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441026. Muhlenbergia montana (Nutt.) Oak forest remnant above Sierra

Hitch. ? Negra. 9350ft (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441027. Bromus anomalus Rupr. (well-seperated plants) Moist bank.

Pine-oak forest remnant above

Sierra Negra. 9350ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441028. Brachypodium mexicanum (in very loose bunches) (scabrous)

(R. & S.) Link Moist bank. Pine-oak forest remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350 ft. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441029. Salvia elegans Vahl. (herb 4 to 5 ft. tall, crimson) Oak-pine remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350ft

(Det. Carl Epling)

441030. Hieracium. (yellow rays) Oak-pine remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350ft
441031. Agastache mexicana Herb, flowers red-pink to scarlet.

(Kunth.) Lint. Along roadside above Sierra Negra.

9200 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)
441032. Halenia brevicornis Roadside bank above Sierra Negra

9200 ft. Det. A.J.S.

441033. Lobelia gruira Cav. Moist roadside bank above Sierra

Negra. 9200 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

441034. Silene Base of pyramid above waterworks at San Andres. 8700ft
441035. Pentstemon isophyllis Rob. (scarlet with yellow, red striped throat) Base of pyramid above waterworks at San Andres . 8700 ft. (Det. Straus)
441036. Cirsium (with long scarlet heads). Oak-pine remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350ft
441037. Oak-pine remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350ft
441038. Pinus Oak-pine remnant above Sierra Negra. 9350ft
441039. Hieracium (cream white heads). Base of pyramid above waterworks at San Andres. 8700ft
441040. Rubus trilobus Seringe ex. DC. Roadside bank above Sierra Negra

9200 ft. (Det. H. E. Moore, Jr.)

441041. Viquiera sp. (yellow rays ) Base of pyramid

above waterworks at San Andres.

8700 ft. (Det. A. Cronquist)
441042. Rubus pringlei Rydb. (red-pink raspberry, tart not very sweet,

(a + b) long, arching plants)

(a) Roadside bank above Sierra Negra; (b) also in forest remnant at 87-9400 ft.

(Det. H: E. Moore, Jr.)

September 26, 1944

San Andres

Above Serdán, Cabecero, Puebla
Pablo Huerta, the whole school (teachers and 100+ students) in his brother’s house and I went 3 or more km east of San Andres into the San Martin area. We went a short distance beyond the San Augustine bridge. Most of the collecting was roadside, a little in the badly-mauled oak-pine forest beyond the San Andres Bridge. Here we caught a lizard which all thought was a scorpion and deadly poisonous. The boys had wounded it so badly that it died on the way home.Nearly all collections were made at 8550 ft.
Saw stinkhorn (all white except green spore mass—white, spongy veil); also saw one Psalliota (white cap with brown center), also a couple of Amanitas, which looked like A. verna.
Non-vascular cryptogams: 775 – 792.
441043. Loeselia coerulea (Cav.) Don. (Blue-purple flowers) Roadside east of San Andres. 8400ft

(Det. K. T. Wherry)

441044. Daucus Montana Hub. & Bonpl. (smells of dill). Roadside east of San Andres. 8550ft

(Det. L. Constance)

441045. Cirsium (purple flowers). Slope above San Augustin Bridge) . 8500ft
441046. Polygala salviana A. W. Benn. Above San Augustin bridge. 8600ft

(Det. A.J.S.)

441047. Bouvardia Slope above San Augustin bridge.

441048. Bidens ostruthioides var. (Yellow rays) Slope above San Augustin

costaricensis (Benth. ex Oerst.) Bridge. 8600ft

Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff)

441049. Verbesina ovata (Cav.) Gray Slope above San Augustin bridge.

8600 ft. (Det. A. Cronquist)

441050. Gnaphalium Slope above San Augustin Bridge. 8600ft

441051. Hypericum Slope San Augustin bridge. 8600ft

441052. (sprawling, blue flowers)

Slope above San Augustin bridge.

