Download YouTube Video for free with KeepVid

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Download YouTube Video for free with KeepVid

Step 1

Go to and find the video you want to save. Copy the entire address at the top of the page.
Step 2

In your computer’s web browser, go to : and paste the address into the blue URL field and click the ‘Download’ button to the right.

Step 3

Please IGNORE the field directly below the blue URL box –

- these are advertisements that have nothing to do with process, and is how KeepVid is able to provide this service for Free. Move to the green Download Links field below this ad.
Step 4

There should be one or more links that say >>Download<< in green. Right-click on the link next to:

(video.mp4 - High Quality 480x360)

and choose ‘Save Link As’. Name your video and make sure it says .mp4 at the end. Click ‘Save.

*If you don’t see any download links, but instead see this message:
“Error: Please reload the page to get download links (this may or may not work, might need to try a few times, sorry)”
Please click the reload the page link within that message.

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