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Non-vascular cryptogams: 1905-1910.
January 7, 1945
We (the family) climbed the Cerro de Borego (max. altitude about 4500 ft.) at the edge of Orizaba, Veracruz. Most of the collections were bryophytes-otherwise a few Lobelias were picked up. We used the trail to the monument.
451. Lobelia laxiflora (HBK) McV. Loibelia with orange flowers, either a small

shrub or a shrubby herb. Milky juice, yellow

tips to petals. Side of the mountain.4250 ft.

(Det. R. McVaugh)

452. Lobelia diastatea micrantha Possibly all the same Lobelia. Small pink

(HBK) McV. to purplish flowers. In crevices of rock

along trail. 4250 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)
453. Lobelia diastatea micrantha Possibly all the same Lobelia. Have

(HBK) McV. small pink to purplish flowers. In

crevices of rock along trail.

4250 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

454. Heteroma cordifolia Possibly all the same Lobelia. Have

small pink to purplish flowers. In

crevices of rock along trail.

4250 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

455. Polygala berlanderi Wats White. Edge of trail. 4200 ft.

Non-vascular cryptogams: 1911-1929.

January 8, 1944
On the train between Orizaba and Esperanza, I noted the various species in flower. Around Orizaba the leafless Erythrina in flowers was very striking. Moist depressions along the railroad in the valley had Ranunculus in flower. A rather tall Cirsium with yellowish heads was not rare. A small-leaved Aster was common along the railroad below Boca del Monte. The shrub-like Lobelia with orange flowers (#451) was not rare or common. Near Alta Luz was seen Cirsium with slender, red heads. Peaches everywhere were in bloom; the only anthesis or is there another at a later date? How does the crossing of the sun affect these and other plants?

Quetzaltenango – January 1945
I arrived at Quetzaltenango shortly afternoon January 20 after re-noting various spots worth revisiting: The cerro near Tecpan and the Cerro near Totonicapan including Pinta de Piedra.

On Sunday January 21 I went to the Cerro Baul at the eastern edge of the town. The soil is all volcanic. I am a bit confused about the elevation here as my map gives the elevation of the town as 2334 m and a sign on top gave the elevation as 2380. The top of the Cerro is approximately 1000 feet above the town.

Incidentally, the thermometer- ( I cannot guarantee itfts authenticity) registered -10°C, this morning. Everyone said it was the coldest day so far this winter.

The mountain has had the original timber taken off in large part and is covered with second growth, although an occasional pine or oak is large. These genera make up for the forest although near the top are Alnus and Madrono. Among the shrubs and vines are: Arctostaphylus, Viburnum? (rare), Clematis, Fuchsia (very similar to that in Desierto de Leones, Mex.) and a raspberry (no fruits and flowers , but my ayndante said it had acid, red fruits; it had a glaucus stem and the thorns were scattered). Among the herbs were Pteridium and the same semi-shrubby, orange Labelia that I collected near Orizaba in Veracruz. The flora is similar to many volcanic regions in Mexico. Buccharis is present here. I was accompanied by a boy, Sr. Rudolfo Alvarado Castillo. Senecios are very abundant.

Non-vscular cryptogams: 1930 – 2019.
457. Polygala salviniana Bennett White flowers hanging from edge

of roadside bank on Cerro de Baul.

8400 feet. (Det. Dr. Standley)
458. Galium obovatum HBK Roadside slope 8400 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

459. Asplenium monthanes L. Moist slope, 8400 feet.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

4510. Galium Roadside slope, purple black

fruits. 8400 ft.

4511. Arcostaphylos Black fruits, shrub up to 4 feet

Moist slope, 8600 feet.

4512. Didymaea alsinoides With grayish-blue fruits

(Schlecht. & Cham.) Standl. Moist slope. 8700 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4513. Lobelia Blue flower, moist slope, 8700 ft.
4514. Viburnum discolor Benth. Top of Cerro de Baul. Shrub up to

8 ft. 8700 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4515. Black fruit. Moist slope. 8700 ft.
4516. Alnus arguta (Schlecht.) Spack North slope of Cerro de Baul

8700 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4517. Arbutus Small to medium tree, top of Cerro.

