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44419. Cyperus Moist roadside ditch.

44420. Carex donnell-smithii Bailey Moist roadside bank. (Det. F. Hermann).

44421. Cyperus apiculatus Lieb. Moist slope. (Det. T. Koyama).
44421-a. Mimulus glabratus HBK. Det. (F.W. Pennell).
44422. Cyperus Moist slope.
44423. Cyperus Moist slope.
44424. Cyperus Moist slope.
44425. Cyperus Moist slope.
44426. Cyperus? ischnos Schl. Sunny, grassy but moist slope (Det T. Koyama).
44427. Moist roadside.
44429. Cyperus Moist slope.
44430. Juncus dichotomus Ell. Ledge on moist bluff. (Det. F. Hermann).
44431. Carex turbinata Liebm. Moist bank of river. (Det. F. Hermann).
44432. Carex longicaulis Bock. Moist slope. (Det. F. Hermann).
44433. Carex peucophila Holm Bank of river. (Det. F. Hermann).
44434. Carex xalapensis Kunth (1 or 2 sp.). Moist bank of river. (Det. F. Hermann).
44435. Juniperus Moist slope.
44436. Pinus Moist slope.
Near San Bernabé Amaxac de Guerrero

Tlaxcala, Mexico, about 7100 feet.

August 20, 1944

with Efraín Hernández Xolocotzi (add this name to my name on labels)

We walked down back of village of San Bernabé Amaxac de Guerrero to the Río Tequixciate. Fording it we crossed a hill to the gorge of the Río Zuahuapan. We followed this gorge up to the falls and power plant. We collected over soils and of volcanic origin.
Seen but not collected: Clematis, 2 Amanita species unknown to me, Lactarius, Crassula, Crassula, Sedum, Echeverria, Cacti, Boletus.

The rivers were lined mainly with alder together with some willow. The alders were large. Box elder was found in one spot. In the gorge and on top of the bluffs were many shrubs of various families.

Non-vascular cryptogams, 377-426.

44437. Notholaena sinuata Volcanic ash bank, Amaxac, 7100 ft.

var. infegerrima Hook. (Det C.V. Morton)
44438. Alnus Río Tequixciate bank.
44439. Sicyos Bank of Río Tequixciate.
44440. Trifolium Edge of irrigation canal.
44441. Epilobium mexicanum DC. Edge of irrigation canal (Det. P.A. Munz)
44442. Ranunculus dichotomus Moc. Edge of irrigation canal. (Det. L. Benson).

& Sesse

44443. Mimulus glabratus HBK. (Yellow flowered). Edge of irrigation canal.

(Det. F.W. Pennell)

44444. Erechtites Edge of irrigation canal.
44445. Pellea ternifolia (Cav.) Link. Volcanic ash bank. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44446. Rocky slope.
44447. Rocky slope.
44448. Jussiaea repens Sluggish ditch. (Det. P.A. Munz).

var. glabrescens O. Ktze.

44449. Equisetum laevigatum A. Br. (Pitillo). Moist bottom land soil. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44450. Cuphaea sp. (Aclanchaua). Sluggish ditch.( Det. R.C. Foster).
44451. Lopezia sp. (Tlalpepera). Moist bottom land. (Det. P.A. Munz).
44452. Acer (Box elder) (Zapoxihuitl). Along Río Zuahuapan.
44453. Cornus (Jasmincillo). Bank of Río Zuahuapan.
44454. Sedum Rocks beside Río Zuahuapan.
44455. Salix Huejote. Edge of Río.
44456. Notholaena incana Presl. Culantrillo. Bluff near falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44457. Panicum bulbosum HBK Steep moist slope near falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. J.R. Swallen).
44458. Juncus mexicanus Willd. Moist low spot top of bluff near falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. F. Hermann).
44459. Houstonia Moist top of bluff near falls on Río Zuahuapan.
44460. Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Moist soil top of bluff near falls on Río Engelm. Zuahuapan. (Det. J.R. Swallen).
44461. Euphorbia Crevices top of bluff near falls on Río Zuahuapan.
44462. Pellaea ternifolia (Cav.) Link Rock on moist slope. Near falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44463. Allium Weaveri Ownbey, ined. Moist crevices of old lava at top of falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. M. Ownbey).
44464. Tridax coronopifolia (HBK) Hemsl. Moist crevices of old lava at top of falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. E.J. Alexander).
44465. Gomphrena Pringlei Thin soil over lava at top of falls on Río Coult & Fisher Zuahuapan. (Det. J. Sauer).
44466. Smilax moranensis Slope below cliff near falls on Río Zuahuapan. (Det. C.V. Morton)
44467. Dryopteris mexicana (Presl) Moist crevices of cliff near fallson Río C.Chr. Zuahuapan. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44468. (Flowers pale purplish). Top of cliff near falls near falls on Río Zuahuapan.
44469. Thelypodium micranthum (Gray) Moist slope near Amaxac. (Det. R. Rollins).