441053. Ribes (black, smooth currant) Sreamside at

San Augustin bridge. 8600ft

441054. Centauraea (pink-purple) Roadside near San Augustin

bridge. 8500ft

441055. Descurainia streptocarpa Roadside near San Augustin bridge.

(Fourn. O. E. Schulz 8550 ft. (Det. R. Rollins)

441056. Chenopodium incisum Poir. Roadside near San Augustin bridge.

8550ft (Det. J. Sauer)

441057. Eupatorium scorodonioides White flowers; shrub somewhat fragrant.

Gray Roadside near San Augustin bridge. 8550ft

(Det. D. D. Keck)
441058. Roadside east of San Andres. 8550ft
441059. Sicyos (vine) Roadside above San Andres (east). 8500ft
441060. Oxalis (yellow flowers) Roadside above San Andres (east). 8500ft
441061. Cyclanthera Vine) Roadside above San Andres (east). 8500ft
441062. Buddleia americana L. (fragrant) At San Augustin bridge. 8550 ft. (Det. A.J.S.)
441063. Physalis Roadside above San Andres. 8500ft
441064. Geranium subulatostipulatum Roadside above San Andres. 8500ft

R. Kunth. vel. aff. (Bet. H. E. Moore)

441065. Asclepias linaria Cav. Roadside above San Andres. 8500ft

(Det. R. E. Woodson)

441067. Bouteloua breviseta Vasey? Roadside bank east of San Andres. 8500ft (Det. J. R. Swallen)
441068. Cyperus Roadside near San Augustin bridge. 8550ft
441069. Slope above San Augustin bridge. 8600ft
441070. Pinus Slope above San Augustin bridge. 8600ft
Real del Norte, above Pachuca, Hidalgo

October, 1, 1944

Above Real del Norte, west of the gap between that town and Pachuca (altimeter read 9300ft to 9500ft ) but check with the last trip. This time I went clear to the top of the ridge nearest the main highway. Most trees were oak but Abies and Juniper were common. I noted one Cupressus which did not look as if it had been planted. Conopholis, fruiting, was very commom.
The following fungi were noted: Amanita rubescens; A. verna?; A. sp. with brown top, white flakes, bulbous base; A. sp. of cothurnata type; Amanitopsis vaginata var. livida, also var. fulva; Clitocybe laccata?; Lactarius; Russula (red top); Lepiota, 2 sp. of Hydnium; Cantherellus cibarius; Clavaria of staghorn type; and many other species.
Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 793-850
441071. Bidens triplinervia var. mollis (Yellow rays ) In oak woods. 9400ft

(Poepp. & Endl.) Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff)
441072. Poa annua L. In crotches of big oaks (also on ground, but not collected) 9300 ft. (Det. J. R. Swallen)
441073. Stachys (?) agrara C. & S. Odor faintly sour. Open grassy area recently inundated. 9300ft

(Det. Carl Epling)

441074. Stachys (?) coccinea Jacq. Lower lip. Oak woods. 9400 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)

441075. Salvia elegans Vahl. Crimson corollas appearing abortive. Herb about 4 ft. tall. Oak woods. 9400ft

(Det. Carl Epling)

441076. Lepechinia schiedeana Somewhat lemon scented. Oak woods.

(Schlecht) Vatke 9400 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441077. Eupatorium hidalgenseRob. Shrub, 5 to 6 ft. tall. Oak woods.

9450 ft. (Det. D. D. Keck)

441078. Archibaccharis sescenticeps Semi-shrubby. Oak woods. 9450ft

Blake (Det. D.D. Keck)

441079. Stevia rhombifolia HBK var. Purple, fragrant, but of goats. Oak woods.

strephanocoma Sch.-Bip. f. 9300 ft. (Det. D. D. Keck)

glandulifera (Schlecht) Rob
441080. Juniperus Among oak and fir. 9500ft
441081. Ribes affine HBK Growing on limbs of old oaks.