8750 ft.
4518. Cupressus lusitanica Miller North slope. 8200 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4519 Prunus serotina var. capuli North slope. 8200 ft.

(Det. R. McVaugh)

Took 3 exposures on my first roll of kodachrome today.
(1) Quetzaltenango (2) Santo Maria volcano (3) Mountains near Quetzaltenango
January 23, 1945
Above Chiquival, Quetzaltenango. Oak-pine alder.
Arrived in Chiquival about noon. After lunch Sr. Francisco Monson Reyes and I went up to the mountain to an elevation of 7800 to 7900 feet. Chiquival has an elevation of 7470 feet. I saw in addition to things collected, a species of Meibomia and the orange-fruited Galium.
4520. Pteridium aquilinum var. feei Pine slope 7800 ft.

(Schaffn.) Maxon (Det. C. V. Morton)

4521. Miconia lauriformis Naud. Pine-oak slope 7900 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4522. Hieracium Pine-oak slope discarded

7900 feet.

4523. Myrica cerifera L. In bud and fruit. They make candles

from the wax of the fruit, here too.

Pine-oak slope. 7700 ft

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4524. Gaultheria Pine-oak slope 7900 ft
4525. Chimaphila Pine-oak ridge 7800 ft
January 24, 1945
Today Sr. Vincente Toledo and Sr. Francisco Monzon went up the mountain to an elevation of 8600 feet, and above 8300 feet. we encountered Cypress, some of which at one time six feet in diameter, judging from the stumps. I saw Smilax but too young. Also Diosporum or some close relative of Smilacina. “Roble” here is a broad-leaved oak.
Took three more exposures today on first roll (4, 5, 6)
(4) view of Cuchumatones, (5) of helpers (6) of red Salvia

Non-vascular cryptogams: #2091-2197

I believe 2190 has wrong substratum – is from tree.
4526. Rubus adenotrichos Schlecht Roadside bank (blackberry)

(Det. L. H. Bailey)

8000 feet.
4527. Salvia cinnabarina M. & G. Red flower (note rust on leaves)

Photograph. Under oak-pine-Cupressus

8500 feet. (Det. Carl Epling)
4528. Triniochloa stipoides (HBK) Hitchc. Open forest pine-oak-Cupressus

8500 ft. (Det. J. R. Swallen)

4529. Monochaetum tenellum Naud. Pink purple almost herbaceous about 8

inches Cupressus slope. 8300 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4530. Salvia sp. Purple flower, bank of arroya. 8200 feet.

(Det. Carl Epling)

4531. Houstonia serpyllacea (Schlecht.) White flowers. Moist soil in bottom of

C.R. Smith arroyo. 8400 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4531a. Ceacyrum hypericoides L. “ “ “
January 25, 1945
Walked a short distance below Chiquival and collected a vigorous blackberry with ripe fruit. Also seeds for use at U.T. This species is well-armed and has copious glandular hais. There is another species in the region without the glandular hairs, but I only saw juvenile plants.

Something is killing the pines in the region. The natives say it is an insect on the roots. I have not seen it. I have seen insects and fungi under the bark of dying trees but they are probably secondary.

4532. Desmodium Prostrate, dry slope under oak. 7200 feet.
4533 Rubus aff. R. irazuensis Liebm. Same as 4526

(Det. L. H. Bailey)

Dry roadside slope. 7200 feet

Ones in flower collected about

7800 feet yesterday.

Non-vascular cryptogams: 2198 – 2202

January 26, 1945
Near Sija, Quetzaltenango
With Sr. Victor Masiegos and Sr. Abram Rogas and two horses, I took the road toward Chiquival. We traveled between 12 and 14 km in that direction and hunted plants in the oak and the mixed oak-fir. The mountain and region is called “getena”. The altitude ranged between 9500 feet and 8900 feet.

“Sauco” or Sambucus with white flowers and black fruits is growing here. It is a small tree but otherwise similar to S. canad. They do not use the fruits. Later: Some natives advise me that the fruits are poisonous, although I ate a few without ill effects.