44470. Juniperus Moist slope near Amaxac.
44471. Juncus microcephalus HBK Irrigation ditch near Amaxac. (Det. F. Hermann).
44472. Crevices of rocky slope near Amaxac.
44473. Thalictrum strigillosum Hemsley Moist banks of Río Zuahuapan near Amaxac. (Det. B. Boivin).
44474. Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Rocky slope (Tepetate) near Amaxac..

Torr. (Det. J.R. Swallen).

44475. Triumfettas Galeottiana Turcz Irrigation ditch near Amaxac. (Det. K.K. Lay).
44476. Alnus Along Río Zuahuapan near Amaxac.
44477. Rocky soil near Amaxac.
44478. Cuscuta mitraeformis Engelm. On herbs along Río Zuahuapan near Amaxac. (Det. T.G. Yuncker).
44479. Alnus Along Río Zuahuapan near Amaxac.
44480. Rocky slopes near Amaxac.
44481. Crataegus mexicana Moc. & Bank of Río Tequixciiate near Amaxac. Sesse (Det. R. McVaugh).
Mt. Tlacuapanga, Tlaxcala, México.

(with Efraím Hernández)

August 21, 1944
44482. Sisyrynchium Sandy soil near San Antonio. 7400 ft.
44483. Drymaria tenella Gray Sandy soil near S. Antonio, 7400ft (Det. A.J Sharp).
44484. Verbascum virgatum Stokes (Yellow-flowered). Roadside near S.Antonio, 7400 ft. (Det. F.W. Pennell).
44485. Salvia microphylla Kunth (Shrubby, pink flowered). Roadside near S. Antonio, 7400 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44486. Stevia purpurea Pers. Roadside bank near San AntonioA.J. (Det. Sharp & Fernández).
44487. Festuca myuros L. Summit of Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft. (Det J.R. Swallen).
44488. Bromus anomalus Rupr. Summit of Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100ft (Det. J.R. Swallen).
44489. Heuchera amoena Cliffs, summit, Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft. (Det. O. Lakela).
44490. Fuchsia thymifolia HBK Steep slopes on Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9000 ft. (Det. P.A. Munz).
44491. Salvia elegans Vahl. Shrubby, crimson. Top of Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44492. Asarina barcliana (Lindl.) An scape?. Roadside bank near San Pennell Antonio, 9400 ft. (Det. F.W. Pennell).
44493. Cheilanthes lendigera (Cav.) Summit, Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft. C.V. Swartz (Det. Morton).
44494. Eupatorium colaminthifolium DC. Summit, Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft. D.D. (Det. D. D. Keck).
44495. Arctostaphylos pungens HBK Summit, Mt. Tlacuapanga, 9100 ft.
44496. Arbutus Slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga, 8000 ft.
44497. Achillea lanulosa Nutt. Sandy field near San Antonio, 7400ft (Det. Sharp & Fernández).
44498. Drymaria sperguloides Gray Sandy field near San Antonio, 7400 ft. (Det. A.J.S.).
44499. Rhamnus microphylla Willd. (Rust on fruits). Edge of barranca in thicket near S. Antonio under pine. 7400 ft. (Det. A.J.S.).
44500. (Cleisto flowers?). Roadside near San Antonio.
44501. Arctostaphylos pungens Slopes at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44502. Pinus Slopes at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44503. Asclepias ovata Mart. & Gal. Sandy field near San Antonio, 7400 ft. (Det. R.E. Woodson).
44504. Salvia microphylla Kunth Red, shrubby. Top of Mt. Tlacuapanga, var.neurepia (Fern.) Epl. 9100ft .( Det. Carl Epling).
44505. Sandy field near San Antonio. 7600 ft.
44506. Salvia (?) cardinalis Kunth Cardinal color. Roadside near San Antonio. 7600 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44507. Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44508. Cacalia Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44509. Vicia (Looks like V. caroliniana). Moist soil, slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8300 ft.
44510. Viola painteri Rose & House (Yellow-flowered). Moist slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8500 ft. (Det. Milo S. Baker).
44511. Polypodium guttatum Maxon Soil moist slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8500 ft. (Det. C.V. Morton).
44512. Alchemilla procumbens Rose Moist slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8500 ft. (Det. R. MacVaugh).
44513. Oxalis Violet purple-flowered. Moist slope of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8800 ft.
44514. Moist soil, Mt. Tlacuapanga 8900 ft.
44515. Buddleia parviflora HBK Moist soil, Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8800ft . (Det. A.J.S.)
44516. Ceanothus caeruleus? Near top of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8900 ft.
44516a. (Rust).
44517. Pinus Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44518. Juniperus Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44519. Juniperus (Glaucous) Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44520. Juniperus Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
44521. Pinus Slope at foot of Mt. Tlacuapanga. 8000 ft.
Seen but not collected: red rust on oak leaves (who would name the oak?), Smilax, Echeverria, Sedum, Cacti.
Amanitopsis vaginata var. livida was seen on Mt. Tlacuapangafts summit.