(Also seen on ground) 9500ft

(Det. A.J.S.)
441082. Galium In crotch of old oaks. 9500ft
441083. Asplenium Soil in oak woods. 9450ft
441084. Polypodium madrense J. Limbs of oak. 9500ft

Smith (Det. C.V. Morton)

441085. Baluzania Yellow-rayed odor of some rancid oil.

Oak forest. 9300ft

441086. Bromus lacineatus Beal. Crotch of an old oak. 9300ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441087. Scutellaria caerulea Edge of oak forest. 9300ft

Moc. & Sesse (Det. Carl Epling)

441088. Salvia helianthemifolia Benth. Blue, penetrating odor when crushed.

Edge of oak forest. 9300ft

(Det. Carl Epling)
441089. Stevia purpurea Pers. Purple flowers. Plant fragrant but not very pleasant. Edge of oak forest. 9300 ft.

(Det. D. D. Keck)

441090. Eupatorium malacolepis Rob. White. Edge of oak forest. 9300ft

(Det. D. D. Keck)

441091. Stevia jorullensis HBK Pink-purple. Fragrant but not very pleasant. Edge of oak forest. 9300 ft.

(Det. D. D. Keck)

Oct. 2, 1944 – Huauchinango, Puebla.

48900 feet (be sure to correct)

I took the bus toward Tulancingo to the stop marked “Catalina Pemex” (still in Puebla) where the elevation according to the barometer was between 56 und 5700 ft. I noted lots of Sambucus along the road. It looks like S. canadiensis to me; perhaps a little larger at times and with leaves a little more coriaceous and shiny. Also saw wild grape, but, if with fruit, I did not see it. I did find a fruit or grape on the road about ½ inch in diameter, thick-skinned and musky in taste. The cluster had about 5 or 6 on it. Saw the bright orange but small (1/3 inch) Hygrophorus. Pteridium or Pteris here has fronds 6 ft. tall. Also there is a fern whose fronds resemble tree ferns but it has a very large rhizome. Trees were mostly pines and alder. Poison ivy was again observed: Rhus toxicodendron or R. radicans. I also saw Rubus (evidently a blackberry with canes 30 ft. or more and climbing to a height of 20 ft. or more in the trees. The berry season was past. Ericaceous trees, Arbutus (or is it Arutostaphylos) were rather common. Also Liquidambar at lower elevations.
Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 851-891.
All collections below are near Catalina along the road
441092. Zeugites mexicana Moist shaded soil. 5000ft

(Kunth.) Trin. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

441093. Liquidambar styraciflua Moist slopes. 5000ft
441094. Miconia oligotricha (D.C.) Naud? (Blue fruti) Densley shaded soil near creek. 5000 ft. (Det. J. J. Wundock)
441095. Ipomea Flowers coccineus. Moist slope. (rust?) 5000ft
441096. Panicum villosissimum Nash Reclining. Moist thicket. 5200ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441097. Hydrocotyle mexicana Moist shaded slope. 5200 ft.

Sclecht. & Cham. (Det. L. Constance)

441098. Salvia mexicana L. Tall herb (5 ft.) caerulean flowers. Moist roadside (sunny slope) (not very fragrant.) 5100 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)
441099. Vaccinuum leucanthemum P. Fruits purple-red when ripe. Shurb 5 ft.

Moist sunny slope. 5200ft

441100. Mitchella (similar to M. repens) red fruit. Slope

shaded by thicket. 5200ft

441101. White flowers. Edge of moist roadside bank. 5000ft
441102. Cerifera? Moist thicket on slope. 5200ft

(Det. A.J.S.)

441103. Myrica? Same as previous no? Moist slope

in thicket. 5200ft

441104. (blue flowers & fruit) In moist thicket on slope (Hairs make fruit look blue) 5200ft
441105. Lycopodium clavatum L. In moist thicket on slope. 5200ft

(Det. C. V. Morton)