3 more exposures today: (7) of fir forest in distance, (8) my helpers (see above); (9) closer view of oak and fir at 9800 feet.

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 2203 – 2295

4534. Pernettya ciliata (Schl. & Cham.) Probably in Myrtaceae, in flower

Small and fruit, black but insipid. Slope above

road in oak 9500 feet.
4535. Lemna perpusilla Torr. Sluggish but cold roadside ditch near Sija,

Quetzaltenango; Guatemala. 9800 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4536. Cardamine flaccida Cham & Schl. Cold but sluggish roadside ditch near Sija,

Quetzaltenango; Guatemala. 9800 ft.(white flowers)

(Det. by Steyermark)
4537. Salvia nervata M. & G. Shrub up to 8 feet. Crimson flowers moist

slope. 9500 feet.

(Det. Carl Epling)
4538. Juncus effuses L. var. In cols brook. 9500 feet.

var. brunneus Engelm. (Det. F. Hermann)

4539. Salvia (?) Holwayi Blake Shrub up to 8 feet. Moist roadside bank,

deep scarlet. 9900 feet.

(Det. Carl Epling)
4540. Gomozia granadensis L. F. Little prostrate vine with orange fruit.

Reminds me somewhat of Mitchella.

Roadside bank 9500 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4541. Carex donnell-smithii Moist roadside bank. 9500 feet

Bailey (Det. F. Hermann)

4542. Abies guatemalensis Rehder Slope near 10,000 feer above.

Mixed with oak.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4543. Smilacina flexuosa Bertol. Salmon pink flowers. In crotch of tree

at 10, 000 feet.

People have enlarged goiters - need more iodine in their food or water.
Soil erosion is destroying more land between Huehuetenango and Quetzaltenango than in any other part of Guatemala I have seen thus far.
The Cerro near Tecpán should be made into a national park.

January 27, 1945

Because the chauffeur said we were to leave at 11 p.m. I lost half of day of collecting. We actually left a t 2 p.m.

January 28, 1945

Sr. Rudolfo Alvardo C. and I took the 7 a.m. bus to San Juan toward San Marcos. We walked on west town and climbed the Cerro de Jasminas to an elevation of 4000 feet, and went down to Varsovia, a little village where we ate lunch with his sister. The is much Sambucus and Salix planted along the trails and roads. Pine-oak and a little Cupressus and Madroño.
4544. Shrubby tree up to 12 feet. North of slope

of Cerro de Jasminas, San Juan. Fruit. 8500 feet.

First roll of Kodachrome: nos. (10) Sr. R. Alvarado C. & sisters house, (11) & (12) Market in San Juan.

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: #2296 – 2335

January 29, 1945
I took camioneta back to Guatemala (from Quetzaltenango) with many experiences. A truck turned over in front of us and we had five flats, also. This gave me a chance to collect a few things although my equipment was on top of the bus! The most of the collections (all except the Acer) came from about 100 km N. W. of Guatemala City on the road between Tecpan and Totonicapan, really I suppose in the Cerro de Tecpán. This area should be a National Park. All except the Acer were probably from the Department of Solola.

4545. Acer (boxelder) Stream beside the inn at which all the

Acer negundo var. orizabense camionetas stop at lower edge of Tecpán,

(Rydb.) Standl. & Steyerm. Chimaltenango. 7200 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4546. Ilex gracilipes I.M. Johnston Small tree. 8000 feet.Roadside bank between Tecpán & Totonicapan.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: #2336 – 2337

4547. Myrtus montana Benth. Pink flowers and blackfruit rather insipid.

8000 feet. Roadside bank between Tecpán

and Totonicapan.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4548. Gaultheria odonata? Roadside bank as above (#4547) mixed

with previous collection.

4549. Ternsroemia tepezapote C.& S. See data for #4547.

(Det. C. E. Kobusi)

January 30, 1945
Visited Department of Agriculture and met the Director.

January 31, 1945

Went to Botanical Gardens where I met Dr. Rojas and collected a moss and rust (#2338, 2339). In the p.m. visited the Escuela de Agricultura in . The Director, Mr. Muller was very kind to me.