Non-vascular cryptogams 427-449.

August 21, 1944
We walked from Amaxac to San Antonio and thence took the trail which led to the top of Mt. Tlacuapanga. Collecting was restricted to roadsides, fallow fields and occasional barrancas (canyons) until we were at the foot of the mountain. Trees (mostly small and undoubtedly 2nd growth) were mainly oak, pine and juniper on the mountain. The mountain reminded me in shape and size (except for elevation) of House Mountain in Knox County, Tennessee. Mt. Tlacuapanga rises about 2000 feet above the base (7100-9100ft). It was a drier site than the mountains previously visited. Sides of the mountains were steep and the summit rocky with many cliffs but all rocks seemed to be of volcanic origin. Fire had swept up part of one side -- many things seemed to start again from resistant roots or tubers. Pale purple end white Dahlias were abundant.
Puente del Emperador, La Venta , Puebla, México. August 25, 1944

(See also August 18, 1944) 8300 feet.

Saw Russula foetens, smell and all; also an Amanita with a yellow color about, like the top of Russula flava. It had a few flakes on the cap—no cup but an enlarged base—about like A. solitaria.
Non-vascular cryptogams nos. 450-502.

44522. Peperomia hispidula (Sw.) Soil of bank at base of tree.

A. Dietr. Var.? (Det. T.G. Yunker).
44523. Polymnia maculata Cav. (About 1 m. tall). Mois shaded slope.

(Det. E.J. Alexander).

44524. Mois slope.
44525. Dahlia coccinea Cav. var. (Orange head- 4 ft. tall). Steep, moist slope

coccinea (Willd.) Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff).
44526. Desmodium molliculum (HBK) DC Moist slope. (Det. B.G. Schubert).
44527. Pentstemon (Deep red; pale throat lined with red). Moist slope.
44527a. Rust on above Pentstemon.
44528. Penstemon kunthii G. Don Moist slope. (Det. F. W. Pennell).
44529. Verbena Moist slope.
44530. Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. Moist slope. (Det. D. D. Keck).

ssp. mexicana (Will.) Keck

44531. Stevia serrata Cav. var. arguta Moist slope. (Det. D. D. Keck).

44532. Habenaria clypeata Lindl. White and fragrant. Moist slope. (Det. D. S. Correll).

44533. Wedelia sp. Yellow. (Det. A. Cronquist).
44534. Bouvardia Semi-shrubby. Moist slope.
44535. Trifolium Flowers white. Moist slope.
44536. Calochortus barbatus (HBK) Moist slope.