441106. Ilex (red fruit) In thicket on slope. 5200ft
441107. Cassia (tough herb, 3 ft. tall) Edge of road.

441108. Desmodium (procumbent but with erect branches). Edge of roadside thicket. 5300ft

441109. Erigeron Roadside bank. 5300ft
441110. Gaultheria Shrub. 2 to 3 ft. contains oil of wintergreen. Moist thicket. 5300ft
441111. Melastomaceae Pink flower. Bottom of wet slope wet slope near creek. 5000 ft. (Det. . J. J. Wundock)
441112. Vacinium Purple fruits. Thicket on slope above road. 5300ft
441113. Fruits black at maturity. Edge of overhanging bank. Shrub 2 to 3 ft. tall. 5300ft
441114. Pinus Needles all hang down. Open sunny slope. 5300ft
441115. Hieracium (Yellow rays) Open sunny slope. 5300ft
441116. Melampodium rhomboideum DC. (Slender shrub, arching about 6 ft. long) Moist thicket. 5200 ft. (Det. A. Cronquist)
4411117. On Arbutus (or Arctostaphylos?) 5300ft (See No. 441123)
441118. Huge, tough herb 6 ft. Yellow flowers,

seal (?) brown inside. Moist roadside slope. 5300ft

441119. Commelina Flowers small, white inside, pale pink

outside. Edge of road on grassy bank.

441120. Verbena litoralis HBK Small blue flowers with galls. Roadside.


(Det. H. N. Moldenke)
441121. (Flowers yellow and look much like

Mimulus, fruit white when ripe. Roadside. bank moist. 5400ft
441122. Erechtites valeriaefolia Purple flowers. Moist roadside bank.

(Wolf) DC. 5400ft . (Det. D. D. Keck)

441123. Arbutus (or Arctostaphylos?) Very fragrant white flowers. Trees on slopes. 5400ft
441124. Polygala Purple flowers. Roadside. 5300ft
441125. Crotalaria Yellow flowers. Roadside bank. 5400ft
441126. Moist, densely shaded slope. 5400ft
441127. Salvia tiliaefolia Vahl Herb, blue flowers, 3 to 4 ft. Only branches

here, very fragrant pleasant? Roadside bank. 5400ft

(Det. Carl Epling)
441128. Lamoutouxia xalapaensis H.B.K Gerardia? Shrub 4 to 5 ft tall, brilliant

orange-red flowers. Edge of high road side bank. 5500 ft. (Det. R. Straus)

441129. Hybanthus parietariifolius Edge of roadside bank. 5500 ft.

(Det. A.J. Sharp)

441130. Quercus leiophylla A. DC. (small tree) (collected because of the resemblance of leaves to those of chestnut) Roadside. 5500ft

(Det. C. H. Muller)

441131. Gallium Orange fruits. Moist thicket above road.

441132. Cuscuta jalapensis Schlecht. Over herbs and shrubs by the roadside.5500 ft. (Det. T G. Yuncker)

441133. Hyptis mutabilis (Rich.) Briqu. Herb fragrant, blue flowers. Roadside near

Catalina. 5500 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441134. Alnus arguta Small tree. Roadside bank. 5500ft
441135. Salvia sp. Herb, blue flowers, 4 ft. Bank above

roadside. 5500ft . (Det. Carl Epling)

441136. 3-seemed mercury? Moist thicket above

road. 5500ft

441137. Stellaria ovata Soil of moist thicket above road. 5500ft

(Det. A.J.S.)

441138. Ranunculus petiolaris HBK Moist roadside bank. 5500ft

var. hooperi (Schlecht.) L. Benson (Det. L. Benson)

441139. Asyrum Shrub, 10-12 inches. Roadside bank.

441140. Shrub, 6 ft. Bank above road. 5500ft

441141. Thalictrum lanatum Lec. (reclining) Moist thicket above road.

5500 ft. (Det. B. Boivin)

441142. Hypericum Herb. Moist roadside bank. 5500ft
441143. Hypericum Low shrub. Moist roadside bank. 5500ft
441144. Hypericum Herb. Moist roadside soil. 5500ft
441145. Cuphaea? Moist roadside thicket. 5500ft
441146. Euphorbia Moist soil of roadside thicket. 5500ft
441147. Panicum multirameum Scribn. Moist roadside soil. 5500ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441148. Panicum glutinosum Swartz (trailing) Moist roadside soil. 5500ft

(Det. J. R. Swallen)

441149. Houstonia? Moist roadside soil. 5500ft
441150. Desmodium (long, trailing) Moist roadside soil. 5500ft
441151. Lopezia pubescens HBK Pink flowers. Roadside soil. 5500ft

(Det. P. A: Munz)

441152. Dioscorea In thicket. Roadside bank moist. 5500ft
441153. Cucurbitaceae (vine in trees) Roadside. 5500ft
441154. Alnus arguta? (same as 441134) Roadside. 5000ft

(Det. A.J.S.)