February 2, 1945

From Guatemala to El Quinché but the new part was traveled after dark.

February 3, 1945

Used #2340 for a moss. From El Quiché to Sacapulas through very dry (at this time of the year) country sparsely populated by scrubby oaks and pines. There are a few madoño. The aspect was certainly uninviting. Stayed at Don Panchos near bridge.

February 4, 1945

After securing a mozo, Mateo Velasquez, we walked up the old trail to Chiul where we stayed overnight on the schoolhouse floor- not very warm. I noted Lycopodium clavatum, I’m relatively sure, in the trail – someone had thrown it down. Used #2341 for a moss. Country dry – pine – oak – Madroño.

February 5, 1945

At daybreak we continued our jaunt through the frost (Chiul must have an elevation of over 8000 feet). We first passed through limestone sink country. Just before we reached the gap overlooking Nebaj, we saw Indians cutting big oak forests and burning the timber in order to sow wheat and corn. I was astounded!

The slope toward Nebaj is more moist. The creeks are highly charged with calcium carbonate and are constantly depositing travertine, some of which is mined and used in building. The genera noted on the way down were rather indicative: 2 sp. of Cornus, Pteridium, Adianthum, Juncus, Clematis, Rardamine, Viola, Acer (negundo?), Lobelia, Alnus, Rubus, Cuscuta, etc., as well as others more southern in distribution.

After putting up at a pension (Sr. Francisco Migoya), I rested , ate breakfast, later lunch and set on down river below the town of Nebaj. Again the genera were noteworthy: Ostrya, Carpinus, Acer skutchii (sugar maple, beautiful with young, red leaves.) Eleocharis, Rosa, Lycopodium, Ilex? Epin. weed. Fraxinus, Rhamnus? Viola (other sp.), Hypericum, Selaginella (resembling apoda), Equisetum, Galium, Liquidambar, Collections near 6000 feet unless otherwise marked. In field with Francisco Sedo.

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: 2342. – 2386.

4550. Amelanchier denticulate Red fruit white flowers. The old trail

(HBK) Koch between Sacapulas and Chiul at about

6500 feet. Collected on February 4, 1945 !!

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4551. Viola scandens Willd. Almost loke a vine; greyish white flowers

with blue stripes. Trailside bank at the gap

overlooking Nebaj on the old trail between

Chiul and Nebaj. 8500 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4552. Carpinus. (“Cupe”) Along river Juarco below Nebaj. Pursplish.

Carpinus carolina var. 6000 ft.

tropicales Donn. Smith (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4553. Lobelia sartorii (Vatke) McV. Bank of river below Nebaj. 6000 feet.

Purplish. (Det. R. McVaugh)

4554. White rays. Edge of water of river below

Nebaj. 6000 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4555. Lycopodium cernuum L. Moist bank of trail below Nebaj El Quiche.

6000 feet.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
4556. Lycopodium (Carolina type) Moist bank of trail with #4555.

alopecuroides var. (Det. C. V. Morton)

integerrimum Spring
4557. Equisetum myriochaetum C. & S. Up to 3 ft. tall, sparsely branched.

Moist bank of river below Nebaj. 6000 feet.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
4558. Moist slope above river below Nebaj.

6000 feet.

4559. Gaultheria odonata Willd. 6000feet. Moist slope above river below

4560. Euphorbia orizabae Boiss. Very wet bank below Nebaj. 6000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4561. Lycopodium reflexum Lam. 6000 feet. Very wet, shaded trailside

bank below Nebaj. (Det. C. V. Morton)

4562. Vaccinuuim leucanthemum Dry slope below Nebaj. Mature fruits, dark

purple. 600 feet. (Det. L. O. Williams)

4563. Litsea neesiana (Schauer) Hemsl. Bank of river below Nebaj. 600 feet.

Without odor. (Det. by Steyermark)

4564. Lycopodium complanatum Slope below Nebaj (beside trail).

var. validum Weatherby 6000 feet. (Det. C. V. Morton)

4565. Asuyrum Slope beside river below Nebaj.

6000 feet.

