenke)
441346. Stevia rhombifolia HBK White corollas. Tough herbs about 3 ft.

Odor slight but sweet. Data as

in # 441338. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441347. Looks like Viburnum. Scrubby tree about 8

ft. Data as in #441338.

441348. Salvia sessei Benth. Shrub about 6 ft. with brilliant scarlet

calices and corollas.Data as in #441338. (Det. Carl Epling)

441349. Convolvulaceae With magenta-purple flowers. Common

along roadsides east of Acuitlapan. 3500ft

441350a. Sagittaria Roadside pool near Puente de Ixtla in the

state of Morelos. Approx. 3000ft

441351b. Cyperus Data as in #441350a.
441351. Eleocharis Data as in #441350a.
4412352. Euphorbia Overgrazed pasture between Xoxocotla and Alpuyec, Morelos. App. 3000ft
441353. Euphorbia Data as in #441352
441354. Melampolldium sp. Composite. yellow rays. Data as #441352.

(Det. A. Cronquist)

441355. Tripsacum latifolium Hitch. Small herb with the appearance of a

member of Fumariaceae.

Data as in #441352.

(Det. J. R: Swallen)

441356. Legume Trailing with bluish-purple flowers.

Data as in #441352.

441357. Cathestecum erectum Data as in #441352

Vasey & Hack. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441358. Hilaria cenchroides H.B.K Data as in #441352

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441359. Crotolaria? Data as in #441352
41360. Legume L & H #3. Probably same species as

#441333. Data as in #441352.

441361. Shrub 5 to 7 ft. Roadside near Cuernavaca

but slightly north and above the town. App. 6000ft

441362. Linum orizabe Planch L. & H. # 4. Yellow flowers.

Roadside in cut-over woodland (pine and

oak) slightly south and below Tres

Cumbres (Tres Marias). App. 8000ft

441363. Legume Dalea Dark purple flowers. Data as in #441362
441364. Trifolium Data as in #441362
441365. Cosmos scabiosoides H.B.K. Deep blood-red (almost black)

var. typicus f. typicus Sherff flowers. Data as in #441362.

(Det. E. E. Sherff)
441366. Bouvardia Flowers scarlet to crimson.

Data as in 441362.

441367. Euphatorium pulchellum H.B.K. Composite. Flowers nearly the color of Eupatorium collectinum. Data as in 441362

(Det. D. D. Keck)

441368. Pentstemon Kunthü Flower color (solferino in Cast.) crimson with magenta throat paler but lined with deep red. Data as in #441362.

(Det. R. Straw)

441369. Verbena Herb with blue flowers. Data as in #441362
441370. Cunila lythrifolia Benth. Tall herb with, 4 ft. to 5 ft. with blue flowers. Data as in 441362. (Det. Carl Epling)
441371. Desmodium molliculum L & H #6. Pink-purple flowers. Trailing,

(HBK) DC. branches upright. Data as in #441362. (Det. B. G. Schubert)

441372. Sisyrinchium Yellow. Data as 441362.
October 19, 1944
The morning we spent pressing the preceding specimens in Chilpancingo. In the middle afternoon we took off up the mountainside west of Chilpancingo. We made

approximately 20 km, into the limestone sink country among the mountains west of

Chilpancingo. Two collections were made on the mountainside about 5 km from

Chilpancingo, Guerrero.

441373. Shrub abut 5 ft., maple –like leaves.

Steep rocky slope below road. 4800ft

441374. Bean. (Note rust!) Flower has clor of dried blood. Data as 441373.
We stopped in a limestone (probably dolomite) sink near a pool. Oaks dominated with a little pine. On the bluffs were many large Ostryas. On the slopes were also palmettos.
October 20, 1944
Collections were made around camp among the scattered oaks and the nearby dolomitic ? bluffs. Elevation approximately 6000 ft. Our road leads to Omiltemi. We are about 20 km west of Chilpancingo, Gro.
Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 1015-1038
441375. Carex percostata sp. nov. Dried up in bottom of sink.