44537. Dyssodia Yellow. Moist slope.

44538. Bidens pilosa var. White rays. Moist slope.

(Det. E. E. Sherff).

44539. Solanum Flowers pale blue (grey) almost white.

Moist slope.

44540. Bouteloua gracilis (HBK) Lag. (Boutelona ?) Moist slope.

(Det. J. R. Swallen).

44541. Cyperus apiculatus Moist slope. (Det. T. Koyama).
44542. Dalia scapigera var. typica Pink-purple rays. Moist slope.

f. typica Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff).

44543. Small, pink flowers. Moist slope.
44544. Verbesina tetraptera (Ort.) Gray Winged stem. Moist slope.

(Det. A. Cronquist).

44545. Houstonia White. Moist slope.
44546. Verbesina hypomalaca Yellow rays. Moist slope.

Rob & Greenm. (Det. A. Cronquist).

44547. Cosmos scabiosoides var. typicus Bloodred rays.

f. typicus Sherff (Det. E. E. Sherff).

44548. Lamourouxia rhinanthifolia Red-orange to red. Moist slope.

(Det. R. Straw).

44549. Valeriana urticaefolia HBK Moist slope. (Det. F. G. Meyer).
44550. Oxalis Violet flowers. Wet bank
44550a. Rust on above Oxalis
44551. Houstonia Pale pink. Wet bank
44552. Galium Moist bank
44553. Cuphaea horullensis HBK Orange flowers with green tips. Moist slope. (Det. R. C. Foster).
44554. Hypericum pratense Moist slope. (Det. A.J.S.).
44555. Commelina Pink. Wet bench above river.
44556. Verbesina ovata (Cav.) Gray Yellow rays and winged stem. Moist slope. (Det. A. Cronquist).
44557. Donnellsmithia peucedanoides Moist slope. (Det. L. Constance).

(HBK) Math. & Const.

44558. Hypoxis Moist bench above river.
44559. Setaria geniculata (Lam.) Beuv. Moist bank. (Det. J. R. Swallen).
44560. Lindheimera mexicana Gray Yellow rays; prostrate (naturalized?). Moist soil on bench. (Det. A. Cronquist).
44561. Eragrostis intermedia Hitchc. Moist slope. (Det. J. R. Swallen).
44562. Moist soil of bench above river.
44563. Carex Moist slope.
44563a. Smut on above Carex.
44564. Cyperus aschenbornianus Moist slope. (Det. T. Koyama).
44565. Mahonia With rust. Moist bank.
44566. Crataegus With rust. Edge of barranca.
44567. Erythrina leptorhiza Fruiting branches from near the base. Moist slope.
Real del Monte above Pachuca

Hidalgo. 8900-9400 feet.

August 27, 1944.

(with E. Hernández and George Goodman)

Saw and collected Tortulas (including T. pagorum) on trees in park at Real del Monte. 8900 feet. Walked up road toward Mexico collecting along roadside and turned up mountainside above a mine. Passed through Cupressus plantings (maybe native) into oak forest (a few Abies present). Oak was of the small leaf type—a few of the larger were 6 ft. across the butt—branch low and central trunk ends at 4 to 8 feet.
Saw saddle fungus (bug-eaten), many Agaricus (2 sp.), Lactarius (white zoned cap), Russula foetens, Russula (purple and red caps).
Non-vascular cryptogams 503 - 539.