441155. Phytolacoa rivinoides Large herb. Roadside. 5500ft

(Det. J. D. Sauer)

-P. americana (Det. A.J.S.)
October 6, 1944

Huachinango, Puebla. Elevation: 4900ft

Through Sr. Francisco Barrios I hired Sr. Martin Martinez both of the address: Libertad #89. We walked west along burro trails and visited various barrancas and small intervening ridges. The highest elevation reached was 5150 ft. At no time would I judge we were more than 5 km from town. The most peculiar plant seen but not collected was a huge fern with a trunk (upright rhizome about as tall as I am). It had a huge fronds! I also saw an Amanita which looked identical with what we call A. phalloides in Tennessee. Not many gill fungi were in evidence although the substrata were wet enough. Seen but not collected: poison ivy and black elderberry, tree fern.
Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 892-943
441156. Cissus sicyoides L. (Woody vine) Trailside, edge of

Huauchinango. 4900ft

(Det. L. H. Bailey)
441157. Oreopanax xalapense Shrub 10 ft. tall. Soil beside brook. 4950ft (Det. A.J.S.)
441158. Kohleria deppeana Reddish-orange flowers, zygo. sympat.

(C. & S.) Fritsch Moist steep, shaded slope. 5050ft

(Det. C. V. Morton)
441159. Nyssa sylvatica Tree. Moist slope. 5500ft
441160. Struthanthus Long, almost vine-like mistletoe (pendant) branches on preceding tree. 6 to 8 ft. long or more.
441161. Vaccinium leucanthum Purple fruits, small tree. (Sr. Martinez said

Chanm. & Schl. fruit edible) Moist ridge. 5050ft

441162. Rubus. Long, up to about 30 ft. Canes evidently

perennial, with new branches annually – often 15 to 20 ft. in trees. No fruit, evidently

a blackberry. Moist slopes. 5050ft
441163. Xylosma flexuosum Hemsl. (Tecojotilla) Rosaceae? Dark red fruits,

small trees. Moist slope. 5050ft

(Det. A.J.S.)
441164. Cassia? Small tree. Moist slope. 5050ft
441165. Cirsium Innermost bracts yellow-tipped; corollas

tan; 7 to 8 ft. tall. Moist open slope. 5050ft

441166. Wodwardia spinulosa M.& G. Moist shaded slope. 5150ft

(Det. C. V: Morton)

441167. Pteridium aquilinum var. feei (pubescent, smaller) Moist slope. 5150ft

(Scaffn.) Maxon

441168. Pteridium aquilidium var. (not so pubescent, fronds often 6or 7 ft. arachnoideum (Kaulf.) Herter tall). (Det. C. V: Morton)
441169. Polypodium angustifolium Swartz Trunk of tree. 5100ft (Det. C. V: Morton)
441170. Rhamnus capreifolia Schltdl. Small tree. Moist barranca. 5100ft

(Det. A.J.S.)

441171. Tall shrub. Moist barranca. 5100ft
441172. Juglans Tree, not very large.Moist barranca. 5100ft
441173. Litsea glaucescens Large shrub or small tree. Smells like

var. subsolitaria benzoin. Moist barranca. 5050ft

(Det. A.J.S.)
441174. Xylosma flexuosum Hemsl. Red fruit, small tree. Moist barranca.

(Same as 441163?) 5050ft

(Det. A .J.S.)
441175. Ternstroemia sylvatica S.& C. Slender tree, 25 ft. tall. Moist thicket in

barranca. 5500 ft. (Det. C. E. Kobuski)

441176. Podocarpus reichei Small tree. Note fungi! Moist thicket in

barranca. 5050ft

441176a. (rust)
441177. Vitis popenoei Fennell Purple, thick-skinned fruit with musky odor;

taste pleasant at first, later acrid. Moist

thicket of barranca. 5050 ft.