(Not type specimen ) (Det. F. Hermann)

See Wash. Acad. of Sci. 40: 282. 1950)

441376. Asarima lophospermum Apparantly a slightly fleshy

(Bailey) Penn. Convoloucaceae. Flower strongly

Fide Don Gordon zygomorphic, bright purple.

Crevice of bluff.
441377. Prunus With racemes, fruit about 1 cm.

All small distorted trees. Edge of bluff.

441378. Verbenaceae Magenta bracts. Corollas red to magenta in the flare, withish to cream in tube. Dry rocky slope.
441379. Cyperus Dried mud in bottom of sink.
October 21, 1944 A. M. (same as Oct. 20)
While Dr. Leopold and Sr. Hernandez were hunting early in the morning the flollowing collections were made near camp. Elevations approximately 6000 ft. Second growth oak. Soil from dolomitic ? rocks.
441380. Rorippa mexicana Very small flowers procumbent

(Sesse & Moc.) Standley and (possibly originally erect), with upright

Steyermark branches. Muddy flat area but not dry. (Det. R. Rollins)
441381. Hyptis urticoides Kunth Light flowers. Lower lip cupped. Odor slight

but pleasant. Under oak in flatl.

(Det. Carl Epling)
441383. Salvia purpurea Cav. A rather bright purple, though herb,about 4 ft. tall. Growing with the last no.

(Det. E. C. Leonard)

441384. Ruellia sp. Nov. Relatively smooth stem & leaves. Note

rust! Base of slope under oak.

(Det. E. C. Leonard)
441385. Ruellia sp. nov. Perhaps same as last no. but pubescent

Note rust! Base of slope under oak.

(Det. E. C. Leonard)
October 21, 1944, P.M. ( same as Oct. 20)
Collections were made near the camp and more particularly on the steep bluff opposite camp. All collections were made at 6000ft or slightly above. Rock probably dolomite? Bluff is rather dry in rainy season. Saw vine like Iridaceae like I collected as El Puerto, Ver.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 1039-1045.
441386. Carex humboldtiana Steud. Dry slope. (Det. F. Hermann)
441387. Calochortus sp. Yellow, perianth a perfect cup (note

axillary gemmae) . Dry rocky slope.

(Det. M. Ownby)

441388. Cuphea cyanea DC. Shrub 2 to 3 ft. with orange flowers.

Edge of bluff. (Det. R. C. Foster)
441389. Begonia Weak steam. Crevice of bluff.
441390. Wimmeria persicifolia Radkl.? Small, slender tree about 18 ft. sparsely

branches; flowers white. Shaded shelf on

bluffs. (Det. C. E. Kobuski)
441391. Eupatorium sinaloense Rob Compositae. White. Shelf (shaded) of bluff. vel. aff. (Det. D. D. Keck)
441392. Cheilanthes notholaenoides Crevices of bluff.

(Desv.) Maxon (C. micromera) (Det. C. V. Morton)

441393. Senecio reldara DC. Rays white to cream. About 6 ft. tall.

Shelf of bluff. (Det. A. Cronquist)

441394. Rhus costaricensis Riley Shelff of bluff.

(Det. A.J.S.)

441395. Salvia melissodora Lag. Shrub 6-8 feet tall; flowers pale violet blue;

scent slight but not very pleasant. Edge of

bluff. (Det. Carl Epling)
441396. Liliaceae? White flowers; stamens adnate into a tube.

Shelf of bluff.

441397. Bumelia persimilis Hemsl. Small tree about 12 ft. Shelf of bluff.

ssp. subsesiflora (Heml) Cronq. (Det. A.J.S.)

441398. Cardiospermum Grape-like vine; flowers very sweet- scented, greenish yellow, fruit red.

Over bluff.

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