44568. Salvia pseudocomosa Epl. Blue. Moist slope in oak woods. 9350 ft. (H. 440) (Det. Carl Epling)

44569. Salvia Blue. Moist slope in oaks woods. (H. 441)
44570. Physalis Roadside near gap. (H. 442)
44571. Scutellaria caerulea Moc. & Sesse Blue. Slope in oak woods. 9350 ft. (H. 443) (Det. Carl Epling)
44572. (Rose-pink). Bank of roadside ditch. 9000 ft. ( (H. 446).
44573. Galium Moist soil in oak forest. (H. 446).
44574. Fragaria mexicana Schlecht. Roadside bank. 9100 ft.(Det. R. McVaugh).
44575. Ranunculus dichotomus Roadside ditch. 9200 ft. (H. 447) Moc. &Sesse (Det. L Benson)
44576. Juncus mexicanus Willd. Roadside ditch. 9100ft (H. 448).. (Det. F Hermann)
44577. Juncus ebracteatus E. Mey. Roadside ditch. 9100 ft. (H. 449). (Det. F Hermann).
44578. Prunella vulgaris L. Moist slope (open). 9300 ft. (H. 450). (Det. Carl Epling).
44579. Penstemon kunthii G. Don. (Interior dark but striped). Bank at edge of Cupressus stand. 9300 ft. (H. 452). (Det. F.W Pennell).
44580. Trifolium Roadside ditch. 9200 ft.
44581. Acaena elongata L. Roadside bank. 9200 ft. (H. 453). (Det. R. McVaugh)
44582. Stachys parvifolia M. & G. Roadside bank. 9200 ft. (H. 454). (Det. Carl Epling).
44583. Oxalis (Prostrate, yellow flower). Roadside bank. 9300 ft. (H. 455).
44584. Phacelia platycarpa (Cav.) Spreng. Roadside bank. 9350 ft. (H. 455). (Det. L Constance).
44585. Erechtites Roadside bank. 9200 ft.
44586. Erodium moschatum (L.) LftHer. Roadside bank. 9200 ft. (H. 457). (Det. H.E. Moore).
44587. Bidens triplinervia var. mollis Roadside bank. 9100 ft. (H. 458). (Poepp. & Endl.) Sherff (Det. E.E.. Sherff).
44588. Urtica serra Blume Roadside bank. 9200ft (H. 459). (Det. A.J. Sharp).
44589. Roadside at gap. 9300 ft. (H. 460).
44590. Stachys agraria C. & S. Roadside at gap. 9300 ft. (H. 461). (Det. Carl Epling).
44591. Geranium Schiedeanum Schlecht. Bank near Cupressus stand. 9350 ft. (H. 463). (Det. H.E. Moore).
44592. Stachys agraria C. & S. Roadside at gap. 9300 ft. ( Det. Carl Epling).
44593. Osmorhiza mexicana Griseb. Under oak tree. 9350 ft. (H. 464). (Det. L. Constance).
44594. Verbena elegans HBK Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (Det. H.N. Moldenke).
44595. Helianthenum Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 466).
44596. Hedeoma (?) piperitium Benth. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 468). (Det. Carl Eplign).
44597. Daucus montana Humb. & Bonpl. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H 469). (Det. L. Constance).
44598. Eryngium carlinae Delar. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 470). (Det. L. Constance).
44599. Plantago Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 471).
44600. Scutellaria caerulea Moc. & Sesse Moist soil in oak woods. 9400 ft. (H. 472). (Det. Carl Epling).
44601. Yellow flowers spotted throat. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 473.).
44602. Lepechinia Schiedeana (Schlecht.) Blue. Soil in oaks woods. 9400 ft. (H. 474). Vatke (Det. Carl Epling).
44603. Lepechinia caulescens (Ort.) Epl. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 475). (Det Carl Epling).
44604. Lepechinia schiedeana (Schlecht.) Soil in oaks woods. 9400 ft.

Vatke (Det. Carl Epling).

44605. Stachys agraria C. & S. Roadside bank. 9300 ft. (H. 476). (Det. Carl Epling).
44606. Veronica persica Poir. Large, blue flowers. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 477). (Det. F.W. Pennell).
44607. Silviella prostrata (HBK) Pennell Shrubby. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 477) (Det. F.W. Pennell).
44608. Zaluzania cinerascens Sch. Bip. Yellow rayed. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (Det A. Cronquist).
44609. Alchemilla Pringlei Fedde Roadside bank. 9100 ft. (H. 479). (Det. R. McVaugh).
44610. Conyza coronopifolia HBK Roadside bank. 9100 ft. (H. 480). (Det. A. Cronquist.)
44611. Polygonum Roadside bank. 9100 ft. (H. 481).
44612. Moist open slope. 9350 ft.
44613. Eryngium deppeanum 3 ft. Tall. Oak woods. 9400 ft. (H. 482).