4566. Fraxinus cavekiana Beside river below Nebaj. 6000 ft.

Standl. & Steyerm. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4567. Acer skutchii Rehder Young leaves (with one old one).

They all appear red – really beautiful along

river below Nebaj (just across dam).

6000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4568. Ilex quercetorum I.M. Johnston Red fruits. Tree up to 5 inches diameter

and 18 – 20 feet tall, along river below Nebaj. 6000 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4569. Lechea tripetala (Moc. & Sesse) Edge of trailside bank below Nebaj.

Britton (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4570. Litsea neesiana (Schauer) Similar to #4563 but with odor along river

Hemsl. below Nebaj. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4571. Cardamine yepina Standl. In lime rock along river below Nebaj.

Steyermark (Det. Steyermark)

4572. Linum schiedeanum Slope beside river below Nebaj.

Cham. & Schlecht. (Det. Steyermark)

4573. Ranunculus pilosus HBK (yellow flowers) Small island in river below

Nebaj. (Det. L. Benson)

4574. Halenia brevicornis Dcne. Yellow flowers. Slope beside river below

Nebaj. 6000 feet.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4575. Small trailside ditch below Nebaj. 6000 feet
4576. Very moist trailside bank below Nabaj.
4577. Juncus effusus L. var. Moist soil near river below Nebaj.

solutus Fern et Wieg. (Det. F. Hermann)
4578. Selaginella porphyrospora Resembles S. apoda somewhat. Moist soil

A. Br. beside ditch, below Nebaj.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
February 6, 1945
My “ayudante”, Sr. Francisco Sedo, and I walked down to the big cascades about 3 miles below Nebaj on the Río Juarco, the river that runs through town. About 2 miles down on a tributary to the left is a little but elegant falls, about 30 feet in height. (elev. 5700 feet.) The big cascadas have a “sliding” drop of more than a hundred feet. Desmodium, Polypodium and Myrica were seen but not collected. Also many subtropical things as: Fuchsia, Buddleia, Buccharis, Annona, and many others that I do not recognize. They occasionally have heavy frosts here at this season (Jan. – Feb.) but it is pleasant now. Saw Lonicera japonica? and a double Rosa today. My mozo insists that this rose (small, white) is native, but I am uncertain. The black cherry (wild) is here, but I have my doubts as to its phytographical importance. The fruits are much larger than those of P. serotina and the species has probably been carried from place to place.

Non-Vascular Cryptogams: #2387 – 2460

The townspeople insist that there are monkeys in the forest of the mountains here – more than one sp. – also wolf, coyote, fox and puma as well as boar.
Kodachroma Roll I: (13) & (14) small falls, (15) Francisco Ceto (Sedo),

(16) & (17) big cascadas (Cerro de Cataratas), (18) & (19) box elder,

sugar maple and water beech & other trees unknown to me.
4579. Carex donnell-smithii Bailley Bank of creek at little falls 5700 feet.

(Det. F. Hermann)

4580. Carex polystachya Sw. Note smut, bank of trail 5700 feet.

(Det. F. Hermann), - see letters for smut.

4581. Rubus aff. corifolius Roadside bank, 6000 feet.

(Det. L. H. Bailey)

4582. Kohleria elegans (Dcne.) Loes 5700 feet Base of huge boulder at foot of

little falls. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4583. Euphorbia oerstediana Data as in #4582.

(Kl. & Garcke) Boiss (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4584. Chimaphila maculata Roadside bank near Nebaj. 6000 feet.

I could find only the one sprig!

4585. Dryopteris oligophylla var. Bank of stream below little falls. 5700 feet.

pallescens C. Chr. (Det. C. V. Morton)
4586. Trichomanes pyxidiferum L. Trunk of box elder at big cascadas.

5700 feet. (Det. C. V. Morton)

4587. Viburnum optatum Morton Bank above trail below-5600 feet Nebaj.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4588. Acer skutchii Rehder With fruits. Along Rio Juarco below Nebaj.

5600 ft. (Det. Dr.Steyermark)

4589. Rubus eriocarpus Liebm. A red raspberry which they say has fruits

2 or 4 times as large as our northern red raspberry. Between trail and Rio Juarco. 5600 ft.