(Det. L. H: Bailey)

441178. Cornus Large shrubs. Moist slope. 5000ft
441179. Diascorea Vine in tree. Moist barranca. 5000ft
441180. Lauraceae? Small trees. Wet barranca. 5000ft
441181. Euphorbia Moist, shaded soil of barranca.5000ft
441182. Viburnum Only branch in flower. Tall shrub. Moist

barranca. 5000ft (See Monday’s collection)

441183. Chamaesyche Moist soil of barranca. 5000ft
441184. Sanicula liberta Moist shaded soil of barranca.

Cham. & Schlecht. (Det. L. Constance)

441185. Polypodium biauritum Moist soil of barranca. 5000ft

Maxon (Det. C. V: Morton)

441186. Isochilus linearis (Jaqu.) R. Br. On limb of Carpinus. 5000ft

(Det. D. S. Correll)

441187. Carpinus Edge of brook in barranca. 5000ft
441188. Smilax moranensis Branches in tree. Moist barranca. 5000ft

(Det. C.V. Morton)

441189. Botrychium dissectum Spreng. (Grape type) Moist bank of brook. 5000ft

subsp. decompositum (M. & G.) (Det. R. T. Clausen)

441190. Sida Shrubby, 2 ft. tall. Moist trailside bank.

441191. Rubus sapidus Schlecht. Moist trailside bank. 4950ft

(Det. H. E. Moore, Jr.)
441192. Cassia? Sprawling, shrubby. Moist trailside slope.

441193. Allium glandulosum Moist bank of trail. 4950ft

Link & Otto (Det. M. Ownbey)
441194. Polygala berlandieri Wats. White flowers. Moist trailside slope. 4950ft

(Det. A.J. Sharp)

441195. Ageratum tomentosum Blue corollas. Branches of tall shrub. Moist (Benth.) Hemsl. trailside slope. 4900 ft. (Det. D. D: Keck)
441196. Galium Moist trailside bank. 4900ft
441197. Galium Moist trailside bank. 4900ft
441198. Yellow flowers. Branches of shrub.

Moist trailside bank. 4900ft

441199. Salvia hyptoides M. & G. Fragrant. Small, blue flowers. Moist

trailside bank. 4900 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

441200. Carex polystachya Sw. Moist trailside bank. 4900 ft.

(Det. F. Hermann)

441201. Polypodium fallax C. & S. On tree. 4900 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)
441202. Richardia Moist trailside bank. 4900ft
441203. Melampodium divaricatum Yellow rays. Moist trailside bank. 4900ft

(Rich.) DC. (Det. E. G. Alexander)

441204. Tovara virginiana (Tovara) ? Moist trailside thicket. 4900ft
441205. Quercus skinneri Acorns & cups from same kind od oak as was collcted (leaves & twigs) last Monday. Moist slope. 4905ft (Det. A.J.S.)
October 7, 1944 (near Huauchinago, Pue.)
Sr. Martinez (who spends much time as a cowboy in the north) and I took the bus toward Tulancingo. We got off at the bridge over the Rio Totalapa or Zotalapa (cross wrong one out.). The elevation here was slightly less than 6500 ft. We walked back to below Catalina Pemex. Highest elevation reached was between 6700-6800 feet—we stopped collecting at 6000 feet. We followed burro trails most of the time parallel to the main road. Liquidambar does not reach the top of the escarpment. Most of the trees were pine, oak and alder, with some Crateagus and other species. Podocarpus seems to be more common near the edge of escarpment and just below. I saw Russula foetens (odor and all), Clitocybe laccata, a peculiar Amanita with a yellowish tan smooth top, Cotinarius and other unknown gill forms. Also saw Duchesnia indica on roadside bank. The last seven numbers were collected near the bridge over Rio Zotalapa.
Non-Vascular Cryptogams nos: 944-1004
441206. Euphorbia (Trailing with upright branches) Roadside

above Catalina. 5800ft

441207. Salvia simulans Fern. (purple with magenta cast). Beside stream in barranca. 5900 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)
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