Schlecht.& Cham (Det. A.L. Constance).

44614. Sisyrinchium Blue. Moist open slope. 9350 ft. (H. 483).
44615. Under oak. 9400 ft.
Above Contreras on the Río de la Magdalena in

Distrito Federal, México. Collections

mainly between the 1st and 3rd dynamos,

accompanied by Dr. George Goodman.

8400-9300 feet elevation
August 29, 1944.
One of the most important things noticed was that the water still remained clear after several days of pretty hard rains, the first river I’ve seen in México which did not become muddy under such conditions. Reason: the mountains above are rather heavily forested.
Noticed on wet riverside bluff (seeping): Cornus (of florida type), Philadelphus, Viburnum, Ribes, Alnus, Cardamine.

Fungi: Hygrophorus, Amanitopsis and many others—abundant after the rains.

Saw Indian boys dig up Dahlia roots to eat

George has a yellow-flowered Linum.

This is a beautiful gorge or canyon!

Non-vascular cryptogams: 540-575, inclusive

44616. Cornus (In the florida group). Along bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8700 ft.
44617. Salvia concolor Lamb. Herb, bushy, very dark blue! 6 ft. tall. Bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8700 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling).

44618. Clematis In fruit. Roadside thicket. 8500 ft. (cf. 442).
44619. Salvia gesneraeflora Lind. & Paxt. Large herb; large, crimson flowers. Bank of Río de la Magdalena 8800 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44620. Garrya laurifolia Shrub. Bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8800 ft. (Det. A.J. Sharp).
44621. Salvia cardinalis Kunth Large herb, crimson-flowered. Bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8800 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44622. Cardamine flaccida C. & S. In fruit. Wet, cold bluff. 8700 ft. See # 4414. (Det. R. Rollings.)
44623. Fraxinus Sterile. Bank overhanging Río. 8700 ft.
44624. Plant. Bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8700 ft.
44625. Clethra quercifolia Lindl. Bank of Río de la Magdalena. 8800 ft.
44626. Houstonia Sandy bank of Río. 8700 ft.
44627. Stachys coccinea Jacq. + 1 ft. tall, orange to almost red. Roadside bank. 8600 ft. (Det. Carl Epling).
44628. Penstemon campanulatus (Cav.) (Reddish-purple; interior pale,lined) (same

Willd. as at Río Frío. 8700 ft. (Det. S.W. Pennell).

44629. Bontrychium virginianum Wood’s loam on slope. 8600 ft.
44630. Alnus arguta? Steep slope beside stream. 8600ft . (Det. A.J Sharp).
44631. Montanoa frutescens Shrub, Shrub, white rays. Steep slope

(Mairet.)Hemsl. overhanging stream. 8600 ft.

(Det. E.J. Alexander).
44632. Stellaria nemorum Hastate-leaved vine. Overhanging the

edge of roadside bank. 8600 ft.

(Det. A.J Sharp).
44633. With cones. Moist slopes. 9300 ft.

Schinus mollis below Tepeyac, full of dodder.

Sept. 5, 1944. Beautiful as if full of orange flowers.

Morning glory trees near Tlacatepec.
(Sober!) In Tehuacan a white poodle painted pink. People are always trying to improve nature.
El Puerto above Orizaba, Veracruz. Mex.
Sept. 5, 1944
The gap at El Puerto is about 40 km. from Orizaba on the road to Puebla. It is in el Estado de Vera Cruz and about 7600 feet above sea leavel. Here we see the remnants of a cloud forest, mainly oak and Crataegus with a little Cornus (blue berries) and a Solanaceous tree. Shrubs run from Fuchsias to blackberries. One pine was noted and the guide said there was more above where we went. The guide, Pascual Martinez, of El Puerto. Our highest elevation was slightly above 7800 ft. (As we came down the valley near Orizaba, Sambucus canadiensis (apparently) was in flower and fruit along the roadside, in the roadside ditsches – apparently Lobelia cardinalis- must collect later.) I saw the largest oak galls I had ever seen (2-3 in. diam.)

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