(Det. L.H. Bailey)
4590. Sanicula liberta Cham. & Schlecht. Under sugar maple, box elder, Carpinus

and other trees at big cascadas. 5500 ft.

(Det. L. Constance)
4591. Botrychium cicutarium Data as in 4590.

(Sav.) Swartz (Det. R. T. Clausen)

4592. Galium mexicanum HBK: Data as in 4590.

var. platyphyllum Greenm. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

4593. Adiantum capillus-veneris L. On travertine at big Cascades. 5500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

4594. Hydrocotyle mexicana Moist soil as in #4590

Cham. & Schlecht. (Det. L. Constance)

4595. Vitis tiliaefolia H. & B. With fruits. Vine climbing in tallest trees

at big cascades. 5500 ft. (Det. L.H. Bailey)

4956. Equisetum myriochaetum Soil beside river at foot of big cascades

below Nejab, El Quinché. 5500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
4597. Salvia urica Epl Deep purple. Up to 3 ft. tall. Trailside soil

below Nejab. 5500 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
4598. Salvia cinnabarina M. & G. Almost crimson. Up to 4 ft. tall.

Data as in 4597.

(Det. Carl Epling)
4599. Salvia (?) rubiginosa Benth. Pale blue. Up to 3 ft. tall. Data as in #4597

(Det. Carl Epling)

45100. Salvia purpurea Cav. Magenta purple. Up to 5 ft. tall.

Data as in 4597.

(Det. Carl Epling)
45101. Salvia cinnabarina M. & G. Scarlet crimson. Upto 4 ft. tall.

Data as in # 4597

(Det. Carl Epling)
45102. Linum schiedeanum Yellow flowers. Note whorled leaves

Schlecht. & Cham Bank of trail and slope above 5600 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45103. Polygala aparinoides H. & A. (upright) Flowers purple& white.

Bank of trail. Below Nebaj. 5700 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45104. Heterocentron glandulosum Sparingly branched up to 3 ft. tall. Trailside Schenck. soil near big cascades. 5550 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45105. Acer negundo var. orizabiense With flowers. Bank of Rio Juarco.

(Rydb.) Standl. & Steyerm. 5600 ft

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45106. Fraxinus vellerea With flowers. (Different from # 4566,

Standl. & Steyerm. I believe) Bank of Rio Juarco. 5800 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45107. Saurauias oreophila Hemsley Shrub about 6 ft. tall. Trailside soil above

big cascades mozo said they sucked juice

of green fruit. 5600 ft.

(Det. H. F. Copeland)

45108. Ostrya virginiana var. Bank of Rio Juerco below Nebaj.

guatemalensis (Winkl.) Macbride 5800 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
4109. Rubus aff. R. irazuensis Liebm. Trailside soil above big cascades.

5600 ft. (Det. L. H. Bailey)

45110. Liquidamber styraciflua Bank of Rio Juarco. 5750 ft.

February 7, 1945
Francisco Ceto and I took the trail (not the highway) toward Sacapulas and walked to the pass overlooking Nebaj. (elevation of pass: 8500 ft.). At the top I turned right and went along the crest for a short distance. Most of the area along the trail is in farms or has been farmed and is in second growth shrubby stage. The vegetation on the crest is oak, pine, and a host of other trees unknown to me. There is fog much of the time and ferns, mosses and liverworts cover the trees and soil (reminds me of the high Smokies).
Began Kodachrome Roll II today : 2 shots (1 & a) of tree composite, 3 & 4 of mountains beyond Nebaj, 5 & 6 –Nebaj in the valley.
45111. Selaginella porphyrospora Edge of shaded trailside bank.

A. Br. 7200 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

45112. Prunus brachybotrya Zucc. Tree: note asco on leaves. Steep slope,

moist. 8400 ft.

(Det. Dr. A. Steyermark)
45113. Sambucus oreopola White flowers. Tree up to 25 ft.

Donn. Smith Common along trails and streams

6000-7000 ft. Natives do not use fruits.

(Dr. Steyermark)
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